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The damages—“Yelp!”, anonymous sites on the interenet, and what people believe.

September 8, 2011

A dog grooming client I had not seen in just over a year called me to groom her dog.

Last year, she googled (key words) dog groomer Chicago Miniature Schnauzer show grooming and found my single web page (embedded in another web page).

This year,  by Googling me, she found the  petition to have me banned from Craigslist (It has been up over 4 years.  I’ve signed it 3 or 4 times, my friends have signed it—there is no author or monitor…so it is going….nowhere)  and many libelous comments.

“Robyn, they are terrible!  Why are people posting this?”

So, I explained  about how I refused to work for Dan London, Doggie Bath House, back in 2008 (he has a ridiculous WORDPRESS  post up about what  a liar and mental idiot I am—but, for some reason, has never posted anything else…I can only think that I really aggravated him before he WENT OUT OF BUSINESS….) and between him and the pet brokers who use Craigslist to sell…

“But that’s not allowed, is it?” she asked.

“Well, no, it isn’t, but  if you can’t find a lawyer to sue them, and a subpoena alone costs $5000, and even if I find out who they are, so what, they have no money, so they are not worth suing.   So, by not enforcing the law, that makes it—libel— ‘legal’ .   Do you know how much illegal activity happens over the internet because the laws are not enforced?  The government is broke.   These people are making money selling animals, but not a living….  & it’s legal.” By warning people that the breeders who use Craigslist to sell, I am cutting into their  extra income.

I am in Chicago, & I told her that one of the brokers has posted as far away as Texas.  They called Paradise4Paws and threatened  the manager, Linda Lee, with death.  I didn’t know that until they fired me, and neither did the business owner…but the owner,  Saq Nadeem, told me he would pursue these people, and he did not. I don’t know  who all was calling, and harassing them, but he knew it was Dan London calling him when he first hired me, & he even had  his phone numbers.  Saq’s strategy was to ignore the guy, so  Dan London made sure he would not be ignored.  Meanwhile, Saq continues to open new branches of his kennel, because his business  plan and formula are good ones. But this is not the issue. Saq is not the target—-I am.

I told the client that there is one  ‘rescue’ in Clifton Illinois.  She calls herself Poyner Pet Rescue.  She is a puppy mill breeder among other puppy mill breeders, & ‘rescues’ the dogs her fellow ‘farmer wives’ breed & can’t sell, & will also take  puppies and purebred adult dogs from area pounds &  post them on .  Several of us have told  she is not a bona fide rescue.  By Illinois law, she is supposed to  include shots & neutering in the fees, and she does not, & Dr. Ernst won’t shut her down—she is a licensed breeder.

I am not saying licensed breeders can’t do rescue—but they do it with a bona fide group.  It’s the puppy mills that get away with this scam.

I told my client how Dan London and his friends had posted fake reviews on “Yelp!”   My client had never heard of  Yelp!.  I told her it was a site that you can review businesses.   It doesn’t matter if you are a client of the business.  Many of the bad reviews are from competitors.   I often check the reviews. Sometimes they are accurate, sometimes not.  Any slick business owner can get his friends to post reviews of his business, and also get his friends to slam  competing businesses.  Dan London had called several of the businesses I worked for besides Paradise4Paws and claimed I had injured his (dog, cat), & the  managers were looking all over for client records—that did not exist—because this guy was not a client.  Illegal?  Only if you have the money to sue the bastard.  Unethical?  This is capitalism.  It was legal for years for banks to tell people they could afford homes they could not afford.  Really.

“Aren’t you worried about your reputation?”  she asked?

“Yes and no.   As I said, Craigslist would tell me who the posters are if I can get a subpoena.  Like I said…even if I did find a lawyer, these people have NOTHING. They are breeding animals to sell—like livestock—for supplemental income. They  can’t support themselves by working real jobs.  The irony is, that if the state would enforce the laws, and Dr. Ernst at the Illinois Department of Agriculture wouldn’t rely on voluntary compliance and, instead,  fine these people who are out of compliance, the  department could more than break even on fines and make a dent in the number of animals killed in shelters, but it is not a priority.

I mean…are you aware that the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has at least 10 sattelite offices in foreign  countries to encourage investment in Illinois?  Johannesburg, Jerusalem, Mexico City, Warsaw,  at lest 1 in China, and there was 1 in India.  When the best thing you can say about Pat Quinn is he’s not  a Republican…”

“Yeah, George Bush did a real number on this country,”  she said.

She made an appointment for the dog and  is now a bit more skeptical about how  business works.