The Dog Stinks


I bathe a lot of dogs  that I don’t think need baths.  They don’t seem dirty to me.  However, I am inured to  smell.    Or so my significant other says.

Odor is caused by bacteria and anaerobic digestion.  You have to determine what is causing it to get rid of it.

Try to rule out what it is not.  Are you sure it’s not the dog’s collar (I often wash them in the shop I work in—no sense putting a sticky collar on a clean dog)?  It’s not his bedding or your carpet, is it?  Be a shame to wash the dog and have the stink jump right back on!

Are you sure  the dog does not have  a dental problem, ear infection, problem anal glands, digestive issues (causing gas and farting—let’s be honest), or something wrong with his feet?  Amazing how often I  ‘discover’ a health issue.  Dogs perspire through their feet, and very often, matted hair in between the pads prevent you from  finding out  if the dog has an infection.

Have you been brushing your dog once a week with a proper slicker brush and taking out the dead hair?

For all of you who wondered why  you needed to learn anything about physics in high school, we are taking about surface area.  The more hair (surface area) you eliminate, the  more stink you eliminate.

So, let’s say you’ve done all the trouble shooting and the dog, frankly, needs a bath.  Keep in mind that suds does not equal ‘cleaning’, and that using more shampoo won’t necessarily  get your dog cleaner or smelling better.  Some people like the scented shampoos, but if that scent lasts more than 24 hours, you may be masking or causing other problems.

For the dog who smells like dawg,   I use Double K Grimenator Shampoo.   It dilutes 32 to 1 and does a really good job eliminating  odor,  and smells clean.    For those dogs with sensitive skin, Bobbi Panter makes the sodium free Itchy Dog.  If you think you are  going to be a frequent dog washer, might be worth buying a gallon. It dilutes 16 to 1.  Some of the holistic veterinarians are suggesting  Murphy Oil Soap, which also has a high dilution ration, and  does not irritate the skin.

The end?  I know…some dogs start to stink again in a few days. Lip folds (or in the case of the bracheocephalics—Bulldogs and Pugs), face folds…Use cotton balls soaked in Listerine.  Not minty fresh—generic.  The eucalyptus oil breaks up the proteins in the amino acids that make up bacteria.  You can also mist the dog with Listerine.

Did the dog get skunked or roll in  something dead?  Two products:  Nature’s Miracle and Outright!  are very effective breaking up these kinds of  bacteria—but I  warn clients that the smell might be there for the life of the hair. Hair is protein.  We can shave it off, or you can try several applications of these products.

Is  the smell in the carpet or bedding?  Odoban, which you can get at most hardware stores, will break up  odor causing bacteria.  Amazingly effective.

Now, how about those droopy ears?  The dog does not have an ear infection, but his ears are in the water bowl.  Two solutions:  having a dog wear a snood (Afghan Hound, Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniels, etc) will keep the dogs ears off the  floor and out of food and water.  So will raising the  bowls and using what we used to call ‘cocker bowls’ which are more like pails:  the dog puts his face in, but they are narrow enough to  keep the ears out.

What about the beard (terriers, Shih Tzu, etc)?  The only solution is combing the dog’s face after he eats.  We can  cut beards very short, but don’t complain about how the dog looks.

A final ‘word’:  dogs are more than four legs and a tail.  You do have a choice.  You don’t have to  own a dog  that  will always smell or need professional grooming or daily upkeep. I, myself, own Whippets. As much as I love fluffy dogs, I don’t  have time to wash the floor or wash dog faces every day.  It’s not like  you can’t get information about the breeds and  the pros and cons of the breeds. Think about it.


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2 Responses to “The Dog Stinks”

  1. Tali Says:

    I own a bearded breed. The easiest solution for stinky face is a washcloth with some soap, yes even dish soap, because you’re only wiping the hair. Rinse the washcloth to get the soap out and wipe the soap out of the hair. Just a drop will do, but it’s quick and gets rid of stinky face.

  2. Robyn Michaels Says:

    I tell people: diluted Listerine. The eucalyptus oil breaks up the amino acids that make the proteins in the bacteria—which is what yu are smelling—and the alcohol causes it to evaporate quickly….as i said above….

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