What do you mean my ANYTIME minutes have expired

This is not just about phone service—it’s about technology being, ah, not so great.

There was a time  that I thought the idea of mobile phones was neat.  I have to admit, they are very handy in an emergency.  However, I was forced by an employer to get a mobile phone.  I was going  into clients homes,  and  had to  be able to contact my boss, who was also on the move.

I didn’t know how to choose, so I asked a bunch of people what kind of phone,  and a bunch suggested Virgin Mobile.  It’s a pay-a-you-go -plan.

Funny thing is…they give you bonus minutes, and then don’t let you use them.  So, I had to call Virgin Mobile to ask them why they weren’t rolling over my anytime minutes. confusion ensued. Finally, not admitting a problem with their software, they gave me 3 months of free service so I could use up my minutes.

I wanted to pay a credit card bill out of my back account, so I logged in. Nothing. Thinking I made a mistake, I logged in again…and again….nothing was happening.  My saved  accounts were gone!   So, I called the bank.  I got the voice mail system, so I pressed 0 to speak to a live person and…got cut off.  Tried twice more, several different phone numbers for the bank. Nothing. so I emailed them. They called back within 10 minutes.
They had UPGRADED  their system, & now, nothing worked…& I had to rebuild the account.

Several years ago, my identity was stolen.  I know  all my info was sold by a bank I had refinanced with, because the idiot who sold my  identity was using my legal name (which I use only on my mortgage & passport).  Most sickening, besides my social security number, she had my mother’s maiden name.  I found all this out because a collection agency started calling me about my past due Verizon account, & I didn’t even have a cell phone.

She had opened a Verizon Wireless account somewhere in St. Louis (but later, in Los Angeles).   I could not get  Verizon to talk to me, because the collection agency that wanted over $600 wouldn’t give me the telephone number  on the account!
So, I called the Illinois State’s Attorney—& THEY got someone from Verizon on the phone, who apologized profusely, & swore she would  call off the collection agency and report the account as fraudulent to the 3 credit bureaus.

I believe she contacted Trans Union, but , because I  am refinancing, I got Experion’s credit report. Not only were the Verizon  account & the 2 fake addresses still on my credit report, but a gas company which slammed me &  has a collection agency that also wants several hundred  dollars on my credit report.
Seems that it’s so easy to  do this. The collection agencies work for the creditors, not for the public.

I am sure everyone in America has been through this—where you spend more time on the phone or emailing  to correct bogus charges or  to get what you are entitled to, than you do in productive work…& that said, I am going  on vacation for 2 weeks.

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