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You can’t trust anything posted on the internet

November 3, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that the backyard dog pet breeders & animal brokers in the metro Chicago area hate me. HATE ME.  Since the advent of Craigslist, where you can post anything for free (except jobs), they’ve been able to sell what they breed without paying for advertising. Kijiji is free, too, but they post where ‘the light is better’.  More people check out CL.

People don’t do research anymore. They search the internet and just assume if it’s on the internet—like this blog—it’s true. So, saying this, you will wonder…but have you ever checked review for a service , on-line?  Like Yelp!  You register your persona and  and can post whatever you want…whether it’s true or not.  You are published.

Suppose you wanted to see how a business was reviewed, and all you read was  bad reviews. Say the business was …a dog groomer….& all the posts say the groomer was drunk, rude, injured your dog, KILLED YOUR DOG.  Would you call that dog groomer for an appointment?  I sure wouldn’t.  I’d wonder how that groomer stayed in business, but I would not call them.

Well, that business is/was my business.  Robyn’s Groom Room.  I had a posting on, and all the  backyard breeders who  know I advise people to NOT buy puppies posted on Craigslist—because not only is posting animals for sale against the rules, they will be ripped off by unethical people—those people started posting these  false, negative, libelous reviews on my  site.  How did they find the link? A scumbag backyard breeder posted it on Craigslist and encouraged people to  post truthful reviews.  I don’t know these people.  I doubt they have dogs needing grooming.

You would think would notice that all the  negative reviews were posted within days.  I have asked them to take the site down. It does me no good at all, and they don’t screen the reviews—but is owned by Discovery Channel, and I had to call their ethics hotline (after emailing them 3 times) to leave my complaint.

So—the unethical non- dog- loving backyard breeders & brokers win on this one. They were also able to  hack into a gmail account.  It’s very easy to do, actually.  Nobody checks to make sure  you are who you say you are when you ask for a password reset).

I fear, really, the commercial breeders are so slick & ruthless that in about 5 years or so, it will be impossible to  afford a well bred pet dog bred by hobby breeders.

In the mean time, I encourage anyone looking for a groomer to ask for references.  And—if they see a cute dog on the street with his owner—-stop the owner and ask them who groomed their dog.