A ‘New’ Economy

Topiary and horticulture are skills that you can make a living doing!

Topiary and horticulture are skills that you can make a living doing!

Many of ‘middle class’ working people have  heard stories from older relatives, not just about walking miles to school, but sleeping  with 5 siblings in 1 bed, right?  That their parents were poor, and their clothes were all hand-me-downs, but  everyone struggled.  They all went to school and kept going to school or learned a skill.

The ‘new’ poor are different.  It continues to shock me that a woman would trust a man to support her, and have three kids and have the  sire (dad) end up in jail, dead, or just leave with no obligation.  Now, I know I, personally, come from a family of women who  made it a point to  learn about birth spacing and birth control, and many women do not, and our school systems (particularly the religious ones) do not inform girls of their options.  But the result is another generation of poor people.  Who benefits?  The retail industry, which pays low wages.

Or, how about the woman who had 1 child.  she was doing ok until that 1 child became a drug addict or otherwise invalid, but she bore a child, and now the grandmother has to support them all?    Nobody says to the young mother, “Find a way to bring in some cash.”  No, what  grandma says is that she’ll apply for a housing voucher and get them all a bigger place to live.

Then, we all end up resenting them, not the overpaid people who set up these systems.

Lots of people are down on public education.  Teachers are poorly trained, they don’t have enough resources.  In urban schools, classes are not just overcrowded, but the odds are that  some students will have learning ‘disabilities’ or be disruptive, and slow the whole class down.  Couple that dynamic with  poor acoustics and cold schools…it’s amazing kids learn to read and write.

We are in crisis, and have to come up with more alternatives to educate our citizens.  Really, kids should learn basics of math/reading/writing by the time they are in 6th grade—that’s about age  11 or 12.  Actually, with the internet, there are so many more options and ways of learning kids can be exposed to.    This has to be, because once they start ‘maturing’ and hormones take over, that’s another distraction.   Also, can you imagine growing up in the foster  care system, having your life disrupted every few weeks or months?

Girl Scouts helped me so much.  I learned about cooperation, planning, and raising money for projects.  We have to support more of that.

This is also why we have to support public education.  If our kids are not  exposed to  all the ‘actors’ in their economy, we can’t come up with realistic solutions to community problem.

Yet, our politicians keep bloviating, and are making the teachers unions the devil.  Face it, there are  very few advocacy groups for children’s’ education.

I hope readers will share this on Facebook and start a public discussion on this. I don’t have kids, but these are future citizens/decision makers  I am worried about.


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