The $100 title

Dash,  doing what he does best:  being adorable!

Dash, doing what he does best: being adorable!

If you aren’t  a  performance dog fancier, this will seem just stupid.  However, if you are interested in purebred dogs and performance events,  and why we do what we do, read on.  I put a Junior Courser title on my whippet, Dash (Plumbreek’s I’m Goin’ Out tonight, CGC, now JC….& QC).

I took off 1 day of work, went  to Crown Point, Indiana, for the Windchasers Lure Coursing Club’s  two AKC trials….and  we got the title.

I hadn’t coursed a dog in over 10 years, as my Saluki, Dazzle (Ch. Scenario’s Razzle “Dazzle”, JC) got disqualified for playful interference just about a month after he got his JC, having proved he could run clean with another dog. This was in the ASFA days. The AKC had not yet thought of doing  sighthound field trials to make money—having put so many hobby breeders out of the  fancy by bending over backwards to make the puppy mills viable.

In any case, I guess enough  dogs were being entered that  either would not run clean, or the AKC thought  giving a title for a dog just being on the lure would entice more people to keep showing up…and we will.  I had been afraid that Dash would not measure in, but the wicket touched the ground both days.  The rules are that no dog with breed standard disqualifications are allowed to compete.  I had measured Dash myself, and he was barely under 22″.

Next we got  our Qualified Courser title, and the points after that.  As I recall, a dog has to  get at least  one first place or  two second place finishes to become a Field Champion. They are still being judged on  enthusiasm,  endurance, speed, agility, and follow.

It was really great being with other sighthound fanciers.  They helped  us practice our ‘stand for examination’ exercise for obedience (we are  going for an obedience title, too), and many  fanciers recognized Dash as being one of Linda Larsen’s breeding.  We saw a few Whippets  who looked like  Bebop’s breeding—from Donna Kelley.  It was definitely a major in Borzoi as well as Deerhounds, but I think there was only 1 Irish Wolfhound,  a couple of Greyhounds, a few Ridgebacks  3 Afghans…. No IGs,  no Pharoahs , Ibizen, Basenji, or Podengos (which, to me, look like terriers). No Silken Winhounds, no  Inca Orchids.

Gas  cost me about $60, the  room was $37m and 2 meals out were less than $20.

Who benefited?  Well, it is another feather in the cap of Linda Larsen .  I learned some new training methods.  Is anyone going to make any money  off of this?  The club, I hope, but frankly, if a  hobby breeder breaks even, she’s lucky.  Dash—indeed—all the dogs—had fun. That’s why we are out there.


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