Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Morkies…toy breed dogs

This is a Maltese I groomed in a puppy trim. They do not  grow like this naturally. they need haircuts.

This is a Maltese I groomed in a puppy trim. They do not grow like this naturally. they need haircuts.

I really love the toy breed dogs…the little purse dogs.  Old lady dogs.  Thing is, they are easy to spoil, and easy to injure. Because I have always had Sighthounds, and Whippets tend to be roughnecks,  I don’t have  a toy breed dog.  However, I love to groom them.  Most have a lot of personality.  They are perfect for  small living quarters, but very  affectionate and usually very smart and easy to train.  These are not dogs for toddler or young children.  You drop them,you break their legs. many just  fall (or jump off) off furniture and break legs.  the idea that people would get  such a fragile little being for a young child really annoys me.
These dog will get snippy if they fear being hurt.  Otherwise, they are  delightful companions.

Toy breed dogs  are generally not genetically healthy.  They have been ‘bred down’ from larger dogs, and  often, soundness has been compromised.  It’s only the last  20  years or so that the ethical hobby breeders have been having  their breeding dogs  OFA (patellas) & CERF (eyes) certified, but  so often, the stud owners still breed to untested bitches.  In fact, most of the genetic defects we see are now in the  ‘pet bred’ dogs. These are people who don’t consider themselves breeders, yet they signed the AKC (CKC, UKC) papers as the owner of the dam..the mother dog…as the breeder.  Is it because they don’t have a separate building to house their dogs?  Or only have 1 or 2 bitches?  Or are their veterinarians pandering to their naiveté?  No matter. These people are breeders, and it is not inbreeding that is threatening the genetic vitality of these dogs, but the  naive pet owners breeding their pets without a thought to  genetic soundness that is destroying  these breeds.

There are a few breeders in the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America and the American Maltese Association that DO have major breeding businesses, with  30 (or more) breedable dogs, but most of the club members have feweer than 5  breedable bitches, and they do all the genetic testing.  This is why a well bred toy dog is so expensive:  they generally have litters of 5 pups or fewer, and after paying for the genetic tests, possibly selling as a spayed pet the  dog with juvenile cataracts,  luxated patellas, or liver shunt, probably a C section, each individual pup  probably has a debt of over $500 on their heads. Add in showing the parent dogs (so your peers can  judge the quality of the dogs you plan to breed) , no wonder the pet dogs are now  over $2500.  However, that doesn’t ensure a good home.  While I know, from volunteering with them, that most of the  Maltese and Yorkies in rescue do NOT come from hobby breeders, but backyard breeders and puppy mills….this is how the puppy mills got their original breeding dogs:   the ethical breeders sold dogs as pets, not to be bred, but  either didn’t make it clear, didn’t with hold registration until proof of spay/neuter, or  didn’t follow up.  Owners  lost job, got job, had an allergic kid, got divorced, moved…or just got bored with the dog… & RESOLD THE BREEDABLE DOG, and that’s how all the puppy mills start.  They don’t go to hobby breeders necessarily…or maybe they do, and start out with good intentions, but see there is a market for the puppies, so they breed a litter, keep all the bitches, and just assume that anyone who pays $2500 for a dog will take care of it.  Or, face it:  they are breeding dogs as livestock & just don’t care.  Well, the rescues always have plenty of  purebred dogs needing homes.

A  puppy buyer  (grooming client)asked me recently if he should get pet health insurance.  I had felt the pup’s patellas and they felt ok, so I advised not, but  generally, I’d have to say that if you didn’t meet the breeder of your dog, and  she didn’t tell you  she was breeding for the betterment of the breed, I’d have to say: BUY PET HEALTH INSURANCE.  In fact, I’d have to say that, before  buying a toy breed dog, call several animal hospitals and ask what they charge to fix a luxated patella or liver shunt, and ask how often the animal hospital  does this in the  toy breeds.

I tip my hat to the many pet owners who manage to keep a toy dog in ‘specials’ coat, as they are quite magnificent…but face it…all these dogs are walking dust mops. IF you can bathe a dog once a week and  put up the topknot at least every other day, you will have a real piece of walking art in one of these dogs….but if you can’t, do a ‘puppy’ trim.

I just have to say something about Morkies…as I find people looking for them.  Stupid, stupid people who believe the marketing, and I blame the  veterinarians as well. The ‘Morkie’ is a Maltese–Yorkies cross.  If you breed one dog with luxated patllas & liver shunt to another with the same genetic defects, your pups will be afflicted. Being of different breeds does not cancel this out.  This.  the only people breeding designer ‘hybrid’s as they are called, are people breeding dogs like livestock…not animal lovers. Not dog lovers. people who want to make money off dogs.

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3 Responses to “Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Morkies…toy breed dogs”

  1. Charla Says:

    Wow, this post is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing
    these kinds of things, so I am going to inform her.

  2. buy & sell Dogs Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Morkiestoy breed
    dogs | Disparateinterests’s Blog <Loved it!

  3. Lisa researching dog grooming Says:

    My dog is a small er breed like this. She’s a cockapoo and you are 100% accurate on saying that these breeds have a lot of personality. I love reading about other people and how they feel 🙂

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