Book Reviews: Over My Head, by Claudia L. Osborn

Long story short:  in the late 1980’s, physician Claudia Osborn was taking a bike ride with a friend through her neighborhood, when she was hit by a car and sustained massive head trauma.

On the outside, she looked healed and perfectly normal, but it was obvious to people close to her that she was not healed, and could no longer work as a physician.  her  biggest problem was short-term memory.  She could drive a car, but could never remember where she was going, Indeed, she could not follow through on a lot of activities unless she made a list.

She was lucky to find a program that treated people with head trauma. Although she lived in Michigan with a friend,  she was able to  attend a specialized program that attempted to retrain  people how to think and manage their thought processes, based in New York City.

Her long-term memory was still ok, and she still knew  medicine, and she wanted to practice medicine, but she also realized that  she needed a lot more recovery time and  practice  thinking and managing her life. This is what this book is about.

The idea that she  could even write this book, and explain  her healing process as well as she did, is a miracle.  What is more astonishing to me is that she  could not only pay for this specialized treatment (I guess, as a physician, she had excellent insurance), she could also  afford to fly back & forth between Michigan and  New York City for months.

I am sure strides have been made in treating head trauma in the past 30 years, but  recovery is, I am sure, still a slow process.  Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head, can tell us about that.

This book is very well written, and i would suggest it to anyone  who cares about a person who  has had a stroke or any traumatic brain injury.

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