Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman: perfect storm

You never get the full story when you read the newspaper, and especially not when you get the news  on TV. Editors   dress stuff up or simplify.   The internet?  Please!  Be skeptical.  Virtually all opinion, with no editor.  I admit  what I am  writing IS opinion.

I  got an email with a photo  of Trayvan Martin.  Cool kid , with tattoos on his face.   A regular teenage punk. Comes to school with jewelry  he ‘found’ along the way.   A little thief.  On more than  one occasion.  Comes to school with grass, begging to be searched.   Begging to be suspended.  Arrogant.  Apparently  his folks (he has  2 living) felt his behavior was ok.

George Zimmerman, wanna be cop.  Tough guy.   Not very bright.  On the look out for trouble makers.  In fact, apparently going out of his way to find trouble makers.  No waiting period or application is going to weed out  idiots like him. They will all get guns and ammo.

I remember a time when  black parents of black kids warned  their boys to  lay low, be respectful.   You never knew what  white guy, or cop, would shoot first and ask questions later. Unfortunate, but this is America.  Most unfortunate.  But from living in America, and having black male friends, I  know, at least of the guys about my age, what they learned  so they could get to live to be about my age.

Lots of stuff not really int he press about this whole tragedy.  During the  autopsy, they found THC (marijuana) in Trayvon’s system.  George was never tested for drugs.  makes you wanna go, hmmmm…

So, here we are:  we got a black guy for president, and a bunch of  not really deep thinkers  thinking they need  loaded weapons when then go to the store to buy  snacks.  I live in the inner city:  a low-income  community, very high housing density,  obvious gang activity, and obvious disinvestment of the police in favor of the wealthy (I’ll write about a horrible  entertainment center being planned with TIF  money…right up there with the waste the army  paid for in Afghanistan, recently)  You call the police about suspicious activity…or a brawl, and there  is a 50/50 chance of them showing up.  That’s how it is.

What i am saying is…I expect more doofus teenagers–especially black  boys—just  acting the fool—-to be shot by more  imbeciles with  guns, thinking they are defending themselves. The lawyers win. that’s all I am saying.


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