When I was in 7th grade, I transfered from one junior high to another.  I was not even  three miles from  where I used to live. What a difference in culture!  I went from what I felt was normal, where everyone was friendly and nice, to  a society of cliques.  There were the ‘cool’ girls, socially/sexually precocious, who  put on make-up and nylons after they left the house in the morning, so their mothers wouldn’t know.  There were the rest of us—very few of the rest of us. The cool girls  were catty, and their boyfriends were positively mean.

I remember the  class where the student teacher wanted us to  be representatives of different countries, so we could  have a mock United Nations and experience trade.  It was a stupid, time wasting exercise that  taught nothing, but I was assigned Zambia.  Zambia is in southern Africa, and years later I would date a Ph. D. candidate from Zambia.  The main export at the time was cattle, soon to be copper, but no matter.  I am not sure why, possibly because I had frizzy hair when EVERYONE  had straight hair, but the cool/mean boys started calling me ZOMBIE.  The nickname stuck until I got into high school. The cool girls did nothing to stop the boys.  My  mother always asked why I didn’t bring some of the cool girls home after school, as she was friends with their mothers.  I told her they were in a different group.   She didn’t understand.  I hung with 2 other girls who also were taunted:  one because she was sort of quiet, and the other because she was very skinny but not as fashionable as Twiggy.

Of course, with high school being  fed by 4 different junior high schools, all that disappeared, and I even got a boyfriend.  I didn’t really think about bullying until  now, with so much media attention on it…and because I  have been bullied recently.  It is  way easier to be meaner on social media.  It used to be called  assault and defamation, but no longer.  On the internet, anything goes.

I originally started blogging because I was being harassed & stalked by Dan London, a man I refused to work for (here is the link to his blog about  me  :http://wallyroot.wordpress.com/).  I refused because he didn’t have enough dog experience to  run a dog business, and I knew he’d be out of business and  would cost me money in the mean time.   He had my resume, and as I posted in the past, posted libelous comments on yelp! about me and places I worked.  He even harassed several people I worked for—calling  constantly and complaining about me.  One of my employers told me he’d just ignore him.   You can’t:  these jerks  don’t have to work for a living and have all the time in the world to libel YOU. Several  commercial animal sellers who  posted on Craigslist also libeled me. They even threatened my employers with death.  I am not joking. Craigslist states in their posting rules that  you are  subject to a $10,000 fine for each incident.   Too bad  I’d have to pay a lawyer $10,000 retainer to start the process.  They apparently thought I had so much influence that I got their selling posts  flagged off.  I wish.  & the fact of the matter is—these idiots have no money, I win—what?  What do a I win?  They are raising pets as livestock.

I recently learned that a former boss had been libeling/slandering me.  I worked for Best Friends Pet Care in Chicago  in 2007 into  2008.  The manager there, Bruce Blaine, was the most verbally abusive, demoralizing  manager I have ever worked for.    I remember thinking, “I want to like this guy, but I don’t feel good about him.” When I  got the job there, a friend was training her dog at the  facility with an  independent contractor who rented the ring, and the trainer told my friend that she wouldn’t want to be caught alone in the building with Bruce.  Best Friends is not a well run corporation.  On their web site, it used to say that to apply for a job, go to the location you want to work, but  when you did that, the manager still had to get approval from corporate headquarters.  Do they not trust their managers?

I always showed up on time, worked with integrity, and I was told that I improved their  grooming net by 10% over the previous year. You’d think they’d reward an employee  who did that. But alas, no—they cut my benefits because I was not working an average of 30 hours a week. Why? Because I managed my time well.Bruce told me when he hired me that he’d clock me out, but he lied.  He actually had me  come in on my regular day off—a national holiday—to groom 1 dog that  didn’t go home  until the next day.  My supervisor  quit because of their crazy  policies and Bruce’s abuse.   When I didn’t get any  help from corporate human resources or the regional manager, and was offered another job—I quit.  When  people asked me where i worked, and I told them, there was always a groomer  who asked, “How did you get  on with Bruce?’  he was never aqble to keep a groomer—and corporate never  bothered to find out why, even when I reported his abuse to human resources. they sent out a regional manager to  ‘observe’ him, and things would change for a day or two, and then he went right back to being an asshole.

Well, apparently several months ago, Best Friends Pet Care was sold to another corporate entity.  You will be hard pressed to find the principals involved.  No matter. Bruce was demoted and moved to another  facility.  He was not fired, however.    I learned of this from one of my clients, and from another independent contractor dog trainer. So, I went to meet the new manager and told her if she needed a groomer, I’d be interested in returning (I have a job now).  She said to me, “Didn’t Bruce fire you?”  What?  I was not expecting that!  “No, I quit. I could not take his abuse.”   He apparently told several  people he fired  me. The damage is done. Nothing I can do.  Illegal? The Statute of Limitations is over on this.

When a spineless, anonymous asshole posts lies or calls you mentally ill (as though you should be ashamed of that!), or ugly, I know it reflects on them.  But it’s still aggravating.

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