Why the Concept of Breed Matters

People remark that my Whippets are so quiet.  I remind them that you do have a choice when choosing a pet.  They aren’t just  four legs and a tail.

I  find it shocking that people go  out and buy (or adopt) a dog, and then are not happy with the dog’s coat, or temperament, or size.  I  have to wonder: did someone trick them? Did they fall for the marketing?  Or did they really believe that all dogs are the same?

I have nothing against Pit Bulls.  I know they generally make good pets and are smart dogs and  shed  little.  They are big terriers, and too much dog for me.  I think they are too much dog for most people.  If they aren’t obedience trained (behavior shaped) they can be a challenge to handle.

I am frequently asked to shave  short-haired dogs because they  shed.  Shaving them will not make them shed less.  They will just shed shorter hairs for about a month.    In fact, clipping a double coated dog will often make the dog shed more. Yet,  crazy as it is, these  owners usually only have the dogs shaved  a couple of times a year.

People get small terriers and  are shocked that the dogs are yappers.

People get  ‘designer’ ( mixed breeds) dog bred for the market, really believing they get the best of both breeds, and never the worst.  We find  backyard breeders posting  designer dog puppies, calling them ‘rare’ (yeah—rare for a reason—they are mistakes), and  marketing that the parent dogs are AKC. So what?  AKC does not mean quality or genetically sound. I have groomed mixed breed dogs with juvenile cataracts and luxated patellas.

And we have  buyers  asking us to make a ‘cavashon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with Bichon) look cute. All we  can do is shave these dogs.  Some parts or their coats are straight, some parts fluffy.  I do not see the point of buying a dog from a commercial breeder when you have no idea what the dog will mature to be.

For some reason—the influence of very poorly educated veterinarians who speak in generalities—- people believe mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebreds.  This is not true. Well bred dogs are healthier.  The  purebred or designer dog bred by a livestock breeder is not healthier than the dog bred by the hobby breeder breeding for the betterment of the breed.  That’s the point we are not getting across. When you buy a merle colored anything, you are gambling that YOUR dog will not be blind or deaf.  When you buy a giant mixed breed dog, you are gambling the dog won’t be dysplastic.  It’s not like these issues are unknown.  You can’t expect  people doing this  irresponsible breeding for cash to have any integrity.

Pretty soon, a because Americans are so stupid, and believe the marketing, virtually all dogs will be mixed breed dogs,  the  hobby breeders with integrity can no longer afford to breed healthy dogs.  people are  gravitating to sellers with no integrity.  There will  be no ‘designer’ dogs, They  will be mutts. and since   the  idiot buyers will never  learn to take care of their dogs…they will hall have to be shaved.


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One Response to “Why the Concept of Breed Matters”

  1. Amber looking for dog boarding Says:

    Great information and something everyone should consider when looking for a new dog! Thanks for the post!

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