We need to keep talking about why it’s not a good idea to buy pets at petshops

I read int he Dec. 2012 issue of Pet Age magazine that  Point Pleasant , New Jersey  recently adopted a pet sales ban.  I guess  enough  hobbyists, fanciers and  animal shelter people were able to convince their city council that  there are plenty of places to buy pets without  allowing  brokers for commercial livestock breeders to add to the pet overpopulation problem by not screening buyers to make sure they could take care of a pet & understand the responsibility. I mean, if they did that, they would not be able to stay in business!

But, on the ABC-TV   national news last week, they highlighted a new scam that the Nigerians use. They don’t just post on Craigslist:  they actually put up American websites  with photos of puppies, & you either pay by credit card or  send a money order…& they disappear. No puppy ever arrives.  & those sites are still up in spite of the exposure…because my fellow citizens are just plain stupid.

Now, I have friends  who breed dogs and ship puppies, but rarely do they ship any  pup without a referral from someone.  And if you want a show prospect, you REALLY have to know someone!

Now, the irony is, very few people can afford to  breed and show genetically sound dogs anymore.  It’s tragic. The economy has wiped out at least 20% of the middle class. Those were people comfortable enough to partially live on credit  don’t exist. The credit doesn’t exist, and  the other mitigating problems of high property taxes &   unemployment (or, underemployment, where you don’t even get health insurance)  has  eaten expendable income.

We know that some breeds with precariously small gene pools are going to disappear.

Yet, pet shops are still managing to sell  poorly bred, over priced dogs. Thus, we are not making much headway.

I know part of the solution would be for the local clubs to hire webmasters to update their websites, and for them to have more events—especially that benefits  their own breed rescue. It’s short sited to  ignore  the problem. It’s clear that people will pay for  good dogs if they can find them.  It is also clear that people  go to pet stores because they can’t find hobbyists to mentor them along.


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