It’s not a secret—paying minimum wage IS PART OF THE BUSINESS PLAN!

This information is not a secret.  You can go to any store  to see  the prices. You can ask any mother how many diapers a kid goes through in a day.  Quick—how much does a package d of disposable diapers cost and how many days will it last?  So how many packs do you need in a month?  What will the diapers cost?

It seems. because our educational system in the USA is generally  so poor, and our primary school teachers major in EDUCATION and not in the subject they want to teach…and because  in the  careers requiring  mathematics and science, you get paid more than most teachers make….our primary school   students are not learning math or science—or even how to do research. That ism unless they grow up in a wealthy area, like I did, and their teachers are paid very well. Kids are still being fed the myth, as though it were  a fact, that if you work hard and really study, you will be successful and be able to make a living,  Two different things,  actually.Also, a lie.

First of all, in America,  getting a good job and making a living are based on two  things:  developing scarce skills…and who you know.  This is why students clamor to get into Ivy League Schools.  You  may be a piss poor student, but you will get a social network that will float you along.  Are you really sure you don’t like any aspect of mathematics or science?  Because it is the jobs in those  fields that pay living wages.  You don’t need a college education to become a  plumber or electrician, but   you do need to understand both math and  physics, and you will be learning for as long as you would spend in college.  More important, you will be able to make a living wherever you go.  Lots of mobility.

This is economics,  Profits are a function of economics,.It’s how those profits are divided that  is the issue.

Over  40 years ago, my parents really pushed me to get a college education (which  I ultimately did, as an adult).  They were  horrified, or, rather, bemused I should say, that I chose to learn to groom dogs.  They really assumed I’d get married and  have a husband to support me.
That’s how things were  before the big oil shock of the early 1970s, and before minorities had civil rights, and you  could  discriminate and not hire ‘them’.  Since that time….for over 40 years, there have been too many  people chasing too few jobs.

The reason I address this now is that I saw a story about a single mother   trying to support four kids  by working at McDonald’s!  And—she had a college education!  My gut reaction was that  she over paid for a college education if she could not get a job to support her kids based on that education—and where was the daddy?  I mean, gosh…how long do you have to be married to a guy,  or with him, and how many kids do you  have to have before you realize he can’t or won’t support the children he sired?

Why does this keep happening?  I want I want I want…so I am entitled to have…kids I can’t support.   I really don’t get  it.  I was raised to  not even consider bearing children until I was sure I could support them. so, I didn’t have them.  I saw too many  poor single moms.  I remember meeting one, when I was in  my  twenties, and  she was in a group with us, and the group  VOTED to pay her baby sitter so she could attend out meetings!  Then, she went on public aid because, due to the pregnancy, she developed heart issues.  Many of our friends commiserated with her over her poverty.  But she wanted to bear a child!  Not work with kids, not adopt or foster.  She wanted  the child to be of her own blood.

I guess I seem  like a horrible right winger.  I just don’t think I should be penalized for making  appropriate life choices.  I think we need to point this out to  kids before they start having sex:  you  are choosing to be poor if you  aren’t making a living and  securing your economic future before bearing children.


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