Dog Flu Hits Metro Chicago Hard.

Although you’d think we’ d be at the tail end of this epidemic, we  have been hit by  ‘dog flu’ since  the end of March.  Some of the kennels and  dog day-care businesses shut down, but most did not,  people are not going to dog parks (at least the ones who have actually known of a dog that  got the dog flu), but many still are.

Our  dog training club, Northshore Dog Training Club, one of the oldest in the country,  halted classes for 4 weeks, as our facility was closed for disinfecting.

The fear has  also affected dog groomers. while I tell my clients that they should really worry only if their dogs have a compromised immune system, I have enough clients  with  frail dogs that I’ve advised them to wait.

I do have 1 client whose dog got flu. he attends dog daycare  several days a week.  however, being a relatively healthy, young dog, he recovered quickly.

the dogs who’ve really suffered are the dogs in  shelters.  Obviously, they are all under stress, and  when one dog gets it, it  infects others quickly.

I will say this:  as I wrote about the American Whippet Club Specialty, there have been no reports of any of those dogs getting sick.  Obviously, being in  performance condition makes a difference.

We know some veterinarians are now getting the vaccine.  We also know that it is an evolving virus,  so the vaccine may not be effective in several months.

It’s silent  spring.


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