The Charity Dog Wash…good intentions…

I volunteer  for several animal shelters and breed rescues.  I can’t do much, but I can help with fund raising, and I can cut dog toenails.  One of the rescues I  recently volunteered with made over $500 from my nail trims at one of their dog washes.

Now,  if you want to support a rescue, and won’t just give them a donation, but want them to  ‘work’ for it, having your dog washed by the  shelter is a good idea—if your dog is a short haired dog, they  won’t really do too much damage.  I am shocked, however, bu the  many dog owners who use this event  so they don’t have to pay a dog groomer.  Believe me—the double coated (Husky, golden Retriever, Collie type dogs are not getting clean.  The  non-shed dogs are just getting more matted.  You would think people who operate an animal shelter would educated themselves about this kind of thing, but they do not,  In fact, they advise adoptors to  sign up for dog training, and do promote a  good trainer , but people  either don’t follow through or look for a cheaper trainer,  We saw many out of control dogs barking & lunging at other dogs, their owners totally oblivious. A volunteer saw me  watching a  dog barking & the owner  not doing anything to control the dog & she told me that dog was under control when it left the shelter, & the  owner spoiled it.  & this is why people get the idea that shelter dogs  are  wild and crazy,
The fact is, they have their temperaments evaluated, and many  are  worked with by volunteers.

But none are groomed at the shelter unless they obviously need to be shaved.  Now,  people are looking for the small, non-shed dogs,and they  don’t do any research about what dog care is going to cost, They seem to think that  grooming is unnecessary.  Nobody is doing anyone any favors by not addressing grooming.

i was happy to see fewer dogs on prong collars, but there were still too many—now, the big thing is  putting the dog on a harness.  i’ve addressed this before on my  (very popular) blog on prong collars:  only guide  dogs & sled dogs should be wearing  harnesses…& this goes for the  many who put a Premier  ‘no-pull’ harness on their dogs.  You can’t control the dog on a harness.  I understand if  you don’t want to use  a HALTI or GENTLER LEADER.  many dogs  struggle,  But to claim the dog chokes when on a  regular collar, a buckle collar or martingale, and  not train the dog to follow a  treat, is just ignorant and a lame excuse.

Good intentions are not enough.  If you want good homes for pets, you have to  really spend time  informing people who want them  about what is right, and what is humane.

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