Yes, there IS still racism, and this is how I know:

As I have   written before, I am a court advocate for a nonprofit group that monitors how animal welfare is adjudicated in the courtroom.  Quite often, actual disgusting violence has occurred.  Recently, a man murdered his girlfriend’s puppy.  This is common all over the USA:  some asshole is angry that the dog pooped on the floor, and  throws the dog  against the wall, breaking his little body.  The ways our laws are written, it is a misdemeanor.  What happened next with this guy is he murdered the actual girlfriend. That’s how it goes. So, if you  think  crimes against animals are petty, guess again.

But  sometimes, when a crime has been committed, it is an accident.  Or rather, it is ignorance.  People mean well, they just don’t realize what they are doing is cruel.
This is the case of CS, who was charged this way: (neglect of owners duties & cruel treatment):

APRIL 28, 2014 (Monday)
**COURT: Branch 46, 555 W Harrison, 9:00am
-S&&&S, C&&&&n DOB 091992 (13124124201/HW503982)
charges: 1x owner duties (510ILCS70.0/3) 4 charges pending
2x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)
3x drug paraphernalia
arrest: Beat 0312, 63xx S St Lawrence Ave, basement, 23Oct13
arresting officer: CPD ACT, Unit 6559D
animal: 1 dog not signed over (A097200) – see note
history: branch court 23Oct13, 27Nov, 10Dec, 15Jan14, 14Feb, 27Mar
note: CCSAO looking into filing forfeiture petition; dog had allegedly also bitten
a neighbor; dangerous dog investigation; details requested

This is how I reported it to my group:
Judge V, Rm.303.  Court called 9:05 a.m  Finding:  Not Guilty
CS was there—a young single mother, very nice.  Bailiff asked me why I was there, & I told her for  Ms. S.  I know we don’t generally talk to defendants, but  let’s use some sense.  This  SHOULD HAVE GONE TO MEDIATION.    Waste of my tax dollars—& yours.
S had to hire a lawyer, pay for child care, move, and since she loves the dog and wants him back, will have to pay boarding fees. She told me she visited him several times at CACC and hoped he was walked and played with.

In fact, she also had a bitch pup, and had hoped to breed the dogs,  & I believe (in my own middle class white mind) I persuaded her to have (male dog) neutered, and told her it would  probably be done for free.  She told me her mother would pay for it.  I should have made a case for the bitch pup as well, but she knows the ‘breeder’ dumped a litter of 14 at CARE/Evanston.  I also, after the trial, told her it is illegal to tether dogs.

This  was a very sad case of two new tenants and an absentee landlord. One, CJ, trying to deflect attention from  herself (this is another court case, clearly), constantly calling the police about  S  harboring fighting  dogs. The best they—the police— could come up with were the neglect/cruel treatment. For what?  Having dogs tethered on leashes too short, and unattended….but there’s more.
Yes, the dogs  were tethered & unattended. Unfortunately, the prosecuting attorney does not know tethering is illegal.  However, you notice they wanted  her on drug paraphernalia. Charge was dropped as there was no evidence.  However,  prosecutor wanted to add  2 more charges, and because nothing had been produced at discovery,  Judge V denied prosecutor’s request.  What the police wanted was for her to finger  gang bangers/dealers in the ‘hood, and since  she was new to the  neighborhood, she knew none.

Several  officers showed up to testify as well as Dr. X from  animal control.  Although (male dog)had a scar from a past injury, it was healed & not an issue. What was an issue  for Judge V was that none of the officers had approached the dogs, they had all seen the dogs several times, but at no time did they ring the doorbell and inquire about the dogs or warn  S.    In fact, they  had visited the  property  at least three times, but did not take custody of the dogs the first time.  /dogsm plural…. :  the prosecutor kept referring to a black dog, as did the officers, which  was also tethered on the porch (probably the complaining neighbor’s dog), but  that was NOT S’ DOG.  Judge V  had the same  expression on his face that I am sure I had on mine.   They did not have photos of the tether leashes, and although they  had a search warrant for the home, did not  ‘see’ the  bitch pup (S told me the police told her to put her away).    Nor, apparently did they  have any evidence of ‘drug paraphernalia’.
Now, seriously…if you are citing someone for neglect/cruelty, why would you take  one dog and not the other?

In addition,  C J wanted an assault charge reinstated, which had been dismissed due to her not showing up for trial (she said she was confused by the date—easy enough, as none of the dates are  on our sheet, and this case has also been at another court location —but she had been right there when the  date was given!!!),   stating she was in court Feb.30! After telling her that was impossible, Judge V let the prosecutor  reinstate the assault charge against S.   S next court date is June 4 , 2014 on  a bs assault charge. The facts are that  CJ was not  touched.  Assault actually means threatened, which S admitted…but no matter.

So, after hearing from the police, and  veterinarian X  that  there was no evidence of  either neglect or cruelty, Judge V found S  not guilty, and denied the motion  for  forfeiture.  S was greatly relieved.

This case could have been over sooner had her attorney appeared at  2 previous of the hearings listed.  He  is now attempting to charge S  for those appearances he did not make. He wants $1500.  I tole her to make him take her to small claims court.

There are  serious thugs  and dog fighters out there.  I wish the police had not wasted so much time on this case…and I believe has S been white, and in a better neighborhood…there would have been no charges.
I see dogs with  prong collars on all the time, They are NOT being trained, Their owners  allowed them to get out of control, and now believe the only way they can control them is to hurt them with  a prong or pinch collar.Yet the police ignore this.   Go figure.


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