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If You are Accused, do you get the Benefit of the Doubt? Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliot Thinks Not.

February 1, 2018

This is a very sad story of a guy getting railroaded by an inept judge and inept council, based on …hearsay:  what a defendant said to a friend.  Long story short:  Lisa, a cousin of the defendant, decided to  accuse her cousin, Aaron Minzghor, of molesting her:

At the time Lisa said  this happened, there were witnesses:  My sister and brother-in-law, Sharyn & David Ferrie. They were with the the defendant, his wife, and the cousin, because they were delivering furniture.  Lisa left, the Ferries left, and  a couple weeks later  Aaron is charged with raping a child. Lisa was not a child, she was an adult, but because she worked in a sheltered workshop, the judge said she was a child , and so Aaron was charged with raping a child. He never touched Lisa, at all.  When it comes to hearsay, there was some that Lisa was jealous of Aaron’s wife, as SHE wanted him to marry her.

Aaron had a public defender who knew there were witnesses, but didn’t contact them until it was too late for them to get to court. The judge would not give a continuance.  So now Aaron is branded as a sex offender, and he is not.  He’s served his sentence, but because the way the laws are written in Illinois, he can’t be in a home with a child—not even his own, and can’t be anywhere there is internet.  He  is serving time still for a crime he did not commit, with real pedophiles and rapists.

Sharyn inherited some money and gave  a lawyer who was recommended to her a $10,000 retainer to reopen the case.  He never did,and when she told him she’d  complain to the Illinois Bar Assoc, he said, “Go ahead, I’m dying of lung cancer.  It won’t make any difference.”

This is our ‘justice’ system.