Is it Gossip if it’s true? Or any Boss can ruin you…..



I’ve been accused of being a blabber mouth , and ‘dissing’ businesses.  One  groomer friend told me  I didn’t get the whole story about   a recent situation where a dog groomer stopped showing up at work.  She had actually given notice, and due to very poor management, key people didn’t get the information. This does not surprise me at all.  However, the groomer didn’t go out of her way to make sure the key people got the information.

An anonymous groomer told me that the reason I wasn’t getting jobs (!?!) was that  employers googled me and I had disrespected too many.  She felt that  enabled her to get more work. I’m wondering…is she really a groomer….or a possible employer…Can she read? Can she comprehend what she reads?  Do you really want to work for people who  don’t buy equipment or supplies, who don’t keep good records, who under charge, or who really aren’t busy?  How about people who don’t give you your tips, or don’t pay what they owe you? Or bounce checks?   How about people who don’t run safe facilities?   Or who sell puppies they did not breed?  Not me. I  trashed her  comment because she  signed with a fake email address.  So, here’s the deal on  ‘not getting hired’:  I am working 3 part-time jobs now by choice.  Why?  In some cases, the  business owners  either do not market grooming or I have to travel too far to  work for them every day. I don’t enjoy sitting 2+ hours in traffic.    I’ve noticed that , the farther a business is from the city, the busier they seem to be….yet the groomers still aren’t making over $40,000 a year.  What’s the point? Especially if you don’t get health insurance!  At some point, I will probably only work for  1, as I still have my  ‘private’ clients whom I get by SEO.  That is, they google  ‘key words’ to find a specific type of groomer, and, generally, I am the only one who shows up on the search.  That is fine with me, as I  don’t want to deal with every backyard breeder with 6 Shih Tzu bitches who hasn’t figured out how to use a clipper.

I talked to a dog groomer recently who  took one job I was not able to keep.  The employer felt she needed me more than 3 days a week, so fired me in favor of a full time groomer. Then, because this new full time groomer wasn’t as good as she hoped…they hired my friend for part time work.  I learned that everything I had told the manager  as being a problem (the bather being over worked and needing help, the  receptionist  sabotaging good relations) turned out to be true. The bather quit,  they  started losing business, and now, after 20 years, they are thinking of shutting the grooming business as their overhead is too high and they are no longer profitable.  Should I not   post this?  I haven’t mentioned any names on this one.   Meanwhile, another place I had worked part time, which was badly managed because the owner really didn’t know anything about microbusiness &  hired too many people who were not ADDING VALUE… sold the property.  Recently.  Big shock, they list  fewer managerial staff on their web page.

I  also recently met a groomer who  met a mutual friend.New groomer had  never seen an Afghan in  ‘specials coat’ on the street.  We got to talking, and she had worked at places that  had apparently googled me and would not hire me.  Her attitude was that I had done myself a favor. She had also worked at  one place I had considered working for, but  refused to work for as they sold puppy mill puppies…  Pocket Puppies  in Lincoln Park in Chicago.  They are still in business. When you buy low & sell high, just 1 puppy a week can keep you afloat. This also upset the groomer, which was among the reasons she had quit working for them.

I respond to anyone who leaves a lucid comment (warning to you Africans).  I want to know  how you found this blog. Sometimes, you  don’t know the dynamics of a business until you’ve jumped into the fire. The managers at PETCO lied to me, It’s legal to lie to employees.  Pet Supplies Plus told me they hired me to do one job, then expected me to do many other jobs  so I would know was not respected and could easily be replaced, and they are desperate  for groomers. So are many  places.  Seems many groomers have the same attitude that I have.  I rest my case.


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