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What the…?

October 23, 2009

I listen to National Public Radio.  It’s the closest thing to ‘real news’ that you get in the U.S.  It’s because of the BBC (not thsat they don’t filter—but it’s al;most like the  Economist on the radio.  & I am fond of This American Life and Jerome McDonnell’s Worldview( both of which are produced in Chicago at WBEZ).

So…the national news—this rainy morning–this is what they reported…is that Pres. Obama wanted to expand hate crime protection to  include  sexual orientation & transgender people…and disabilities.  And—I kid you not—it was reported that the Republicans—the folks that brought us Sarah Palin among others—were opposed to this because it affected the right of free expression due to religious beliefs.  REally.

So—apparently the Republicans think it’s ok to beat up on people different than them if their religions tell them to do that.

I think it’s time to  really consider expatriating myself.