Regarding fake pet rescues: so how many dogs have YOU rescued?

I am updating this blog, as well as the original.   Wright Way now also has adulot dogs on their web-site—but continues to feature puppies in their ads, and dioes not take local owner surrenders.

I got a lot of flack for suggesting that Wright -Way rescue, in Niles, Illinois, was just this side of ethical. Seems many of their supporters do not believe  that  they’ve turned away dogs they’ve adopted out that are no longer wanted.  The sad fact is,  there is no way you can save every dog bred…and  when you deny there is a problem, and  believe that  NO-KILL—or, rather, actually PICKING  CHOOSING WHO YOU SAVE FOR  ANOTHER DAY is the way to go, you are denying what the problem is:  that too many irresponsible, unethical  BREEDERS, no matter what they call themselves when they own the ‘mommy’ dogs—are deciding to allow YOU to  decide who lives.

The livestock this is what irresponsible breeders are…whether they  own a pet  or 50 breeding dogs don’t,  really care about the dogs they don’t sell. It’s a crop. As long as we, as a society, don’t address this fundamental issue, all the No Kill pet rescues will continue to pat themselves on the back & not really make a dent.

Am I hard hearted?  I see dogs every day that owners don’t take care of. It’s not quite so bad now as fewer  people can afford to own a non-shed type of dog, but I’ve seen dogs with maggots, fish hooks imbedded in their skin,  rubber  bands & collars imbedded in their skin , gangrene, horribly infected, painful ears, and heard every excuse for this neglect.  These dogs should have never been born…but it’s a free country, and  totally legal  to breed pets as livestock & not be responsible for them.

Now—how many have I RESCUED?  Well, when I was rescue coordinator for the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Chicago, I think, out of over 50 dogs offered, we ‘save’ 4 , but only  2 found permanent homes.  I took a 15 -year-old Poodle that the owner didn’t know whether to have groomed or put to sleep (her words)–he lived 3 more years.  There was then about a 12 year lull.  I returned from Peace Corps service, and  got back my 13-year-old whippet, who had been purchased as a pup. When he died, I  bought (well, he was just $200, and the owners would have kept him, but  they knew me) my champion Saluki.  He died of cancer 4 years later, and by then, there  were enough rescues you could find on the internet, that via rescue (as there were none in rescue), I was put in touch with  a hobby breeder who had a young adult male she felt was not show quality.  Turned out, he was.  He was not an obedience, field, or agility dog, but  he lived to be 15 years old.  Meanwhile, I had been on the Whippet  rescue list for 4 years, and  they finally called me  and told me they had  a young male.  His owner had died.  He is still with me.

In that time, the economy squeezed me. Having never carried any debt except for my house, I  knew I would probably never again be able to afford to  show or compete with a dog, nor could I house more than 2, but I could support the  rescues.  I do this  by screening prospects,  publicizing dogs in rescue, grooming, and offering other support services.  I do what I can.  I don’t want to keep a pack of dogs, I can not give individual attention to more dogs.

Why purebreds?  I have written about  this before,  I don’t like surprises.  I knew the possible temperament  issues with the breeds I chose.  I got what I expected.    You don’t have to let irresponsible backyard breeders choose the dog you get. You can choose  what you want. You just have to be patient.

That said—I have never seen a Scottish Deerhound  go into  ‘rescue’, and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America does a very good job making sure none of them can be snatched up by  someone who thinks they are going to make a fortune breeding them.  I keep looking for an Ibizen, but   have never seen one in rescue.  The fact of the matter is—in some breeds, THE CULTURE IS that you have to be responsible for the dogs you breed, and protect the breed.  Look at what breeds you see on Craigslist;  Pit bulls, Cane Corso, American Bulldogs, Chihuahuas. The breeders of  these breeds really don’t give a shit about protecting the breed.  They cheapen it, & don’t care if there really is a market for those dogs—but many of the no-kill groups avoid those breeds, instead, going for the ‘cute’ ones.  If they were taking  proportionally  the types of dogs that get dumped, over 3/4 of the dogs in no-kill  rescues would be Pit bulls. That is not the case.

If all the do gooders would spend as much time harassing their elected officials to  make the  state departments of agriculture  do a better job of inspecting—and fining or taxing pet breeders (with the help of humane activists answering the ads & sending the inspectors out) we could solve the problem of surplus pets in less than 3 years.  Think about it.

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