No Integrity Needed: It’s a ‘capoodle’, a designer pup…and lies the pet industry perpetrates…

This is a mix of a Pit bull and a Shih Tzu--- can you guess what they call it?

This is a mix of a Pit bull and a Shih Tzu— can you guess what they call it?

I can’t say this enough, it is a terrible industry.  They  fight the  Endangered Species Act, and promote animals as pets that do not do well in captivity,
They constantly give  absolutely WRONG care instructions for birds & herps, the thinking being that if your animal dies, they will sell you another one.  & I have a few choice words for the puppy sellers….

The dog in the photo to the left is a Bull-Shit, no joke,   A Pit Bull—Shih Tzu Mix. In this case, it  was  an imbecile owner with 2 intact dogs.  However, I have  dogs come in for grooming that are sold as Bandogs’, ‘HavaShih, and ‘Caboodle’ (Cavalier—Poodle cross), Cavashon (Cavalier-Bichon), Chiweenies (Chihuahua-Dachshund), Bugs (Boston Terrier-Pug) blah blah blah…  & these buyers really think they got something rare—not a mixed breed dog!!

I had a dog come in for grooming  this week…. this is  typical…. the owner told our staff it was a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  This is a pure breed, true.    The dog she brought in for grooming, however, was some sort of spaniel–shetland sheepdog mix, by the look of her. She was NOT a purebred anything.  But the owner told us she got registration papers for this dog! What happened (I’ve seen this before):  the pet shop gets several litters of puppies, and the  registration papers for all of them in an envelope…. and as long as they get an AKC (or APRI, or CKC) registrations for every pup, they  don’t really know  and don’t really care which papers go to which dog, or even if all the dogs are purebred! They know nobody will challenge them. You ask for registration papers, and they give you ‘papers’.  Worse, now that the American Kennel Club allows  mixed breeders to  compete in performance events, the pet shops sell mixed breeds as ‘AKC registerable’!

An example fo a curved slicker brush---generally, the right brush!

An example fo a curved slicker brush—generally, the right brush!

The pet stores love  buyers.  Right from the get go,it’s clear that people who go into pet shops looking for a puppy haven’t got a clue about how to find a healthy, well bred puppy.  It is illegal to sell puppies in the internet in the USA. The law is not enforced, but how can you tell the difference between a puppy mill and a hobby breeder breeding for the betterment of the breed? I always warn people that  very few breeders offer  more than 1 or 2 breeds, and they will show you photos of the dogs winning the awards. They will also mention the genetic testing they do. But puppy mills steal photos all the time.

The wrong brush for most dogs is the top selling  brush style in America---thanks to the idiots who  manage pet shops!

The wrong brush for most dogs is the top selling brush style in America—thanks to the idiots who manage pet shops!

Getting back to pet shops…so you buy a puppy, and you need a couple of  bowls for food & water, a crate,  toys, a brush….& nobody gives you any instructions on housebreaking, or mentions what grooming will cost ( unless you ask), but the worst thing is…they always sell the puppy buyers WRONG BRUSH!  It has pins on one side, bristles on the other. and is WORTHLESS for most types of dogs. The correct brush for most dogs is a slicker brush!  But , for some reason, nobody who works in a pet store that sells puppies or kittens  knows how to use one of those, either!  It’s so frustrating!  Anybody with 2 hands can learn to brush a dog in a matter of minutes!  Why would  pet shop  owners– and  managers, who profess to love animals, be too lazy to learn how to brush a dog, and teach their staff?  Why would they continued to sell the wrong items to pet owners?  There is no reason   to NOT  do the right thing except a lack of integrity and a total disregard for  pet owners.  The irony is…people really think that  businesses that sell animals are operated by animal lovers, and want to do right by them!  Who should teach a pet owner how to brush a  dog (or cat)  if not the seller?  & that is why  you  have to think:  if the breeder of this  animal didn’t love it enough to want to meet ME, and make sure I was the right owner for this pet…did they really care about the pets they are breeding—like livestock?  If they don’t care, who can I go to for  help, even mentoring? And that is the value of the hobby breeder…and the reason you don’t see  Gordon Setters, Briards, Sussex Spaniels, Salukis, or Lakeland Terriers in pet shops..  It is also the reason you now see Brussels Griffons, Papillons, FRENCH BULLDOGS, and so many formerly ‘rare’ breeds in pet shops:  it took 1 naive  hobby breeder to sell a breedable bitch and an intact male to  someone with no integrity, who only wanted to make  money breeding dogs.

We  genuine dog lovers are not reaching the pet buying public.  We have clients who tell us they adopted a dog—when they bought the dog (you adopt from a shelter or rescue…), that  they bought the dog from a REPUTABLE pet shop (no reputable pet shop sells puppies unless they bred them themselves…and if they didn’t test the parent dogs for discoverable genetic defects, they are not reputable).  Meanwhile, the American Kennel Club is waging a subtle war on the  hobby breeders because they are not breeding enough puppies. What are enough puppies? Enough for the  employees of the AKC to keep their cushy jobs, apparently.  Nobody can afford to show a dog unless they are really wealthy, and few can afford to breed dogs and keep an entire litter of  five, eight, or 12 pups until good homes come along.  It wasn’t always like this. From the 1950’s through the  turn of the century, middle class people were showing dogs.  The American economy has been destroyed by the 1%.  This is not  just my opinion—it is an economic fact.

But say you want to   live with a dog, what to do….?   If you don’t know any  dog groomers, dog trainers, or  veterinarians who know hobby  breeders, you  really have to  google local animal shelters and breed specific rescues, PETFINDER… and you have to be a little skeptical. The  rescue or shelter that only has puppies & never adult dogs—-is a front for puppy mills.  The  rescue that doesn’t do any  health or temperament screening, and doesn’t ask you  if you own or rent, who all you live with, and about your available time for a pet—is not a rescue—it is a pet brokerage, most likely getting dogs for free off Craigslist & reselling them.  If they don’t have a website, a physical address, and can’t show you an annual audit of their expenses…it’s a scam.  There are plenty of places to find dogs and puppies.  Don’t be impulsive, and  please please please don’t enrich the pet shops selling pets.  They are not your friends, and they are not the  friend of pets.

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