Boerboels—& the ‘New’ AKC Breeds

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The AKC has  recently recognized some breeds that have been around for decades, if not centuries.  They are ‘new’ to  the public that thinks of a dog as a dog.  The reason they were not recognized before now is that there were not enough  fanciers organized into a sponsoring parent club, who sponsored a stud book.

It’s difficult to get a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.  You have to get along with your fellow hobbyists/fanciers/breeders and  work to promote the betterment of the breed.  This is why  labradoodles are not a recognized breed  yet. Also, they don’t ‘breed true’.  That means, when you have puppies, they all look  like the same breed.

As it is, we have plenty of breeds, like Fox Terriers and Dachshunds, where you can  breed any variety to each other—of the same breed…and this is why you get  smooths and wires in the same litter.  In some breeds, like Ibizen/Podengos, it doesn’t matter.  However, if you  really want to know what you are getting, you don’t mix varieties even if it is allowed (because you won’t know what you are getting!).

In any case, Bill Hageman of the Chicago Tribune did a feature on the new AKC breeds, one of which is the Boerboel. THIS IS NOT A PET DOG.

Beorboels are large dogs,. They are bred to be confident and  aggressive.  They were bred in South Africa to  give lions a run for their money.  I am not making this up. You can research the breed.  They were never kept as house pets.

A lot of people really don’t understand that some dogs just don’t make good pets.  Or, they have so many temperament and genetic issues (Shiba Inu, Shar Pei, Bulldogs) that  people shouldn’t even attempt to think they will get lucky.  With a BoerBoel—a type of mastiff, you won’t get lucky.  If you need a guard dog—this is the dog.  If you want the dog to double as a pet for children…particularly in an urban environment…please…no.

I wrote to members of the American Boerboel Club, and this is what I said:

This is probably ‘none of my business’ as I am not a BoerBoel  fancier, but I am a purebred dog fancier, an exhibitor, groomer, amateur trainer, and involved in humane activities.
There was a  feature article in the Chicago Tribune about the new AKC breeds, and  I may be too late, but I STRONGLY urge you all to copy what the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America does, and NEVER sell a breedable (meaning intact) dog to any new fancier who:
1. Has never exhibited a dog to a title;
2. Is interested in breeding, but is not interested in  either conformation or performance;
3. Can’t get referrals from other  hobbyists/fanciers.

Selling a dog without registration papers  is a joke.  The American Miniature Schnauzer Club participants in a test breeding program to  eliminate congenital juvenile cataracts (about 30 years ago), sold  carriers of CJC without papers to pet owners, explaining that the dogs they were getting might not be blind, but would  produce blind puppies, …& many of those buyers  didn’t care,  and either went to other breeders or found each other , and CJC is, again, a problem in the breed. So, the hobby breeders, breeding for the betterment of the breed, went to early neutering—& now this is, unfortunately, common.

I know the Cane Corso And Dogue de Bordeaux fanciers  just ignored  that this would be an issue, or didn’t care, and now we see them, purebred & mixed, on Craigslist all the time—and mixed with Pit bulls as well.
I am an advocate  for animals in the court system in Chicago–abuse, neglect, dog fighting.  Like I said, it may be too late.

You  might find the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America code of ethics to be a good model:
It seems simple enough, but right after the  Obamas  got  Bo, their first Portie,  we could have seen  them  in every pet shop. That didn’t happen. Why?  With such a small gene pool, the  fanciers are all of the same mindset that it is in the best interest of the breed to take it seriously.  You never see a portie in rescue. Why?  If a club member learns of this, they snatch it up.  And—if the breeder does not take the dog back (with so few breeders, this is easy to discover), the breeder is fined $500 a week until they take the dog back.  How do  they enforce this? Again, their gene pool is so small,  you won’t find people breeding to your dogs if you  don’t  respect the rules.

The  few breeders that there are,  are encouraged to continue to co-own  dogs until they are neutered, or titled. This is what 1 fancier told me.  Remember, it just takes 1 breeder to not screen for  homeowners insurance that doesn’t have breed restrictions, who doesn’t ask for evidence of a fenced yard, who doesn’t keep in touch.  Just one puppy buyer to lose a job…or a home, become a renter, or divorced, or post on Craigslist…and  the irresponsible backyard breeders  who don’t care about hip dysplasia, other genetic issues…or good, permanent homes, to destroy your breed.

So, who the hell am I?  A purebred dog fancier who sees that the average dog owner has less integrity than I do, not more,.  I am someone who fears for the future of purebred dogs.

Remember…all it takes is one naive breeder who thinks that every  person who pursues a  breedable dog, has integrity.  Just one.


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