Fake Animal Rescues & other Scams

This blog, as it is very popular and well read ( meaning it gets a lot of ‘hits’ every day—so it is being forwarded) is updated as of Dec. 15, 2013.

Most of us who are humane activists, and who flag the  animal sellers who audaciously use Craiglist  to sell baby animals ( particularly Yorkies, Maltese, Bulldogs, Siberian Husky pups, and recently , Bengal Kittens), and claim they are missionaries or Peace Corps Volunteers,and the climate is not good, and all they want is the shipping, yadda yadda….are familiar with the scam. Surprisingly, many  people  are clueless.  Of course, there is no animal. People wire  $100 (this is still happening) & are shocked that they never hear from these missionaries/Peace Corps Volunteers ever again.

How can this happen?  People  are stupid (what other reason can you figure for middle America  going for Mitt Romney, who had stated he didn’t care about them), and believe that  people posting  pets on the internet are inherently honest.  No joke.  The naive among us believe everything they read on the internet.Well, the scam doesn’t always work, so…there are a few new ones.

One is—(same Africans), claiming they were called  to a family medical emergency, and just had a litter of puppies, and the pups  are with a (friend, veterinarian, family member) in (name a state)—or the breeders are in the military in (not the state they have posted in) and have to  go on assignment, & just had a litter of (the breeds named in the first paragraph), and  please contact so- and so, always REVEREND so & so and “we just want to make sure all the pups go to good homes…”

Now, you would wonder why they don’t just post in their HOME STATE…but this scam seems to work.

Another –extremely frequently now, is “we just rescued a litter of…” (Great Danes, Mastiffs, or  any other breed) and they have been ‘vetted’ (what does that mean, exactly?) …& we just want what we put in…”  but frequently it is, “We just rescued this  3 year old (somewhat rare breed….recently it was a Newfoundland) from an abusive  situation, but we can’t keep her. She is not spayed. We want her to go to a good home.”  Dog brokers…all.

The scammers know people want rescued dogs. & hey, if Oprah Winfrey can tell the director of a major No KILL shelter in Chicago, that if they ever get  purebred brown cocker spaniel pups, she will adopt them, & , lo & behold, the shelter does find a dumped litter of purebred brown chocolate cocker spaniel pups, not two months later (what are the odds), then people  really believe so many purebred puppies are dumped and available for adoption.

Sickening enough,  several  toy breed rescues  frequently get puppies. The   livestock breeders, which we know as puppy mills, need to SELL them as soon as they are weaned, and if they are not shipped off, they start going down in value.   Or, if they have luxated patellas or liver shunt, they  may be unsellable, so they get dumped in pounds, & the breed  rescues  grab them up, do a pretty good job of screening, & manage to find them homes with people who can afford to care for them. This is not easy, as many of the rescues ask so many questions  they seem intrusive. However, they make it clear that  the pups  entered rescue because there was no market for them.  Now dog brokers, looking for a new angle, are also buying up entire litters and claiming they were  RESCUED from a puppy mill. They may go with shots, they  may be wormed, but neutering is NEVER included  in their fees. Sometimes, they tell adopters the pup must be neutered by a certain date, & sometimes they refund a neutering deposit, but this is rarely true of fake rescues.   Nor do they do  any kind of screening, You have money–you get a puppy.  They never provide  feeding, grooming, or housebreaking information, and, of course, unlike the bona fide rescues, they don’t take the puppy back if it doesn’t work out.

We have an actual ‘bona fide’ rescue in Niles, Illinois (Now in Morton Grove—update), started by a former student who attended college   in southern Illinois, that doesn’t take back the pups the  offer for adoption (they have told me they do, but enough  people have had to bring unwanted pets to other shelters—this is an update). .  At least that has been the  experience of several adopters , who’ve posted on Craigslist & claimed that if they didn’t ‘rehome’ the dog, it would have to go to a KILL  (that would be an OPEN ADMISSIONS)SHELTER.  It’s called Wright Way Animal Rescue.   Volunteers claim this could not possibly be true, but  having heard this from several  people, I wonder if a volunteer has been acting in an executive capacity &  giving out wrong information to several people

  It looks like  possibly Wright Way has changed their ways and  they now have adult dogs.—this is an update.  They still IOMPORT dogs from out of state & do NOT take owner surrenders.
UPDATE: Again, I have to ask:
1.  With so many     ADOPTABLE (PitBull—& Chihuahua-x) dogs at Chicago Animal Care & Control, Animal Welfare League, and Orphans of the Storm…why do they have to go to Kentucky to  get dogs?  Is it because they know there is a specific market for them up here?
2.Why do they continually feature  puppies  in their Craigslist posts, & not adult d0gs?
3.  What are they doing to  address the problem of irresponsible breeding?
These are questions we can ask all the private rescues.
Good intentions are not enough, and although their retort/response may be, “How many dogs have YOU rescue?” (or why would I go to a breeder…), my response  has to be, “I don’t want the  meth addicts,  people with credit card debt raising pets as livestock, & thugs deciding what breeds i should own.  As it is, they’ve already  decided the terminology of the pet marketplace.

They get a lot of dumped puppy mill puppies down in southern Illinois at their pounds, so the student started bringing them up to  Niles to adopt out.  Which would be ok, except they rarely have adult dogs. They only take puppies to save, and if an ‘adopter’ (you’d have to call them BUYERS at this point) can’t keep a puppy, Wright Way will not take the pup back–claiming they don’t have the space. The adopter has to either RESELL THIS RESCUE, or bring it to an OPEN ADMISSIONS  shelter.

Many of us think this is unethical.   Yeah, it’s legal—but is this rescue?   No bona fide rescue buys a litter from some hillbilly farmer because he kept them out in the yard with no food or water, or shelter, & , instead of demanding the state department of agriculture or a local humane group get after the guy, buys them to resell.  & not give any information about training, or housebreaking, or, how do you plan to handle this if you work outside your home?  I know bad breeders do this, but it is unconscionable that a rescue would.

We hobbyists and fanciers are failing to get the message out.  People  tend to think that puppies are bred, they need homes, and they may as well buy the pups, even  if they are  rewarding bad behavior  and unethical activities. They have convinced themselves they are saving a life.  Yet, most of these  pairings of pet and owner fail within 6 months. Why?  People  did not get what they expected, and  they don’t have the time for the pet.  so much for  rescuing a pet.

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  1. martha Says:

    The information posted here on Wright-Way Rescue is so wrong. Not sure how this author obtained their information but they should be sued for the information they are providing. Wright-Way Rescue does not obtain puppies from puppy mills who abandon their pets but rather from animal control facilities. They do take back any pet that doesn’t work out in a home. If it is within 7 days of adoption the return is immediate, no questions asked. If it is two years down the line, there may be a short wait as they are a no kill shelter and do not euthanize to make room for more. They also opened up a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Southern IL to help the problem. You don’t see many “transporters” doing that do you? It is sad that people assume info and then think they have the right to post it online like this. Anyone interested in touring Wright-Way Rescue and seeing the day to day opperations is welcome. They have TONS of adult pets at their downstate facility being prepared for adoption. They also have three vets on staff. This is NOT an unethical organization and I would encourage this author to take the time to visit both of their facilities. Just this past week Wright-Way Rescue took in two senior chihuahuas, two starving (near death) adult labs, four adult dogs who required major hip surgeries, and one adult dog with mange so bad that it had no hair. Trust me, there is no money to be made and I believe their audited financial records combined with a tour can give you a better idea of this specific rescue than this ignoran author.

    With that being said, there are places out there that are less than ethical who do work with puppy mills. Learn all the facts before you adopt.

    • disparateinterests Says:

      Wright-Way may take an adult pet from southern Illinois, but they never post the adults—it is always puppies…at least on Craigslist in Chicago. & My information on them not taking back dogs adopted out? From people who’ve posted on Craigslist &trainers who who formerly worked for them. I did not say they got their pups from puppy mills. I said that in Wright County, the reason they get so many puppies, especially purebreds & designer dogs…is because the puppy mills dump them.
      The fact remains that virtually no ‘no-kill’ shelter takes owner surrenders…the reason being that they could not stay in business if they took every animal dumped. & the fact also remains that none of the shelters follow through on making sure adopted pets end up being neutered if they are released before being neutered. I have toured the facility. Yes, there are rescues that are more lax, and that don’t take back adopted dogs. Because others have lax practices , it doesn’t make it right. I would encourage anyone to tour the facility. It is clean, bright, easy enough to get to. & of course, they say they will take a dog back if an adoption doesn’t work out…but some people who adopted decided to take their unwanted pets to OPEN ADMISSIONS shelters, as there was no room at Wright Way—ans when you bring up so many puppies that you don’t have room….that’s a problem.

    • Tom Says:

      Believe me, perhaps you are a purveyor of weight way but the last thing they are is ethical. I can not comment on where they obtain there puppies from as I do not know but I can share my experience with them. One year ago almost to the date, we adopted a wonderful lab retriever mix who was 8 weeks at the time. Long story short, 5 days later he is sick and tests positive for parvovirus. My vet basically had to argue with them as they were trying to deny that it happened on their premises. What soon followed was an absolute nightmare. Right way would only Cover the bill if we brought him to their “animal clinic” now don’t get me wrong this place was great only problem was they were not a 24 hour facility so there was 12 hours my puppy had to stay alone with no iv or medicine, needless to say it was a gut wrenching experience. They ripped away the joy of getting a new family member within days and basically added to the nightmare as we could not see him and due to a high bill could not take him anywhere else. He was in there for seven days.
      Now here is where the story gets interesting. I did some research and found another owner who had purchased a pet from the SAME litter two days prior to us and their pup got parvo. Even more interesting is another owner who surfaced and I found out they had adopted one a WEEK prior to is getting ours. What this means is that they knowingly adopted puppies out that had a high risk potential of containing parvo.
      If you don’t know parvovirus is a death sentence in pups, older dogs can fight it more but young dogs like ours don’t have the immune system. It shreds the intestinal lining and basically destroys there white blood cell count and has a 60-70% mortality rate in young puppies. It is no laughing matter, the virus is so resilient it can remain in your home and wherever the pup was for up to a YEAR!
      The last little bit is the hardest thing to swallow. The owner of both pups I had talked to had LET WRIGHT WAY KNOW that there dogs had contracted parvo BEFORE. We adopted ours. After pulling some strings I got into contact with the owner christy Anderson and she had a fear in her voice because she knew she was in the wrong. I let her lie to me and send me their protocol for instances such as these all of which were not followed. It states that wright way will hold all adoptions until the parvo is under control. She lied to all of us and I’ll tell you right now the place is a business its all about getting the dogs out and getting new ones in with very little emphasis placed on the welfare of the animals.
      That’s my story, and that is why I will never believe someone like you saying otherwise. If you have been through the hell I have been through you’d think differently. Oh, and when we finally got our pup back, we met another owner who was just bringing theirs in, adopted from wright way and had parvo. It’s disgusting the pain and anguish they put us through all for a buck.

      • Tom Says:

        In fact still down a ways to Devi, there is documented proof and the start of our nightmare a year ago on this blog

      • Tom Says:

        In fact scroll down a ways on this page to Devi, there is documented proof and the start of our nightmare a year ago on this blog

  2. martha Says:

    A couple things…

    1. You stated “and if an ‘adopter’ (you’d have to call them BUYERS at this point) can’t keep a puppy, Wright Way will not take the pup back—claiming they don’t have the space”

    This statement is not true. You claim to retrieve your information from posters on craigslist. It is possible people have lied or told you half-truths just as you are doing here to this organization. The web is not a reliable source of information. Again the return policy is posted on their website and in the legal contract adopters sign.

    While I was at their facility I overhead a “discussion” where an adopter wished to give the dog they adopted to their neighbor. The volunteer insisted they all come in and sign a new contract, change the microchip, and complete and application to make sure the dog would be in a good home. No fee was collected.

    I can also tell you as someone who has donated to this organization (and has asked to see their financials and daily opperating in person before doing so) that they are an ethical organization. Have people been asked to wait a couple days before bringing in a dog they have owned for 5 years? Possibly. The adoption center has only 11 runs, and I have to say they do amazing work out of 11 runs. I must admit that when I went for my first visit I thought the center would be much larger. I later learned that it was literally hand-built by volunteers. They opperate on a fraction of the opperating budget of other shelters and their payroll is tiny (approx. 75% less) compared to organizations that provide care for a similar amount of animals. Should they have more money to care for all of these pets? YES! Easier said than done.

    2. “I said that in Wright County, the reason they get so many puppies, especially purebreds & designer dogs…is because the puppy mills dump them.”

    There is not a Wright County in the state of IL. Were you assuming that this is also how they got their name? You know what assuming does… Furthermore I am on their site all the time and usually see lab mixes, pit mixes, and shepherd mixes. There are some smaller “designer” dogs yes… but I see about the same amount on other no kill shelters sites. Are you inferring they should not help small cute dogs found at animal controls? It seems like you are saying they should not be helping these dogs and that doing so make them a “fake rescue” (your words not mine). During my three visits in person, I saw a couple of tiny non shedding pooches, but the vast majority of available dogs were medium to large breed 100% Heinz 57s (the best kind of rescue dog!)

    3. You also state ” & not give any information about training, or housebreaking, or, how do you plan to handle this if you work outside your home?” Infact this is the only rescue I have visited that does provide all of this information and screens at length (beside very small scale in-home private rescues). They will not allow an adopter to leave without this info. All adopters watch a video prior to adoption. Each adopter also goes home with a thick packet of training information. When I was there they called every landlord prior to letting a pet visit with a renting family. They also have a dog trainer at their facility, encourage classes, and offer lots of articles on their site.

    4. “& My information on them not taking back dogs adopted out? From people who’ve posted on Craigslist &trainers who who formerly worked for them.”

    Wright-Way Rescue has not employed multiple trainers. Anonymous sources from craigslist is not a legitimate reason to ruin the efforts of a hard working organization.

    5. “I would encourage anyone to tour the facility. It is clean, bright, easy enough to get to”

    We do agree on this statement!

    Before posting untrue statements that can do harm you really consider the facts. You only have to google your name Robyn Michaels to learn about how many other places you have “rated”. Some organization may deserve the critisism, some may not. I can tell you that this place doesn’t deserve the negative remarks and supporters like myself will demand factual information.

    I truly do encourage you to visit their on-site veterinary clinic in Southern IL that I have been able to tour twice now. You will find rows of adult dogs (with comfy Kuranda beds and toys) being treated for a million different issues. Many of these issues are ones other shelters (including no kills) would not bother to treat. You will find spay/neuter surgeries going on round the clock. You will find a group of dedicated people who love the animals they help. If you go there and still feel they are a “Fake Animal Rescue” then please post your opinion… and nothing more. I will continue to financially support their work. I will also remain an educated donor and monitor their work as I do with the other three non profits I support. I am blessed to be in a position to donate but do so only after an organization has earned my respect and proved to have transparancy.

    I will close by saying that EVERY organization has room to improve including this rescue. I am certain that most rescues and shelters, specifically those that lack funding, should always be on the look-out for ways to increase their efficiency and provide a better service for the donated funds they receive.

    Wright-Way Rescue is not a fake rescue. They are real people, who help real pets, that are in true need. Best wishes.

    • disparateinterests Says:

      1. A former Trainer for them, Frank DiMarco (who is on our dog park committee) confirmed my suspicions . I had asked wif he was still training for them, & he , unsolicited, told me why he stopped; 2. You are right. I actually called a link that Wright-way had on their website, which led me to the pound. & they told me the puppy mills in that area dumped the puppies. I will correct that—but i got the original info off the Wright Way website. Now, as long as i have your ear… I know they are all ‘volunteers’. & I also know that sometimes volunteers make ‘executive decisions—but it’s a terrible coincidence that several people posted to ‘rehome’ dog on Craigslist & stated they got the pups from W-W, and they were told ther was no room…& also a terrible coincidence that Franks was approached & told this. &—it’s also pretty bad that PAWS just offered 2 dog & a c=kitten for auction at another non-profit’s fund raiser, & their explanation was that no matter how much the donor paid, they had to come in to the shelter for a screening. That still gives the impression to the general public that offering pets for auction is ethical. As these are the 2 largest & visible NO-KILL rescues in the metro area, we see more of what they do. No shelter or rescue ever addresses the cost of grooming or that the dog must be trained, and rarely dio they enforce the contract that the pet must come back to them if it is unwanted. Everyone remembers the scene with Ellen DeGeneris.

      • Tom C. Says:

        . My wife and I recently adopted a puppy at wright way shelter in des plaines, IL. He came down with parvo a few days ago and is currently fighting for his life, but probably not going to make it. Upon further investigation, on yelp and other blogs, we found atleast 5 other cases of puppies having parvo from this facility. The kicker is some puppies had parvo a week PRIOR to us adopting our little guy, and wright way was informed of this and still chose to adopt puppies out with total disregard to the animals or adopters involved. They did not mention anything to us about Parvo being in their facility the week prior. This is sickening to me, and now along with others, our puppy will most likely succumb to this illness when all this heartbreak could have been prevented. Please help me get this story out there, people deserve to know as hundreds and thousands of animals are adopted out there yearly. Thank you for your time.

      • Devi Says:

        I am so sorry that your dog is ill, Tom. I did let them know right away on the morning of the 18th of February that my dog tested “strongly positive” for parvovirus. All in all, our bills, time off work and other expenses ended up costing us around $6000 and we are considering legal action because we were also not the first. I hope your puppy survived and is on the mend, it’s a really heartbreaking illness and Wright Way seemed to not care at all. It’s really sad for all those puppies who’s adoptive parents could not afford the treatment.

      • Tom C. Says:

        Hey disparateinterst, Devi and I among others that I have found on yelp need your help to blow this lid off..our puppy will most likely die after not even having him for a week. The heartbreak is overwhelming. Please get in touch with me via email. I am wondering what else I can do here and the others too that this has affected. To this DAY they are still adopting puppies out there….

    • Tom Says:

      Believe me, perhaps you are a purveyor of wright way but the last thing they are is ethical. I can not comment on where they obtain there puppies from as I do not know but I can share my experience with them. One year ago almost to the date, we adopted a wonderful lab retriever mix who was 8 weeks at the time. Long story short, 5 days later he is sick and tests positive for parvovirus. My vet basically had to argue with them as they were trying to deny that it happened on their premises. What soon followed was an absolute nightmare. Wright way would only Cover the bill if we brought him to their “animal clinic” now don’t get me wrong this place was great only problem was they were not a 24 hour facility so there was 12 hours my puppy had to stay alone with no iv or medicine, needless to say it was a gut wrenching experience. They ripped away the joy of getting a new family member within days and basically added to the nightmare as we could not see him and due to a high bill could not take him anywhere else. He was in there for seven days.
      Now here is where the story gets interesting. I did some research and found another owner who had purchased a pet from the SAME litter two days prior to us and their pup got parvo. Even more interesting is another owner who surfaced and I found out they had adopted one a WEEK prior to is getting ours. What this means is that they knowingly adopted puppies out that had a high risk potential of containing parvo.
      If you don’t know parvovirus is a death sentence in pups, older dogs can fight it more but young dogs like ours don’t have the immune system. It shreds the intestinal lining and basically destroys there white blood cell count and has a 60-70% mortality rate in young puppies. It is no laughing matter, the virus is so resilient it can remain in your home and wherever the pup was for up to a YEAR!
      The last little bit is the hardest thing to swallow. The owner of both pups I had talked to had LET WRIGHT WAY KNOW that there dogs had contracted parvo BEFORE. We adopted ours. After pulling some strings I got into contact with the owner christy Anderson and she had a fear in her voice because she knew she was in the wrong. I let her lie to me and send me their protocol for instances such as these all of which were not followed. It states that wright way will hold all adoptions until the parvo is under control. She lied to all of us and I’ll tell you right now the place is a business its all about getting the dogs out and getting new ones in with very little emphasis placed on the welfare of the animals.
      That’s my story, and that is why I will never believe someone like you saying otherwise. If you have been through the hell I have been through you’d think differently. Oh, and when we finally got our pup back, we met another owner who was just bringing theirs in, adopted from wright way and had parvo. It’s disgusting the pain and anguish they put us through all for a buck.

      • Sue C. Says:

        Wow! This is all very scary for me. I am currently researching all the rescue and adoption sites looking for my next pup. I had planned on adopting an adult and then a puppy. Having now read this, I am totally wary of adopting a puppy. It’s a shame, since my beagle/corgi mix I rescued as a puppy died last August at age 15.5. My other rescue, a pure 13″ beagle died Christmas Eve at 14.5. She was around 2.5 when we adopted her. The rescue groups (in MD) we dealt with seemed legit and we were happy with our pups for many years before any health issues arose. We figured the little beagle probably came from a puppy mill as she had just had babies. The paperwork from the group said she was dumped at a shelter in West VA by a hunter who said she wouldn’t hunt. Never really believed that story. So, now I am hesitant to make contact with groups in the region (New England) where we recently moved not knowing the reputation of the group. I guess Yelp is a good source for feedback. Anyway, so sorry to hear about all these puppies that came down with parvo. I hate people mistreating animals, and worse, ripping off nice people over the best interests of the animals. Terrible to hear!

      • disparateinterests Says:

        Just be skeptical and ask questions. Fees should include shots, neutering, feeding, grooming, & housebreaking instructions. Ask who is on the board of directors. Ask how they get most of their dogs (meaning—are the owner surrenders, or are they picking & choosing?). Ask how they screen for temperament. Consider a breed specific rescue.

  3. Bridget Says:

    I have been wondering about WW myself. It is just so very very weird that they have almost exclusively, if not exclusively, puppies at their Touhy location. I think the volunteers, most of them anyways, must be in the dark about what’s really going on in that operation. I am sorry to say it if it’s flat out untrue, but I have a hunch that they are doing a lot of mills & backyard breeders a real favor by making room for more inventory, or something like that.

    • disparateinterests Says:

      The problem remains that instead of drawing from open admissions shelters, they continue to draw from rural pounds that are dumping stations for puppy mills. it is because of the founder’s relationship with pound employees where she went to school. Most recently (end of 2012, beginning of 2013) they are offering older dogs, but still, check around to see what area rescues & shelters offer. There is still so much of a choice of dogs because idiots are still breeding Chihuahuas, ‘designer dogs’, and Pit bulls, and we haven’t changed the ‘conventional wisdom ‘ so everyone regards this as unethical & contributing to death. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “The Tipping Point” ask ask your veterinarian if he encourages pet owners to spay/’;neuter, & discourages breeding dogs for fun & profit.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    This is a great tip especially to those fresh to the
    blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information…
    Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

  5. Shar Says:

    Their adoption facility in Niles was hit by a school bus and cannot be used, so they are trying to relocate to Morton Grove. People who live in houses near the shelter have expressed concern about the smell of animal feces. The director of the shelter was quoted in the newspaper as saying that they bring in 50 to 70 animals evey Friday, 50% of the adoptions are preordered. and most of the animals are gone by Tuesday. I knew someone who was a volunteer there and thought they did great work but have also met someone who adopted from there and was so unhappy that she posted an extremely negative review on Yelp. The Yelp site shows 31 reviews for Wright-Way, with 11 giving the highest rating and 8 the lowest. I would like to know if they will do anything to help animals in need in Morton Grove, and I’m concerned about the number of neagative Yelp ratings when compared to other shelters. I’ve written a letter to the Village Board about my concerns, but i expect that they will soon be working on their new shelter here.

    • Bridget Duggan Says:

      I’d say they’ll do nothing for the local animals. They are just meeting market demands for puppies. I won’t speculate that any profit is being made, or that any wages or salaries are comfy. Someone’s beneffitting from the operation besides the consumers. I wonder if the mills from which the puppies likedly came benefit simply because whatever pups they don’t sell at a higher margin can easily be picked up by “rescues” like Wrightway. The breeders don’t really have to worry about surplus, and can produce as much as they want.

      • disparateinterests Says:

        They don’t pretend to do anything for local animals. & the puppy mills breeding pets as livestock are saving themselves time & euthanasia fees, so it is ‘win win’—except we are not solving the problem. Like the starfish analogy—it matters to that 1 starfish—or puppy to be saved….but how much good are ‘we rescuers’ doing by not spending just as much time to put the mills out of business? When yu adopt from an open admissions shelter: Chicago Animal Care & Control, Anti-Cruelty Society, CARE/Evanston, and take an older pet—you really are rescuing.

  6. Devi Says:

    Sadly, I adopted a puppy from them on Friday the 14th (Valentine’s Day) thinking I was doing the right thing by adopting a puppy from a rescue instead of buying one from a breeder. I brought the puppy home and was so happy until Monday morning, when the puppy started vomiting and had very explosive smelly diarrhea. Took him straight to the vet and lo and behold, the puppy has parvo. So now he is being treated for parvo and I just get to sit and wait and hope that he survives the virus. I contacted them right away after returning from the vet and she told me that she would inform other who adopted dogs from that litter but insisted they had been tested the day before being adopted out. The only parvo test they had on the medical records they gave me stated it was only tested on intake on 2/1. I don’t think that she will contact other families who adopted puppies over their adoption event weekend even though they only had two visiting rooms and were not mopping up with a bleach solution between visits. That means my puppy, who could have been shedding the virus at that point, could have been giving it to others since he did pee and sit on the dirty floor.

    I am so very sad about this, since I had waited more than a year after my last dog passed to find a good dog to rescue due to still mourning over the lost of my other dog and I might have to go through all of it again. She offered for me to return the dog and get a refund but I’ve already committed myself to this puppy and love him dearly so I will take responsibility and treat him for parvo no matter the expense. It’s a living caring being and I don’t want him stuck in a cage being treated by strangers until the virus passes or he dies. I’m just sick to death over the whole thing. They do have a lot of puppies, most two to a cage and close together and it’s like a revolving mall in their temporary facility. I think they are trying to help animals and some of the volunteers are really good people who have the puppy’s best interest in mind, but they are failing in a lot of ways and adopting out sick puppies (you can find reviews about many others getting very sick dogs from them and I wish I had looked at that before adopting from them) and just leaving it up to the families who fell in love with the pups to shell out the money in addition to their $300 fee to vet the dogs.

    I would never recommend anyone adopting from Wright Way until they clean up and make new engineering and work controls to prevent the spread of illness between puppies and vet the puppies correctly. I think it was a bad situation when the bus hit their old location but they are taking in too many animals without being able to properly and safely care for them. It makes me cry to think about how many of those puppies are probably sick with parvo and going to suffer horribly and possibly die, mine included. I really hope they let everyone know.

    • sue Says:

      Makes me sick to my stomach. There must be something WE as animal lovers can do about this place. Any suggestions??

      • disparateinterests Says:

        I usually reply personally, but all activists need to know: just because you set up a non-profit and state a mission—it doesn’t mean you are necessarily audited for ‘mission’. This is what capitalism means: let the ‘buyer’ beware. Want to really help? Work to end the need. Flag the backyard breeders selling on Craigslist, be skeptical about the ‘rescues’ you support—and tell then all why you DO support or do not, Choose veterinarians and dog groomers who share your values.

      • Devi Says:

        I finally called the Department of Agriculture who oversees the shelters and rescues since my dog was not the only one. Their number is (217) 782-6657, and I gave them all the details about them not mopping up and allowing outside dogs to visit the puppies in the puppy rooms without mopping up.

        I think that Wright Way gets it’s animals mostly from puppy mills, which is a problem. They only take the sick ones or the ones the puppy mills can’t sell down south in Illinois and they transport them here were unknowing people “adopt” sick animals with Wright Way knowing full well people will treat them. It’s a scam though, and really Wright Way knows they are giving sick animals and they are taking advantage of the $750 24hour Petwatch insurance. They don’t care if the animals live or die since they are making money hand over fist.

    • Tom C. Says:

      Hello Devi, there is a big problem here. Please use my email address.it is trickre167@hotmail.com and email me personally. We have a puppy with parvo, and i am really hoping I can get in touch with you because we got him from Wright Way a WEEK after you adopted your guy meaning that they obviously knew. I called the department of agriculture as well. We have to stick together and find others that this happened too. please Our little guy is probably going to die.

  7. Steve Says:

    I am considering adopting an animal from Wright Way, but between this blog article and all the reports of Parvo and kennel cough pups on Yelp, I am strongly reconsidering. Kennel cough is common amongst shelter dogs, but not rescues; the price of adoption is indicative of a rescue, but the condition of the dogs is indicative of a shelter. Parvo should not occur at any rescue except in the rarest of circumstances. The fact that so many people have adopted Parvo pups is truly disconcerting. As much as I don’t want the dogs to suffer for being picked up by a potentially unscrupulous rescue, I also don’t want to help fund a puppy broker either.

  8. sue Says:

    WOW I’m so glad I came across this blog. I was just about to donate to Wright way and decided to do a little research first. Very eye opening. Sickens me. They might as well call this place overstock.org. My money will be going somewhere they solve problems not create new ones!!!!! Thanks for all the info. I thought something was up when they told me they weren’t taking volunteers at this time. It’s places like this that have a negative impact on real rescue groups!!!

    • BKD Says:

      I just wanted to update a bit further with some information I received. I actually was able to speak with one of the directors – Christy Anderson last Thursday. Funny that she openly admitted to me about her knowing of my puppy’s eye condition and yet when I asked about disclosure, the subject changed quickly. And yet, I was told by her that their vet had considered removing his eye. Well now seriously, why would you bring that up knowing your kennel card says “cloudy for unknown reason”? The return of adoption fees was taken off of the table but the new offer is they will pay for his eye meds up to 300.00 and then allow me to buy it at their cost. Now in my opinion – that is a fair start. A start…….not by any means the end. They aren’t out anything.

      Two more trips to the vet for kennel cough with meds and now my black lab has it and a worse strain that has him down for the count and he hasn’t eaten in 2 days now. Another 500.00 in vet bills between these 2 now on top of the 700.00 for the new puppy vetting. And who knows how many times these guys will pass it to each other.I just lost my chocolate lab in March and I am not about to lose my black lab because of this.

      I was told to call the Dept of Agriculture so I did and received a call back today. After explaining the situation, they said that talking is doing me no good and I needed to file a complaint docket. Which I did and you know – I had the best email today saying that “unethical doesn’t mean illegal or inhumane”. How true is that statement???!! I am hoping that I can raise awareness so others will know what they are walking into. I mean no malice by what I am doing – I only want to do right by the puppy I adopted. I would have adopted him even if I had full disclosure about him being blind. He really is an awesome pup given the circumstances he had to put up with at WWR. I even told that to Christy.

      • Bridget Duggan Says:

        File with small claims court. Even if you don’t win (though I believe you would) they’re on the books publicly. Unethical is not illegal, true. But Better Business Bureau should be notified.

      • BKD Says:

        BBB won’t do anything because they are not for profit. That’s why I went to the State’s Attorney website, ASPCA and the Dept of Agriculture. There are many fine people following this blog who have some good advice. Legally, with the way the contract reads, I have no leg to stand on. I understand that – but to be fair, when I brought this to WWR’s attention, I told them I didn’t want the adoption fees back because I had no intention of returning the puppy. I didn’t want new vetting fees back as this would be the new owner responsibility anyway. My opinion is this – they didn’t disclose the eye issue and they truly need to take responsibility for that. I am not being unreasonable and even if I get nothing out of this, it’s time to raise awareness in the general public to stop this “rescue”.

  9. Robyn Michaels Says:

    You guys: I have informed a number of journalists, including Pam Zekman of WBBM TV
    Chicago and William Hageman of the ChicagoTribune. They won’t think this is news unless you all inform them, too. As I keep saying good intentions are not enough, and what Wright-Way has done is unconscionable.

    • Devi Says:

      Robyn, how do we contact them? Just to the email on their web pages? I sent one to the Trib when it was first going on but I never heard back.

      • Robyn Michaels Says:

        I emailed them all directly. You can google them & find email addresses. Frankly, I’m shocked that there has been no response.

      • sue Says:

        We can then send the petition on to the news media. They won’t ignore a bunch of people. But one person they can ignore. Or possibly start a face book page where people can share their stories. Then forward that on to the media.

      • sue Says:

        Maybe we can start a petition. Like the one they used on Justin Beiber. I think it should be started my someone with first hand experience with this doggie hell hole.

  10. sue Says:

    Or scan this bog and forward it!!!

  11. Appalled Says:

    At the very least, they do not seem to properly vet potential owners/families/homes. Cute puppies can turn into challenging adult animals if the placement is not fully appropriate. Broken hearts and high risk situations could be avoided, if this shelter were truly a responsible and competent organization. They do not appear to be. One does wonder about their practices and/or their true motives. The health piece frequently comes up in complaints about this group, but I am not sure they are knowledgeable about the breeds they are working with, either, which is just as troubling. It is inexcusable, actually. My specific contact with this shelter involved a border collie mix puppy adopted by dear friends of ours a few years ago. This dog is now in a foster placement and will need to find a new home. What is the point, if this so-called shelter is purporting to save unwanted animals? Interestingly, the rescue organization did not solicit a dime for helping out. Nor did the foster family. These are the real heroes.

  12. Appalled Says:

    Ok so this is really, really concerning. Case in point:

    Below is what Wright Way is saying on their site about what are apparently a number of puppies who have at least Australian Shepherd in them. The puppy who is pictured looks primarily Aussie but there could be BC in there as well. These dogs need skilled owners and much training; many of the most novice dog lovers know this, it is now common knowledge. (Cute puppies, working breed, most often hugely demanding temperament, if also super smart and wonderful dogs, when in the correct hands and suitable environment/lifestyle – but the exact OPPOSITE of “low maintenance”).


    The “G Litter” are 9 week old Australian shepherd mixes,Looking for an emotionally secure, mutually satisfying, low-maintenance relationship? I am all you need. Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever. Please help me find the forever home I deserve!


    It should be noted that many of these working breeds are very often prized for their guarding instincts, also. And if people consider exercise needs of up to 3 hours a day as “low maintenance”, well go ahead. But EDUCATE yourself before you make this extremely important decision. The last thing we all need are more unwanted dogs.

    The fact they say “walk by your side” is just so completely laughable, if it weren’t so incredibly sad and irresponsible. These working dogs are bred to move, to do something! They only sit at your feet once you have tired them out.

    Unbelievable. It shows utter ignorance. It makes me very angry, when I consider what my friends and their family have just gone through.

    Stay away from this place.

  13. BKD Says:

    I adopted from WWR recently and will confirm what alot of people said here……..the dog was not properly vetted and the “cloudiness in the eye for an unknown reason” that a volunteer played off with “he must have been playing with his crate-mate and it got scratched” turned into being completely blind. I have sketchy records with 3 dates of microchipping and boosters and not to mention the dog now has Kennel Cough and a flu/pneumonia of some sort. My vet has no starting point because the records are doubtful and with the infections/illnesses, they can’t even administer the next section of boosters required – not to mention the spay/neutering. I emailed WWR and several phone calls later, they offered for 5 minutes the adoption fee back and then quickly took it off of the table. My vet bills right now are 700.00 and the long term eye care/medication will exceed adoption fees in a few months. The “gift insurance” they push on you doesn’t cover eye illnesses not to mention the 48 hour waiting period for the insurance to kick in? Yes, anything diagnosed in that 48 hour period is now a pre-existing condition and won’t be covered. Wellness plans (which includes vaccinations) are additional riders and fees. And the microchip will be an additional monitoring fee as well. WWR pushes you through the several page contract making you initial your life away so they gain legal momentum to say no, we won’t take the dog back. (Oh yes, they MAKE you initial everything or they will not “sell” to you) And they refuse to give you a receipt for the adoption fee and micro chipping fee. To file a complaint with the State attorney general or the IRS, they want documentation. When you call to get that or a full copy of vet records, it’s amazing how the crickets come out and no one can help. Now, as for the comments of not having knowledgeable people vetting/staff/training? They pay salaries to these people as well as their directors who have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization and one that gets overlooked time and time again. Being non-profit, their tax returns are public record……the numbers really and truly don’t add up. Look up their EIN# – Guidestar.org has it on their public pages – do a search. The amount spent on vetting fees/medicine is unbelievable and if they truly spent THAT much???? There wouldn’t be as many sick dogs coming out of that facility and they disclose nothing to the adopter/buyer. And I agree – we are buyers and they are sellers. Let’s be honest here – they are shameful and deceptive bunch.

  14. Shar Says:

    As a follow-up to my post of November 23, 2013:

    Wright-Way still has not opened in Morton Grove as of August 16, 2014. Last November and December was when Morton Grove was considering letting Wright-Way open in our village. At that time, the day after I was informed by one of our village trustees that they had thoroughly investigated Wright-Way, I received a return call from the Animal Control Officer of Niles, where they had formerly been located. He very firmly stated that he had not been contacted but that the Morton Grove people probably had talked to someone in Niles who had a very favorable opinion of Wright-Way. People who were involved with other rescue groups went to the Morton Grove village meeting said that Christy Anderson spoke very well but said nothing meaningful. They left with the impression that the Village Board had made up their mind that they wanted Wright-Way in our town and no one could convince them otherwise.

    While all this was going on, I called five other shelters and asked if they spayed/neutered ALL animals before adoption, and all 5 said YES. Wright-Way does not. I have been to stores (Petco and Petsmart) where Wright-Way has cats and kittens for adoption, and so far all have been spayed or neutered. However, last Christmas, I went to their website and found that they had loads of animals for adoption and that the spay/neuter rate was really low for puppies even puppies who were older. I noticed that some adult dogs had not been spayed/neutered. Also, if you go to their website, you will find that they now only accept cash for adoptions. I had heard from people in the past that this was the case, but Wright-Way never said so openly. Good luck trying to get your money back if something goes wrong. They say on the website they will take back an animal up to 7 days after adoption, but after 7 days you have to make an appointment to return it. They also are now also being honest enough to say they are calling their dogs “designer breeds,” which means they are mixed breeds but that Wright-Way can guess what their breed(s) might be. (In that case I would like to say that I own a “designer” Russian Blue/Korat cat and two “designer” Nebelung cats, all 3 of whom are from the same litter.)

    Back when Morton Grove was just considering letting Wright-Way open here, I e-mailed Christy Anderson about what they intended to do to help local animals in need. She said the Morton Grove facility was large enough for them to have a veterinarian, and she thought Wright-Way might be able to offer some basic veterinary services to the public. I would not take my animals there if this happens. I feel that you need a vet who really knows your animals, has a surgery, does lab work, can tell you where to go for emergency care, and knows who all the good veterinary specialists are. The website says Wright-Way is not licensed to take in strays, so Morton Grove strays will not benefit from having this organization in town.

    Wright-Way will be less than 2 miles from my home, and if I felt they were reputable, I would volunteer there and donate to them. Based on talks I have had with other people who are involved with rescue organizations, plus a conversation I had with one very unhappy lady who adopted from them, then badgered them so much that she claimed she got her money back, all Wright-Way will ever get from me is a middle-finger salute as I pass their facility.

  15. Robyn Michaels Says:

    It’s really unfortunate that Wright -Way is so shady. They make it difficult for all rescues when they are so unethical.

  16. Shar Says:

    Several days ago I talked to the director of a rescue organization to which I contribute, and she said that sooner or later the proverbial s— will hit the fan regarding Wright-Way and then Morton Grove will not be so happy to have them in town. In early 2014 this lady made a 3-day trip to southern Illinois and Kentucky to visit shelters that she heard were in desperate need. She mentioned that the shelters she saw there had absolutely nothing except way too many animals in very cramped spaces, sometimes with no protection from the weather, and with little food and no medical care. When a cat-rescue program there was going to close, she took in all 30 of their cats, and she has also taken in some dogs from southern shelters. However, unlike Wright-Way, the dogs she has taken in primarily are adults and not cute little puppies.

    Regarding BKD’s comment that Wright-Way wouldn’t give a receipt for the adoption or the micro-chip: What a perfect way to make sure a buyer doesn’t have leg to stand on if making a complaint to a local or state agency. Wright-Way’s website claims they help so many more animals on so much less money than do other rescue organizations, but not giving receipts could also give them an ability to hide how much money they are really taking in. While they were still in Niles, someone who volunteered there tried to get me involved with Wright-Way. I knew nothing about them at that time but declined her invitation. I am so glad I did.

  17. Robyn Michaels Says:

    I can only imagine that Wright -Way is not the only business to call themselves a rescue and flim flam people. Due to the new city (and hopefully county) law requiring pet retailers to source their dogs/cats/bunnies from bona fide pounds and ‘rescue’, it is up to us to inform our legislators about what real ‘rescue’ is—and it is not brokering animals—especially when they don’t screen adoptors 9but will the pet shops screen adoptors?) Billy Corgan (ex shashing Pumpkins) just gave a boatload of money to PAWS Chicago, I wonder why he doesn’t support OPEN ADMISSIONS shelters.

  18. Shar Says:

    I just went past Wright-Way today, and it looks as if they are getting close to opening, but they originally were going to open in March or April, then said late spring, and now it is September, and they still aren’t open.

    For BDK, I had my cats to the vet for their annual physicals and decided to get them micro-chipped even though they show no inclination to try to get out of the house. The vet gave me a receipt showing the cost and the microchip numbers, and a tech filled out the majority of the registration paperwork for me. I don’t consider the registration fee for the microchips to be excessive, since it was $50 total for the 3 cats.

    Robin, I had thought about donating to PAWS Chicago but found out they do have boatloads of money from all the Gold Coast supporters. My husband had contributed to Anti-Cruelty Society, an open admissions shelter, and I’ve continued to donate. It would be nice if, some day,all shelters would be no-kill, but that would mean nationwide co-operation in getting pets spayed and neutered. Right now that goal is only wishful thinking.

  19. Shar Says:

    Wright-Way officially opened its facility in Morton Grove on Sept. 27.
    I went past the facility this morning and their parking lot was full, so, since they open at 11 a.m., I figured that the people were there to pick up their puppies.

    Several things about the new facility are interesting according to a press release they had on their website. They say they are going to have a full-service veterinary clinic sometime in 2015, and because the facility is so much bigger than their former place, they will be offering training classes and all types of new services. They are therefore naming the Morton Grove facility North Shore Humane Center for Adoption, Wellness, and Community Education. Also, they say that they place more dogs in adoptive homes than any other rescue facility in the state of Illinois and do so on just 10% of the budget. (That is almost a direct quote off the website, and I was curious to know exactly what budget or whose budget they meant.) I dearly would love to see some hard facts to back up this claim. Seems to me too good to be true, even when you take into account the fact that most other rescues/shelters spay/neuter their animals before adoption, and Wright-Way puts this responsibility (at least for the young puppies) on the people who adopt them. (Their cats that I have seen in Petco and Petsmart so far have all been “fixed.”)

    I would like to know if the animal control officer in Morton Grove will be visiting the facility and making sure all is well there. I spoke to the former animal control officer in Niles and know that he did pay them visits but am not sure what Morton Grove will do. Hopefully, the animal control officer will be able to drop in unannounced and inspect the facility, talk to staff, and do whatever else needs to be done.

  20. Shar Says:

    I called PAWS and also went on their website. They may have their faults (Don’t we all?), but they do spay/neuter all the animals before adopting them, and they have a lifetime commitment to the animals they place, meaning PAWS will take them back if needed. Please note that Wright-Way only says it has places more DOGS, and I am guessing that most of these are puppies that are not spayed or neutered. PAWS placed 5872 animals in 2013 and has performed 159,506 spay/neuters from its inception through 2013.

  21. Shannon paulsen Says:

    I was sold what I thought was a lab mix. I was looking for a great family dog that I could take with to beach and park… Found out my dog is almost 100% coonhound. I don’t have the proper fence for him nor was I looking for a 15 year commitment with a dog that is meant for hunting not family life. I should have known when they had so many puppies. That’s a huge red flag. My puppy too had parvovirus and they tried to not disclose until I pried the staff more. I have spent more money than I care to admit and am now very sad to have a dog in the suburbs that was meant for country living.

  22. Shar Says:

    Shannon, since this blog has dealt with Wright-Way, I hope I am correct in assuming your dog came from them. People in Morton Grove think that Wright-Way is just the greatest, but I had doubts about them from the beginning. They admit on their website that they make an educated guess about the breeds, and in your case they obviously guessed wrong.

    I spoke today with a village trustee who is running in a contested election, and I told her that MG had supposedly checked out Wright-Way before allowing them in and that I had found out that they hadn’t talked to the animal control officer in the town where Wright-Way was formerly located. She said the check was done by our mayor and a committee and had no idea that the check was not as thorough as presented. Had a nice chat with her about multiple subjects but found out that when she wanted a dog, she researched what type of dog might suit her family and wound up getting a beagle though a breed rescue group. The group visited her home just to make sure the dog and family were a good match.

    Wright-Way has just opened a full-service veterinary clinic. They have very long hours, something like 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and say they are open 7 days a week. Problem is, if you go to the section that says “Meet the Vet”, only one person is shown. I love my vets and wouldn’t dream of changing but hope that their having a vet does not take away business from other local vets, some of whom have very good reputations. But then I read that they will be giving people who adopt from them a $100 discount on a spay/neuter, plus a free exam within one week of adoption,so I hope all the people who get animals from them insist that Wright-Way’s vet perform these procedures, keeping them from taking away business from already-established local vets.

  23. Robyn Michaels Says:

    Yet they still do not include spay/neuter in the adoption fee—so what is it you are getting for the adoption fee? transport? Bery unethical. Still a puppy store.

  24. anonymous Says:

    WWR’s website shows this:
    Puppy Adoptions $350

    First one or two rounds of Parvo/Distemper vaccines
    Bordatella vaccine
    Parvo tested (negative) upon intake and again prior to adoption
    Flea treatment
    Quarantine prior to placement
    Microchip w/ registration
    Vet Check*
    30 days pet insurance
    Educational Orientation prior to adoption
    Lifetime support

    This is very misleading to the average adopter and yet it seems like this is their typical MO. Yes, what are you getting for your now increased adoption fee? WWR does a vet check at intake (so they say) but yet they want you to come back to their vet for the “after adoption” check. Why? Are they trying to hide something within their records? Puppy store indeed.

  25. Shar Says:

    I would like to address another issue about Wright-Way. I called them, said I was interested in adopting a cat, asked if all the animals were spayed /neutered before adoption, and was told that cats under 6 months were too young to be spayed/neutered. I disagree with this view. I have 3 cats who were rescued as slightly older kittens and were placed with me by my veterinarian. I was told they could be neutered as soon as they weighed 4 pounds, but I know that many shelters do spaying/neutering even earlier than that since they do not let you take home an animal until it has been “fixed.” Wright-Way is primarily adopting out young puppies, and because the animals are so young, they leave it up to the owner to take care of spaying/neutering the majority of the animals that are adopted. As I mentioned in a previous post, they offer a $100 discount on spaying/neutering at their newly-opened veterinary clinic, so when you add in the additional cost of “fixing” your new pet, the $350 adoption fee isn’t any bargain. The problem is that many people only want cute little puppies, and Wright-Way seems to have them in abundance.

    • Tom Says:

      Actually you’d be surprised to hear that it is a mandatory state law that no animals be neutered or spayed under six months. This is largely because animals that young have a hard time with the anesthesia. Some have even died or have had severe adverse reactions to it at that young of an age

  26. Shar Says:

    To Tom: I searched through the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s website and found that under 225ILCS 605 Section 3.3a that a shelter cannot adopt out an animal unless it is sterilized and micro-chipped or unless the adopter has submitted a plan to have the sterilization and micro-chipping done within 30 days. It was never mentioned that the animal had to be 6 months old, so I could not find any proof of what you said. I next called my veterinarian’s office, and was told they recommend that dogs not be sterilized before 5 to 6 months, and the recommendation for cats was 20 weeks. However, they did say that shelters do sterilize earlier than that because they have many animals in close quarters and do not want to take the chance of having unwanted litters.There is also the factor that unless the shelter sterilizes the animal, the owner may never get around to doing it. My veterinarian’s office said they did not know of any law that prevented animals from being sterilized before 6 months of age.

    • Robyn Michaels Says:

      This is what i thought—so how do we get the state to enforce the law?

    • Tom Says:

      What: I apologize for posting inaccurate information. I do not recall exactly where I heard it was a law so I do apologize and thank you for clarifying. That last bit is true though as I had talked to my vet about it and he explained why they like to wait that long. So thanks for clarifying and I don’t like misleading people so I do apologize for giving false info

  27. Shar Says:

    Robyn, our state is basically broke, so there is no way they will even attempt to enforce the law right now.

    Our local newspaper just published an article in praise of Wright-Way. I admit to not being so great with a computer but found the website for the article at: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/morton-grove/news. If I got it wrong, do a search by entering Morton Grove Champion. According to the article, Wright-Way brings in 100 puppies and kittens a week, which does not agree with the 50 to 75 animals a week that our Village Board was told would be coming in. But even if the smaller number is correct, most of these will not be spayed or neutered. Wright-Way is supposed to make sure the owners get their animals fixed, but with this many animals, some will slip through the cracks. Of course, you can always follow the suggestion in the article and immediately take your new pet to Wright-Way’s veterinarian, where I’m sure they’ll be happy to arrange for you to have the animal sterilized, supposedly with a discount..

    I would also like to note that Wright-Way makes no bones about the fact that they do not have a license to take in strays, so they will not help any lost or homeless animals in Morton Grove. One of our Village Trustees told me that strays are taken to a local animal hospital until the owner is found. She could not tell me what happens if the owner is not found, so that is that is a question to ask our new Animal Control Officer.

    Tom, no apology necessary for anything you said. It is better to wait until the animal is older, but many shelters do not like to adopt out an animal that is not “fixed.” I have had 5 cats and have always taken my veterinarian’s advice on the age at which this surgery could be done safely.

  28. Shar Says:

    Robyn, I had a call from one of the ‘elders’ who is seeking re-election and made it clear to her that I was not happy about the fact that they did not talk to the Animal Control officer from Niles, where Wright-Way was formerly located. Then I called our police department and found out that this is their procedure for found animals: They scan for a microchip and try to find the owner. If they cannot find the owner, the animal is boarded for 5 days at Carriage Hills in Glenview. If no one claims the animal in 5 days, it is sent to a facility in Chicago Ridge, where it will probably be euthanized. No effort is made by the village to try to place the animal with a shelter. I know for a fact that Heartland Animal Shelter and Felines & Canines took in strays from Niles because the Animal Control Officer and both shelters confirmed that they did. Needless to say, I told the police officer that I thought it was disgusting that the village let in a shelter which refuses to help any homeless animals, but that I know this was the choice of the Village Trustees. I am going to try to find out exactly who made this policy of being so quick to get rid of strays. (The officer I spoke with at the police department was not sure if it was their administration or the Board of Trustees) and see if the policy can be changed. Because it is Saturday, getting an answer might take a while. And while I am working on this, Wright-Way will be delivering more of their cute little puppies.

    • Robyn Michaels Says:

      Shar, thanks for h keeping up on this;. FYI—it’s probably an old contract, but the Chicago Ridge facility is the Animal Welfare League, and they do cooperate with various ‘no-kill’ rescues. As soon as you find out who was involved in the decision, please post, and I will contact them as well. How much sense does it make to let in a ‘Rescue’ that brings up animals from out of the area—but doesn’t assist local ones? what are we missing…but remind them that just because they have ‘Rescue’ in their m=name & are set up as a non-profit, it doesn’;t mean they act with in tegrity, and, as of now, Wright Way is in violation of the state law is neutering is not included. Unfunded mandate> Is that a good excuse for an Illinois incorporated village to ignore state law?

  29. Shar Says:

    Robyn, thanks for the info on the Chicago Ridge facility. If what you say is true, and they are still co-operating with rescue groups, at least our animals stand a chance. I’ve got a call in to our Animal Control Officer to see what the real policy is. I want to make sure that what the police officer told me on Saturday agrees with what the Animal Control Officer has to say, if he even calls back.

    Anyway, today I went to vote, and my intention was to make a point by writing in names like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. So who should be there, sitting in a chair, but the a Village Trustee, who is a candidate in the election. I asked one of the workers what a candidate was doing hanging around a polling place. After I cast a blank ballot (no write-ins were able to be entered into the system), this candidate approached my car and said she was there as a poll watcher, and again we got into a discussion about Wright-Way and strays. I told her that I had followed up on our earlier conversation by phoning the local vet last Saturday, and the vet claimed to have no animals from Morton Grove Animal Control. She said I was wrong, that she had seen 3 kittens there. I then told her I intended to call other towns to see what their policies are compared to Morton Grove’s. She said that Morton Grove doesn’t have the money to have a full-time Animal Control Officer, and at least we are better than the many towns that just kill an animal in the back of the Animal Control Officer’s truck. (Of course Morton Grove had $26,000 to hire a consultant to find a woman to direct our Park District, all 67 acres of it, and since the woman stayed only about 2 years, they will be paying for that consultant again to find a replacement.) This Trustee claims to love animals and thinks that because Wright-Way has a pretty facility and holds kids’ birthday parties there, they are great. What is more important is making making sure the place isn’t a puppy mill operating under the guise of a shelter, that the animals are healthy, that the animals get spayed and neutered, that a shelter tries to help local homeless animals, and that they have good ethics.

    Once I got home I called the local vet and found out that any non-client -owned pets there belonged only to animal rescue groups, like Adopt-A-Pet. A call to Animal Control in Skokie, just east of us, yielded the information that they get at least 100 strays a year and “bust their butts” working with a long list of rescue groups to find homes for their strays.

    I have more research to do, but when I am done, I’ll get back to you. Our village “elders” are so misguided that I am sure I have done far more research on Wright-Way and animal shelters in general than they did, and now I am looking into how we, as a town, treat strays. Right now I am so disappointed in our village’s attitude toward animals and shelters.

  30. Shar Says:

    Robyn, I just called Animal Welfare League, and they said they very rarely get any animals in from Morton Grove, but there is someone I can call tomorrow who will know more about it The lady with whom I spoke said that unless it is my animal that is missing, MG will be very reluctant to talk to me about the matter. Certainly hope this isn’t true, since Skokie and Niles have both talked to me about general policy even though I made it plain I did not live in their villages.

  31. Shar Says:

    Robyn, I got a call from the MG Animal Control Officer today, and he said that they make every attempt to locate the owner of a pet found wondering the streets and that MG owners are really quick to claim their pets, usually while the pets are first at the police station holding cages, before they go to a boarding facility. Any animals not claimed do go down to Animal Welfare League. I am confused as to why only a few animals are unclaimed each year, but the story I have gotten from the local vet, the boarding facility, and the Animal Control Officer and Animal Welfare League all are the same, so I don’t feel that I can pursue the matter any further. The Animal Control Officer is brand new and mentioned that it had been passed on to him that I was concerned about Wright-Way. He intends to pay them a visit, and I told him that I have realized that Wright-Way is here to stay, but I personally was not happy that they would not help MG animals in need.

    The Village Trustee, to whom I refuse to apologize even though I relayed back to her incorrect information, has suggested that I go to Wright-Way and see the shelter first-hand. Maybe sometime I will do that but may have to tape my mouth shut first. But if asked to support their shelter, I would have to say that I only support shelters that spay/neuter all animals before they are adopted, and that shelters only get my money if they help local animals, too. I cannot come out and say this part to Wright-Way, but there are too many good shelters in the area for me to give my money to one that is, in my opinion, a pet store.

    Robyn, why do many people think it is so great to be able to reserve a puppy by looking at an on-line profile, which Wright-Way promotes as a great program they offer? I think that you might go to a shelter after seeing a particular animal on Pet Finder, but I certainly would go with the idea that the animal you had in mind might not be the best fit for you, and you might find another that you loved. I got my 3 cats because my vet finds homes for stray kittens and asked if we would be interested, but if they hadn’t been right for us, my husband and I would have said so and waited until we found a better match. Many people I talk to think reserving a particular animal is wonderful, and Wright-Way says you should do it only if you are serious about taking that animal. I feel shipping an animal up from southern Illinois especially for someone gives you a license to guilt-trip the person if they decide the animal isn’t a good match. I just don’t get it.

    • Robyn Michaels Says:

      There are several reasons people respond to photos: We are a visual species—and we attach traits to pictures. Not logical, but that’s what we do, If it looks cute, it must be cute. I have to admit, I probably would not be a sighthound fancier if they looked like Bulldogs—but in my mind, Bulldog= unhealthy, and sightound = athlete=healthy. But the bigger reason is: everyone thinks if they call them selves a ‘shelter’ or ‘rescue’ they are acting with integrity. I am with you. If they are driving dogs hundreds of miles to ‘rehome’ but care not a bit about local homeless animals, they’ve made an arbitrary decision that the lives of those younger/cuter animals are worth more than the ones local to them. How can they defend that? Ask them.

  32. Shar Says:

    Robyn, Wright-Way says on their web page that there are so many local shelters that would take in strays or local animals that they feel no need to do so, especially since there are so many homeless animals in southern Illinois and surrounding areas. No one will ever get Wright-Way to change their view, just as no one will ever get me to change mine about them. I put my money where my opinion is, so I will never contribute to them.

  33. Robyn Michaels Says:

    Well, that is bullshit. To be an animal shelter & not take local dogs? where do they send the discards, i wonder, because we know where they go: Evanston, and Chicago Ridge. The next open access shelter is Orphans of the Storm in Deerfield.

  34. Shar Says:

    Robyn, I just got off the phone with Evanston Animal Shelter, and they accept animals only from Evanston. Their charge for dogs and puppies is $150, and all are spayed/neutered before leaving the shelter. She did say that Evanston owns the shelter, which keeps adoption fees lower, but they do have about 150 volunteers who come in and help run the shelter. CARE, which used to work out of the Evanston Shelter, is now based in Skokie according to this lady, and they have their animals in foster care, much like Adopt-A-Pet in Mt Prospect. I am not familiar with Orphans of the Storm, except to know their name, but I do know that Anti-Cruelty Society is open 365 to take in pets. This lady said that a shelter must get certain permits and abide by a specific set of laws to accept strays or surrenders, and Wright-Way has chosen not to do this. Therefore they are considered a rescue group and not a shelter. I’m sure you know far more about this than I do, so please be patient while I learn.

    Also just got off Wright-Way’s page for adoptable puppies and was surprised at the number of puppies that are 1 or 2 months old. Checked their cats and kittens and saw that 2 of the 6 or so ADULT cats shown were not spayed/neutered. All 5 shelters with whom I spoke before Wright-way was allowed to open in our town said they do not send any animal out the door unless it is spayed/neutered.

    In talking to people about animal shelters, I have mentioned some shelters which I support and have gotten very positive feed-back on them, but people are not afraid to voice negative or neutral opinions about Wright-Way. Yet the Village Trustee with whom I have spoken the most about Wright-Way said I should never believe anything bad that one group or person may say about Wright-Way because they are in competition for business, and naturally no one would have anything nice to say about another shelter or rescue group. Doesn’t she realize how many healthy animals get euthanized for lack of homes and how hard people are working to change that situation? Hasn’t she ever heard of CASA? Obviously not, or she would know that shelters can and do work together. This is a woman who claims to love animals and says I am being unfair to Wright-Way. Go figure.

  35. Robyn Michaels Says:

    I used to Volunteer with CARE/Evanston, on their dog washes, and someone who worked for Skokie told me Skokie had a contract to bring dogs & cats to Evanston, but this may no longer be true. I was told (via a rescue group) that illinois law mandadates that shelters send out dogs with shots &neutering…but I am sure Wright-Way is a ‘special’ casem but their own adoptors have stated that neutering was NOT included in their fee. Orphans of the Storm had an endowment, and they contracted with government agencies in lake Country to take strays (as does Save-a-Pet. the bottom line—for me—is that when but don’t take any owner surrenders, but pick & choose who gets saved—who you know you can find a home for , based on how cute the animal is, that is nor rescue. To say animals not wanted by their owners can find othe places to be (dumped) begs the question.

  36. Shar Says:

    Hi, Robyn. I spoke with Ryan at Skokie Animal Control this week, and he said that they have been using a list of shelters to see who can take their strays. I have a copy of the law, 225 ILCS 605/3.3 (a) (1) and (2) that lists the exceptions to the 30 day rule. Wright-Way can adopt out unsterilized and unmicrochippped pets if the new owner agrees in writing to have it done within 30 days (1) or (2) “the adopting owner has executed a written agreement to have sterilizing and microchipping procedures performed within 14 days after a licensed veterinarian certifies the dog or cat is healthy enough for sterilizing and microchipping procedures, and a licensed veterinarian has certified that the dog or cat is too sick or injured to be sterilized or it would be detrimental to the health of the dog or cat to be sterilized or microchipped at the time of adoption.” That last section is a mouthful, but both of these exceptions give Wright-Way the perfect excuse to put spaying/neutering in the hands of the owner.

    I only contribute to places that will take some surrenders because I have 3 cats and no one in my family to take them if I should become incapacitated or die. One of the shelters has verbally agreed to take the cats if I can’t care for them, but if none of them. which includes Anti-Cruelty Society, wants them, I am determined to come back and haunt them. Even if Wright-Way had an otherwise stellar reputation, I would refuse to donate to a place that has basically said “We won’t consider helping a Morton Grove animal whose owner is ill, has died, or can’t keep an animal, because all we are licensed to do is bring up animals from southern Illinois. Go find someone else to help.” I have a friend whose aunt had to go into a nursing home, and the aunt was very fortunate that my friend could take her cat. But the people who voted to allow this rescue group, which refuses to get licensed to help local animals, to open here, think the sun rises and sets on Wright-Way.

  37. Michael Says:

    I will let you know how I stumbled upon this blog and know for a fact that Wright-Way is a total scam/con. It was on craigslist.”GIGANTIC ADOPT-A-THON this Saturday & Sunday! – (5915 W Lincoln Ave)” with pictures of nothing but puppies. It made me curious so I went to Wright-Ways website. The first red flag was the ad on craigslist. The second was pictures of nothing but puppies. The third red flag was the amount of “Google reviews”. Nobody uses “Google reviews”. 29 reviews? Now onto their website. I looked at the puppies and most of them did not look remotely like the breeds they were supposed to be. Then there is the issue with these puppies coming from Far Southern Illinois. I’ve been to Carbondale a few times in my life, a whole lot of puppy mills within 100 miles. Kentucky is right there and it’s nothing but puppy mills. The best part is the BS story about the puppies coming from RURAL surrenders from farming communities.
    Lets get 100% real here. These puppies are the puppy mills oops litters. Basically this place is nothing more then a pet shop that sells mistake puppies from puppy mills. They do that at $350 a shot. The puppy mills or “shelters” more then likely sell them the “mutts” for $25. $325 in profit, a pretty good scam.” We pull our pets from high volume, government run animal control agencies in farming communities.” Has anybody ever challenged or confirmed this? It should be public record if the shelters they are dealing with are “government run”. Then there is the whole online reputation business scam that seems to be going on. Nothing but glowing reviews on Yelp? For the uneducated Yelp is pay to play. Some of the worst businesses have glowing reviews on Yelp. Why? Because they pay Yelp $300 a week for that service. I know of a Lasik place that pretty much messed up 20 peoples eyes permanently before they realized that their laser was screwed up. Their Yelp page reflected this. They paid to have 20 bad reviews removed and now have glowing FAKE reviews. One of the 20 people was my friend. I know not to trust Yelp or Angies List because the more you pay, the more bad reviews disappear and fake good ones appear. It helps to change your name or location which Wright-Way did. When a bunch of people who BOUGHT puppies with Parvo what did Wright-Way do? Move. New Town, new address, new Yelp page. I feel for these people, you spent a bunch of money trying to save your puppies and Parvo is almost always fatal. That being said this place is nothing more then your run of the mill “puppy store”. I went to actual high kill shelter in Chicago Heights and “ADOPTED” my dog. $65 and a $100 deposit that I would have her spayed. I had to sign a contract that I had a certain amount of time to do this or legally forfeit ownership. Yes she had kennel cough, that’s pretty common with shelter dogs. They called my Vet to make sure I was a decent pet owner. Does Wright-Way do anything like this? Their adoption requirements seem a little lax.”We take in over 4,000 animals annually. Our daily numbers vary due to the season, but we can house approximately 200 animals at one time.” Translation of the con – We sell over 4000 puppies a year. Reserve A Pet? Are you kidding me? To me it seems for $350 you BUY a puppy, they don’t care if you have it fixed and just about anyone can BUY a puppy. In the mean time Christy Anderson is laughing all the way to the bank. I’m guessing she majored in business at SIU. A quote from above:
    “It’s places like this that have a negative impact on real rescue groups!!!” Truer words were never written. Don’t give places like this your money.

    • Shar Says:

      Michael, if you look at prior posts on this blog, you will find a lot of them under my name. I don’t go on Craig’s List but I sincerely hope that no shelter I support would ever advertise there. Wright-Way moved to Morton Grove because a bus ran into their former facility in Niles, and they were forced to relocate. They needed special permission to go into the Morton Grove location, and neighbors in the area, people who were affiliated with other rescue groups, as well as those of us who wrote letters to the Village Trustees, voiced our concerns. At the time, Wright-Way had a lot of negative reviews on Yelp. Despite opposition, Wright-Way had no trouble getting in, and the opinion of the people at the village meeting was that it had been predetermined that Wright-Way would get their zoning exemption. I have spoken to a Village trustee about wright-Way and our village is convinced that having people come to Wright-Way would increase business at the few retail places we have in town. Wright-Way does not have a license to take in stays, and having called them, I know they will not take in owner surrenders. They are in my town but do nothing to help homeless animals here.

      Their business model is to primarily offer puppies that are not spayed or neutered at prices that are as high or higher than at shelters that do spay or neuter. People sign an agreement to have the puppy spayed or neutered, but with so many being adopted, there is no way they can keep track of them all. I spoke to one shelter owner who said if she used Wright-Way’s business model, she would be very wealthy and not have an $8900 vet bill for the 87 animals she adopted out in January. This shelter gets 95% of its animals from kill shelters, does adult dogs and cats, and spays or neuters them all. Many local vets support these shelters by doing the spaying or neutering at a discount for shelters.

      I congratulate you for picking a puppy from a kill shelter, hope you get her spayed when she is ready, and ask that you spread the word about Wright-Way to your friends, urging them to adopt as you did. Unfortunately, Wright-Way is here to stay, and what is even worse is that some people are convinced it is the greatest rescue group there is.

      • disparateinterests Says:

        This got posted before i finished—I meant BACKYARD BREEDERS—who don’t consider themselves breeders….and, finally:
        5th—I have no issue with bona fide sheltes/rescues posting on Craiglist. The fact is that that is the medium to reach the public. As long as you list your website and the parameters for adoption, that’s fine. when yu list your website—it is less likely that you are a fake rescue, but still we have to teach people to READ BETWEEN THE LINES. We have another borderline one in Chicago: Famous Fido’s, run by Gloria Lissner, who has been 1 step ahead of the IRS for years. That doesn’t mean she is inhumane, nor not following through on screening for ‘good homes’ (how does Wright-Way screen?), but they are less than transparent, and also pick & choose who gets saved. should a younger, cuter dog have a better chance than an older, homely dog? Think about it.

  38. disparateinterests Says:

    I wrote the original post & stand by it—but I have to add several ‘facts’:
    1. Please don’t use the terminology ‘kill shelter’, shar. they are OPEN ADMISSIONS shelters, and the fact is, still way too many people are breeding dogs for fun & profit, with no thought to being responsible for them cradle to grave.l Too many ‘rescue’ people paing not only all open admissions shelters or pounds with the same broad brush, as they do hobby breeders. Fact is, it is realy rare —less than 1%—of dogs bred by people who are doing so for the betterment of their breeds—for the dogs the produce to wind up abandoned. it is usually a crisis (or lost or stolen dog) that does not get returned to the breeder. You don’t see Briards, Whippets, Gordon setters, or Portuguese Water Dogs in shelters. In fact, I got my last 2 dogs from breeders as adult dogs which were returned to them;
    2nd, Wright-Way does get their pups from government run pounds….in puppy mill territory. There is a surplus, Michael—not necessarily ‘rejects’ as none of the breeding dogs are tested for genetic defects, and none of the pups are socialized, so, that’s a technicality, but true. But the fact is that…
    3rd. People—our neighbors & friends—just expect all animal shelters to be OPEN ADMISSIONS, and don’t realize that the ‘no-kill’ rescues are ‘rescues’ or ‘shelters’ in name only. thus:
    4th. yes—Wright-Way is really a business in terms of their model, and I believe adding to the problems and confusion—not really solving the problem as they mislead the public;
    5th. The rescue community continues to ignore the cause of pet overpopulation being that not just puppy mills are breeding unsound dogs, but the VAKYARD VREEDERS

    • Shar Says:

      Robyn, sorry about calling them “kill shelters,” especially since I donate to Anti-Cruelty Society, which is open admission, accepts animals 365 days a year, finds homes for them, and has a variety of programs to help animals in need.

      I am now a servant to 3 rescued cats but grew up with dogs and know that the really fine breeders of both cats and dogs only breed their best animals and limit the number of litters to a few a year. I think I have mentioned that my brother and sister-in-law have a pet quality standard poodle who comes from a championship line. They traveled to Michigan to meet the breeder and to see if their dog, named Henri, would be a good match for them. Before they could take Henri home, they signed a 3-page contract with the breeder, including a clause that said they had to return Henri to the breeder if they could not keep him for any reason. It bothers me to read ads that say someone will ship an animal, since I feel that the contact between the dog or cat, the breeder, and the potential owner are really necessary. That is why I don’t like Wright-Way’s policy of reserving a particular puppy for someone. How can you judge a puppy’s personality by looking at its picture? My 3 cats are from the same litter, and they have very different personalities. If I had to choose one just by looking at their pictures, I would miss out on the fact that the least handsome of them is the one with the sweetest personality.

      I just got a letter from one of my shelters, and they said it is estimated that 10,411 animals are killed each day for lack of a home, which translates to 3,800,015 a year. It is time for everyone who loves animals to say that puppy mills and backyard breeders need to be stopped and to take action to see that it happens. And if you know anyone who has a pet that is old enough to be spayed or neutered and has not been, please tell the owner to get it done. Animals can’t speak for themselves, so it is up to us humans to do it for them.

  39. Michael Says:

    A reputable breeder will care about their animals and reputation to the point of being overly cautious with perspective buyers. I usually don’t go on craigslist but I was on there looking for a car for my nephew. I thought to myself ” I wonder what they have under “puppies” and came across Wright-Way. I looked at their website and thought ” Puppy Store”.

    Now for the reasoning behind looking at “puppies” on craigslist. You see the puppy that I wrote about was my companion for 13 years. I adopted her 13 years ago on 6/24/2002. She was spayed by my vet. I am a responsible person. Last Wednesday on 4/15/2015 at 8:00AM she took her final ride to the vet. It was time. She was a 80lb Shepard mix and her name was Schatzi. She has been sick for two years and I even adjusted my work schedule so that she would get her meds at exactly the same time everyday. She was old but was all there mentally and I told myself if I ever thought she was in pain I would do what I had to do. The cold February did not make things easier on her. I thought that when it got warmer out she would have an easier time. It was not to be. She was getting worse and I had to make one of the worse decisions a person has to make. I talked to my vet, made that decision and took a week off. Monday is his surgery day, Tuesday was 4/14, my sisters birthday so I said lets do this on 4/15 first thing in the morning. While my soul feels ripped and torn, I am quite positive I did the right thing. On 4/17 I looked on craigslist to help out my nephew. I didn’t find a car for him but I did stumble upon Wright-Way and it jumped out at me. Perhaps it was the anger part of grief. To put this simply, I worked on the Westside of Chicago for many years. I grew up on the Southside. I have seen every scam and con imaginable. When I see a con it jumps out at me. Wright-Way is one of those cons.

    I am glad that you did your research about where Wright-Way gets their puppies but one of the things that jumped out at me was the people who complained that when their puppy got older it looked nothing like what breed it was supposed to be. The puppy mills do breed “pure bred” dogs but use a couple of bogus certifications. A couple are the CKC and the APRI. If your dog has certification from either, the certs aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. To make a very long story short I had a girlfriend who had show dogs and even went to The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show twice. You learn a lot at these shows. What I learned was what was real and what was fake when it came to certifications. I also learned that dog shows weren’t for me. I have had a friend whose family had nothing but Australian Sheppard’s long before they were a AKC recognized breed. The “Aussie” is actually from the United States but was not a recognized breed by the AKC until 1991.

    The point of all this is a puppy mill breeds “pure breed” dogs. They do this to make as much money as possible. Want a Belgian Malinois or Australian Sheppard? For one that has champion bloodlines expect to pay between $1000 – $1500 with a AKC 4 generation certified pedigree. The same dog from a puppy mill? $500-$600 with CKC or APRI papers. The thing is puppy mills are factories and if you get a female in heat, all of the males go nuts and on occasion some other breed will get to the female. What are the scumbag puppy mill owners supposed to do? Put a proven female down because she has a bunch of mixed breed puppies in her? No, because they are literally going to breed her to death. When she is no longer able to breed a lucky dog will get shot in the head. A unlucky one will be starved to death. Sorry but these are the cold hard facts.The Amish are the #1 source of puppy mills.”The dogs are nothing more than puppy producing money makers.” I have known about this for years and will not buy anything Amish.

    Which leads to my point about Wright-Ways puppies. This is directly from their website: “When you adopt a pet from Wright-Way Rescue, please assume it is a mixed breed animal.” Puppy mills do not breed mixed breed dogs on purpose. The pictures of the puppies that are supposed to be Australian Sheppard’s look nothing like the breed. No, IMO these are the oops litters that get dumped at shelters that Christy Anderson has connections at. Read the Google reviews, There are a few where the puppies were presented as some other breed. Just so you know my friend who has only had Australian Sheppards his entire life has never bred any of them and neither has his family. Being that we have been friends for over 30 years I can spot one a mile away and what Wright-Way is actually saying that some of these puppies are just that; NO they aren’t. That’s a flagrant lie. They do have this clause to hide behind though.
    “When you adopt a pet from Wright-Way Rescue, please assume it is a mixed breed animal.”

    Basically Wright-Way Rescue is just a Puppy Store in disguise. After my vet spayed Schatzi I had to bring in a letter that he wrote on two of his prescriptions back to Chicago Heights. A “high kill” shelter?
    Sorry to say this but YES because of irresponsible people. When the weather gets warmer out they will kill 80% of the animals that walk in. This includes puppies and kittens but in 13 years I think the numbers should be down because of people who rescue these animals and spend a bunch of their own money. I was donating money every month to them and in return I would get a newsletter. When I crunched the numbers during the fall when the cute puppies and kittens grow up and are no longer cute, they were killing 80% of them.To be fair this was at least 10 years ago. Hopefully times have changed and the numbers are down. I don’t know because I was so mad that they were killing so many adoptable animals, I was younger and I didn’t even ask for the $100 deposit back. Keep it and on top of that I will donate every month.Then I crunched the numbers and realized that my money was going towards euthanasia. I saw some things about this on You Tube and got mad. I suggest that you stay way from You Tube because they show very graphic stuff that will make you sad and then very mad. As I have gotten older I have made friends with a bunch of people who are avid rescue people. Now I give my money to real rescues, people who actually care.

    Because of irresponsible people the problem will still keep happening. That’s no excuse to make a good living off of companion animals. If Wright-Way was a true rescue and not a cash cow, they could do some good. To me it seems like they got their non profit status and are just raking it in on the souls of poor animals. That’s my opinion and until proven otherwise I stick by it. Once again, it’s a “PUPPY STORE” that makes a ton of money. They are only helping their bank accounts.

    As for me getting another dog it will be a while. I am not set on a puppy but because I have a cat (a rescue) perhaps I will get a puppy. I will not take a chance of bringing a dog in that will go after my cat and kill her. She is still wondering around looking for her sister Schatzi. I just went back to work today, my week off started last Wednesday. I am still far from whole but am getting a bit better everyday. Right now if someone showed up with a $1500 purebred puppy I would say no, it’s not time yet. When it’s time I will get a “mutt” that I rescued and not from Wright-Way PUPPY STORE. I will save an animals life and love them until that horrible day comes again. All in time. I have some healing to do yet.

    • BKD Says:

      Michael – I am very sorry to hear you had to put your dog down. This is not an easy decision for any pet owner. We had to put our lab of 11 years down 2 Saturdays ago and my other pup is still looking for him. It takes time to heal but you will find your new companion when the time is right.

      • Michael Says:

        It is one of the hardest things to do. Here is your best friend that is always happy to see you when you get home. Over time the are still happy but instead of barking and acting nuts they mellow. A couple of years ago Schatzi was having problems getting onto her favorite place, the couch. I took her to the vet, $1500 of imagining, blood tests and basically she had bad hips and arthritis in her spine. Her hips weren’t horrible and Rimadyl helped for a while along with Nutramax Cosequin DS. In the Fall the Rimadyl was changed to Pred every other day and she was doing well. The cold winter did not help. Right after the New Year she would have to lay down to eat and I came to the realization that my time with her was coming to an end. In March she became very lethargic and I knew it was time but I wanted a little more time with her. In April I struggled with this but you have to put your emotions aside and think what’s the right thing to do? After talking to my vet he confirmed that I was doing the right thing. He didn’t try and make more money or give false hope. He agreed it was time. That is the sign of a good vet.

        I am also very sorry to read that you just went through the same thing. My cat is basically lost, where is my sister? I got her ashes back Monday, I thought I had come to some kind of state of being OK. Getting her ashes back rekindled all of the grief. Now after a few days I am back to where I was Sunday. I have a lot of healing to do yet, some people are like you should get another dog ASAP. It doesn’t work that way. It may for some but not me. I figure realistically maybe by the end of the summer but who knows? Right now I try and put it out of my head. It’s the little things like when I was writing this morning. Here she comes now. No, that’s just the refrigerator. This will take time to come to terms with, my dog is not laying by my side when I’m on the computer. Then the cat comes in howling. “You have food!” She isn’t howling because she’s hungry. I put her on the desk next to monitor, That was always a big no-no. The way I see it is we are both grieving so why not? Like you said when the time is right, I can’t rush it.
        Once again I am so sorry about your lab, sometimes life punches us in the face. At least we both had quality time with our dogs, that’s a happiness that few truly understand.

      • BKD Says:

        Agreed!! I sit with tears in my eyes because you have taken all of my thoughts and feelings right out of me. I thought the same when we picked up Diesel’s ashes. I have him right beside his brother Mackie, my chocolate lab of 12 years we had to put down last year. And both were exactly the same as yours…..I know the Rimadyl path well. Prayer to you Michael – this is a difficult journey. But know – they may not be there for all of your life, but you were there for theirs. And THAT takes a special kind of person.

    • Shar Says:

      Michael and BDK, I am so sorry for your losses. Animals really become a part of your life, and I can remember how hard it was when the first of my cats had to be euthanized, due to kidney disease, in 2006. Michael, you will know if the time is right for you to get another dog, and a good shelter will help you choose one that will get along with your cat.

      I would like to thank you for letting your friends and relatives in the Morton Grove and Glenview area know about Wright-Way and its practices. I learned before they came to town that they did not have a great reputation both among other animal rescues and shelters and by talking to the Animal Control Officer in the town where they were formerly located. I have had more than one heated discussion with one of our female village trustees about Wright-Way, and when I questioned her about Morton Grove’s own animal control practices, her answer was “Just be grateful that we don’t shoot strays on sight and dump them in a barrel in the back of the Animal Control Officer’s truck.” Then she proceeded to tell me how much she loves animals. That is the mentality of one of the people who voted to let Wright-Way into our village.

      • Michael Says:

        I went on a rant about my town and it’s “trustees”. It was far too long. To shorten it as a sweeping generalization every town has bad trustees. I know it’s true for my town, I have gone off at village meetings on local access over what “trustees” voted for in the best interest of the town. No, you are destroying our town. I even joined with my neighbors and had a few voted out. The new ones are just as bad. They look out for their own personal interests, they are basically puppets but hey if they can get a no right turn sign or even better a stoplight at their street, good for them. There is literally a stoplight in my town that is at a side street that serves no purpose at all. If you live here you know it is because a trustee lives on that street.
        I am not surprised about what your trustee said. Some of them think they are Senators. No, you are a step up from some HOA egomaniac, outside of your little area and mind, you have no power at all. As for Animal Control here, it is beyond a joke. My money is on the feral cat, especially if she is watching a litter. Most of the dogs that are “strays” are just dogs that got out. Basically you will have a bunch of neighbors running around boxing it in. They are usually friendly dogs. We are pretty are a pretty cool bunch and most of the time someone knows whose dog it is. If not, hopefully it has tags. If not the vet has a scanner.
        Better to not get Animal Control involved.
        Years ago I was mowing. The mower quit. I sat down on my lawn and was looking at it when I hear my dog barking from in the house. I see a shadow and here is this HUGE Rottweiler a foot away. My dog is trying to jump through the window. Instead of freaking out I said aren’t you a rather big dog? The dog licked my face. I took him in my yard, looked at his tags, called his owners and asked if they were missing something. The worry in their voice told me they loved their dog.”Is he OK”? He’s fine and I have him in my yard, he’s a bit thirsty and just drank about a gallon of water. This is my address and in the end he managed to make it from two towns over in less then an hour. Then they offered me money which I declined. He was a cool dog that one day just got out and decided he was going on a trip.
        My advice to you is find out which trustees voted for Wright-Way. Vote them OUT. Most definitely vote the one out that said to be grateful that don’t shoot strays on sight. Because if for some reason on a slow news day if they did that, it would be all over the news.
        Like I said from the start I stumbled upon W-W in Craigslist, I was pretty much looking for a car for my nephew, I even looked at snow thrower engines. It’s not a site I frequent but I was taking my mind off of what happened 11 days ago. After 11 days I am doing much better, Thank You for your kind words, I know she will always be a part of me, it is something that you never are quite prepared for. This is #4 for me. My 1st was when I was 21, she was almost 13, then a puppy that had juvenile diabetes that lived almost 4 years when the vet said two tops (that was my sisters doing but I am the one who has to deal with the “dirty work” in my family), one that lived to be 12 but she was 100 lbs. and now Schatzi who I gave May 5th as her birthday. I’m much better, after looking at her adoption records I think she made 13. Looking at everything her birthday should have been the beginning of April. I have been there at the end for everyone of them. My cat is now walking around like she owns the place, she is looking at me from her new favorite spot. That would be my desk right next to my computer monitor. If you do the math, I am 9 months from being able to join AARP.
        A woman at work who volunteers much of her free time at a rescue and is actually responsible for me getting my cat will help me when the time comes. Just about everyone at work said they would take “my” cat. After two months I said that I had never had a cat, was a dog person but it wasn’t right so I would try my best to make it work. After a lot of hissing, barking and yelling things calmed down. I am still a dog person but I get cats. Cats are cool. They listen when they want to, they are as friendly as can be when they want to be, basically they are just so independent, it so different then a dog who will do whatever you tell them. If you call your cat and it doesn’t want to come you get that yeah right look. It takes a different mindset to appreciate a cat. When the time come I will go through the same woman and give an older dog a chance and hopefully a loving home for it’s life. Isn’t that what rescuing is all about? Sure puppies and kittens are cute. That older dog and especially a cat has very little chance of getting a home. We figure my cat was about a year old before I took her. It all worked out. It will again in the future. I will not BUY a puppy from a bogus rescue. That isn’t going to happen.
        I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW THAT A CON IS BEING RUN IN MORTON GROVE. If enough people do this, they will have to fly right.
        No person should make a living over the suffering of animals.

      • Shar Says:

        Michael, we may be out of sync with dates on the postings here, so this is a reply to your posting of April 26. Unfortunately, the woman who made the comment about shooting strays was recently re-elected as a trustee, as was a second person who voted in Wright-Way. There was only one independent who ran, and he just couldn’t muster enough votes. Overall I refer to our town’s trustees as “The Village Idiots,” and it will take a lot to convince me otherwise.

        I am long past the age of joining AARP, so I have lost many animals in my life, plus my husband died in 2009. My husband was allergic to dogs, even though his family had them, so we were married for 18 years before we decided to take a chance on a cat. He knew that he would probably have to take allergy meds if he was allergic to the cat, but when he didn’t have a reaction, we got a second cat, and the cats I have now are my second set. Every cat I have had is very independent and thinks of me as a servant. The only time you can depend on them to come running is if they think they will be fed.

        I am glad you have someone to help you if you decide to get another dog. Perhaps she will have some good tips about introducing a dog to your cat so that the friction can be kept to a minimum. You could even find a dog who was used to being around cats, which could be extremely helpful.

        Yesterday I was in an antique shop, and suddenly a cat ran past me. It turns out that the adult daughter of one of the owners had brought a cat she was fostering to work, had put the cat in the upstairs office, and the cat had gotten out. This lady has 4 cats, some of which she is fostering, and 1 dog. She also is active in rescue work, and it was nice to have a good conversation with her.

        Thanks for letting your friends and relatives know about Wright-Way. Southern Illinois, Kentucky, and other states have an over-abundance of puppies, and Wright-Way is taking full advantage of that fact. And I don’t like their attitude that they will do nothing to help a homeless animal who comes from the town in which they are located. I pass their facility almost every week, have never been in it, and probably never will visit it.

  40. Michael Says:

    Thank You for your kind words. I have read this blog from top to bottom a few times and you have been through hell and back with Wright-Way. Your dealings with them confirm my belief that could care less about animals and everything about the almighty dollar. They are “SELLING” puppies, have a bunch of double speak on their website so I can’t even imagine what you went through in person. “unethical doesn’t mean illegal or inhumane” is the same excuse that actual puppy mills use. Basically my puppy mill is better then so and so’s because at least I shoot the dogs when they are no longer able to breed while Billy Bob Joe hits them in the head with a shovel. That somehow makes this whole thing “right”? Basically once they had your money you were never going to see it again. They truly are a are shameful and deceptive bunch and you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. We’ll give you the medicine for cost? Big deal, that’s pretty much the same as my doctor giving me free samples. He’s not out anything. He will get paid for my visit though. As for The BBB and The Consumer Protection Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s office they are both useless. The IRS would be a better bet BUT if they have crossed all of their T’s really the IRS just doesn’t have the time to go after even wrongful non-profits because a clever attorney will set it up properly, it gets approved and they don’t want to step on their own toes. You would be surprised how many people make silly money AND have non-profit status. What it comes down to is what people will do for the almighty dollar. That pretty much sums up Wright-Way. Christy is on her way to being a multimillionaire under the guise of doing good for the animals. I bet she has an online reputation company, the contracts are ironclad and in the end who suffers? The animals but hey if it supports her lifestyle then why not lie about the whole thing.
    This is a puppy store, nothing more regardless of what “martha” babbled. Hey martha, if you are such a big supporter wouldn’t you be proud to tell us your whole name? Yeah, I thought so.

    • Robyn Michaels Says:

      I appreciate everyone’s comments. Wright-Way is a legal business—-and a legal nonprofit. The foxes are watching the henhouse in Illinois—& the issue of fake rescues is small potatoes. You can be sure, with more bans on pet shop sales of puppies, many will change their name to have ‘Rescue’ in it. What WE can do is continue to inform people that not all animal shelters/pounds/rescues a act with integrity…and again…not all breeders are breeding pets as livestock.

      • Michael Says:

        “A reputable breeder will care about their animals and reputation to the point of being overly cautious with perspective buyers.” so yes all breeders are not breeding pets as livestock. Puppy mills are though. The more puppies they crank out, the more money they make. While Wright-Way may be a legal business and a legal nonprofit it doesn’t mean that the board isn’t making serious money. “It is not illegal for a nonprofit to compensate its board members with reasonable fees.” What constitutes reasonable? I count 21 members on Wright-Ways board. What might be a legal business and a legal non profit does not mean they are on the level. I just found out about Wright-Way, I have quite a few friends and cousins in the Morton Grove and Glenview area and will be informing them of Wright-Way and it’s practices. We are on the same team here Robyn. In a perfect world an estimated 3– 4 million animals would not be euthanized every year in the USA. I chose a puppy 13 years ago because there were three sisters and they were picking on the runt. I had every intention of adopting a older dog. I did not have a cat at the time and I did not know the runt was actually sick. Three weeks of Clavamox and that runt was more obnoxious then her sisters. Once she was cleared by my vet as healthy I enrolled her in puppy training classes. A great bond was formed and it is something that I recommend to every dog owner. Now that I have a cat that is used to a friendly and trained dog I will probably and eventually probably get a puppy again. I will not risk my cats life but that’s for the future to decide. I might get a older dog that was around cats. Right now getting any type of dog is the last thing on my mind.

  41. Michael Says:

    Shar I will put this back in synch. “The Village Idiots” pretty much sums up my town. There are so many things they have done wrong under the guise of making our town better instead of trying to justify some messed up agenda. That would be a whole blog in itself.
    A rescue that does not take in strays, take back adoptions that do not work out or basically give a care about anything but SELLING cute little puppies is NOT a rescue. They certainly aren’t a shelter but as you look on the internet they are everywhere. They all have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and state the ridiculous adoption fees are for shots and deworming. Hey “rescue” conartists I have a KV VET SUPPLY catalog along with a Foster Smith catalog.”We put a lot into these dogs, vaccinations, deworming, Blah, Blah, Blah.” Crunching the numbers it costs $8.33 for three sets of vaccinations and $3-$6 for deworming. I decided to see if there were any other rescues doing what Wright-Way is doing. Go on Petfinder, you will see that many people are pulling EXACTLY the same scam. Same story in most cases also. These dogs (puppies) are from rural Southern Illinois. They were going to be killed so we rescued them. These PUPPIES are $300-$400. Most are not altered and are cute puppies. Basically I gave Wright-Way too much credit. This scam has been going on for a while and they jumped on it in heads over heals. I’m thinking their biggest expense is the cost of the puppies since there are so many “Rescues” supposedly bringing up puppies from Southern Illinois. Maybe they get into bidding wars during the slow season.

    I will tell you that Wright-Way is by far the leader when it comes to SELLING puppies on Petfinder, but after staring at the computer for hours I counted at least 25 “Rescues” doing exactly the same thing. Then you have craigslist where W-W skirts the no selling of animals rule by posing as a “Rescue”. Rescue a dog for $350! No, BUY a puppy for $350. The phrase for May is “Cooking The Books”. I’ll leave that one open for interpretation.

    As for any future dog I will take any advice that they give me but as long as the dog is friendly and believe me I will take it to Petsmart and enroll in training, sometimes it is better to sit back and watch them work it out between themselves. It actually can be rather amusing as long as neither gets hurt. The dog will evidentially learn that the cat is boss. My dog and cat were like sisters after they worked out their issues. My cat is now in her anger stage of grieving, she is mad at me. I took her sister away. She has stopped looking for her but will just run away from me. This is the same cat who last week slept on my head and this just started this afternoon. She needs her space to grieve and I’m the bad guy for now.

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband, while it’s a totally different thing I lost my brother in 2008. The funny thing is he was allergic to just about all animals and usually left my house so buzzed on Benadryl that he called when he got home. I miss him. I have my sister whose job is to get on my nerves and another brother who is a useless scumbag to put it nicely.

    As for my cat, she isn’t too bad and will come about half of the time when she is called. She will immediately leave if there is nothing in it for her. Sometimes though she just wants to be petted, some attention but for the most part it’s like that commercial where the guy gets caught in quicksand and tells the cat to get help. I’ve seen that commercial about 5 times and it always makes me laugh. BTW I’m non too happy about being able to join AARP soon.

    • Shar Says:

      Michael, one of the hottest trends right now is bringing animals, particularly dogs, from southern areas up north, where people are more apt to spay or neuter their pets and are getting closer to a no-kill model. Wright-Way will only help animals that they bring to Morton Grove from southern Illinois. PAWS Chicago, on the other hand, has a goal of getting Chicago to a no-kill status and keeping the city there, When Wright-Way wanted to come to Morton Grove, I called PAWS and spoke with someone who said they have no relationship with Wright-Way because they have totally opposite goals. Some shelters will take animals from open admission shelters in the Chicago area but also will go down to a southern state, such as Kentucky, and bring back some adult animals, which they spay/neuter before adopting out. I don’t peruse the internet to see who all has Wright-Way’s model, but the shelters to which I contribute generally charge less than Wright-Way, and the one I found that charges $350 for a puppy has it spayed or neutered before adoption. The shelters I support have very few puppies but many adult animals. They also don’t turn away senior animals, and one of the shelters said they adopted out a 13-year old dog and a 17-year old cat in 2014.

      I am sorry about your cat being in an angry phase about losing her sister. We had just the opposite when we had to euthanize our first male cat. The female who remained was happy to be an only cat. I know that is why I wanted a bonded pair of cats when the female also died of kidney disease. Instead I wound up with triplets. Right now two of the three are sleeping, and the third is sitting on my hands as I type this. if i did not pay attention to him, he would be chewing the coiled cord that connects the handset to the telephone. (Thanks to him I buy 12-foot coiled cords in sets of two.)

      I only have one brother, and we aren’t that close. My husband’s sister is like a sister to me. His brother was a hippie in the 60’s and 70’s, and is still very quirky, but we do get along. They both live far enough away that we don’t get to see each other that often, but we do keep in contact, and overall I would say that my husband’s family is closer to me than mine.

      Good luck with your cat, and please let us know if you decide to get another dog in the future. If you do, I hope all works out well with you.

      • disparateinterests Says:

        Actually, I have had many volunteers for PAWS Chicago tell me they are fostering a dog (usually a purebred) that PAWS brought from an out of state shelter. If they wanted to —they could get just about every Pit bull at Chicago Animal Care & Control—but they know that not everyone wants a Pit, so they go far afield…and, again, it was quite a ‘miracle’ that, after Oprah Winfrey asked if they ever got brown cocker spaniel pups..they got an entire litter (which the breeder of the bitch who had them wanted to take back, as the owner she sold the dam to was not to breed the dog—& didn’t want them anyways !?!). this does not happen! & later, when Oprah wanted Springer Spaniels, PAWS also got those. Believe me—they went looking for those dogs. Chicago Animal Care & Control is not totally transparent—but they are open admissions, Wright Way —indeed—very few ‘no-kill’ shelters are open admissions.
        This would be a good time to mention that if you are on Facebook, ask Keith to join the feed of “Flagging Animal Sales on Craigslist” (over 6500 on the feed…& this is where the fake rescues post) aw we are a network of flagger….& please sin=gn the Change,org petition to cancel the registrations of dogs sold at auctions.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Wright-Way has 23 puppies for SALE on craigslist this morning. They had 23 puppies for sale on craigslist yesterday. They get away with SELLING puppies on craigslist by claiming they are a “rescue”.
    Look up their old Yelp reviews to find out what a scam they are.
    Scroll down and also check out the 138 other reviews that are not currently recommended. It’s a puppy store, for $350 you walk out with a puppy. That’s not a “rescue” in any sense of the word.

  43. Shar Says:

    Robyn, re your comment on April 30 about PAWS fostering pure-bred animals from out-of-state shelters: It is amazing what people will tell you that is not the truth, and I am absolutely sure that I was told that their goal was a no-kill Chicago and that they couldn’t support Wright-Way because WW brought in animals from southern Illinois. My understanding is that a lot of animals in Chicago shelters do have at least some pit bull in them, and that does not appeal to many people. It stands to reason that since PAWS has so many wealthy supporters, that some people who come there to adopt would want an animal that is a purebred. However, if they are getting animals from shelters not in Chicago, PAWS should just be honest and say so. As for me, I’m proud to be the owner of 3 cats that are “All American Cats”, also known as mixed breeds.

  44. disparateinterests Says:

    This was posted in Craigslist by Dan London—i know it;s him because this is also what he posted on a Yelp! review of another business I worked for when i refused to work for him. Google the asshole:
    x flagged [?]

    Posted: 11 hours ago ◀ prev ▲ next ▶
    RE Re: Wright Way Rescue. MUST READ!!!! (Chicagoland)

    Why in the world would anyone believe any bs posted by the psycho Robyn Michaels? That psycho while grooming a puppy the puppy peed on the table and Robyn threw the puppy against the wall. Don’t email me, I will not respond or even open your email, I will just mark it as spam!

    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

  45. Shar Says:

    I just got my local paper, “The Morton Grove Champion,” and it had an article about Wright-Way suing the bus company and the driver who crashed into the building where it was formerly located in Niles. Although Wright-Way did not own the building (and I even remember that the owner was possibly going to try to force them out) they are making a claim for improvements they made to the building. The article states that Wright-way had to discontinue most of its services while it was located in another location and was only able to do adoptions. I know they had cats placed in a local Petco, was told by a cashier at PetSmart that Wright-way was doing week-end adoptions at their store, and the article says that Wright-Way was also based in a former Des Plaines pet clinic while looking for a new home. Christy Anderson claims that the majority of the animals they would have helped during this time had to be euthanized because they didn’t have a larger facility.

    Robyn, are you aware of any other services that Wright-Way offered before the bus crash? I have always thought they were strictly into adoptions, and my impression was that they sent you to their preferred vet if you had a problem, wanted an exam for your new puppy, or wanted your new pet spayed/neutered. Did I miss something along the way? If they did offer other services, please tell me what they were. I know they didn’t have an on-site veterinarian, because that was one thing they specifically told our Village Trustees they would now be able to get if they could move into the new, larger Morton Grove facility.

    The article ends with a paragraph about all the fundraisers held so that Wright-Way could move into Morton Grove, and a statement that they are still seeking donations to help pay for the facility’s daily operations. (And now I’ll make a snarky remark about how my checkbook is glued shut as far as they are concerned.)

  46. Robyn Michaels Says:

    They might have been offering grooming, and they had a retail section, but unless the state forces them into transparency, we will never know,

  47. Nikko Nommo Says:

    Fake rescue trolling for dogs on facebook!

    They are taking donations and the dogs are either not even there or they disappear once the donations dry up. No Vet’s have ever been used, They claim to be a 501c but in reality – another lie. They become hostile, rude and vulgar when questioned about donations or asked for information on their 501c registration.

    Rescue members – So called rescue phone numbers in the photo they posted:
    Nikko aka Mike Reichmann 913-594-2178
    Mignonette Landingin Gonzales
    Kayla Marie Sanchez
    Kelli Pennington

    They will assault you publicly on their page if you ask these simple questions. They will say “We have nothing to hide! Come and Visit!” When you take them up on their offer, they will trash you and then block you from their page and delete all your posts. Don’t take our word for it, ask yourself and see what happens!

    What happened to the dogs they say they helped?
    Where did they go?
    Who was the Vet?
    Show [anyone] the public 501c records from the IRS!
    What is your rescues address?
    Demand to see their 501c’s tax records and they must comply to the public according to the IRS

    You know, ask the normal questions and then watch what happens.

    Get it out there and share!


    • disparateinterests Says:

      I have no idea what state th8is 8is in, but you can contact Humane Society of the United States—& the State’s Attorney’s office for your state. In Illinois, Purrs From the Heart was shut down after an arbitrary audit found they could not account for over 100 cats taken from Chicago Animal Care & control. If your State’s Attorney thinks this is a bog joke (it’s fraud)—contact your state senator & state rep *(the ones you send to your state capital) & the news media. Keep us updated.

  48. paula Says:

    Hey all, I just found this blog after wondering if Wright Way was a reputable rescue.

    I was interested in getting a dog last winter and live close to Wright Way so I went over there and filled out an application form. I live in a two flat with my aging parents (mom has dementia dad had a couple of falls and head injuries). Therefore, I had to be very particular about the breed I would adopt.

    I also lived in Tanzania for the previous 17 years and was unfamiliar with the US in general including the current practices of animal rescue operations. However, my experience in Tanzania had made me pretty darn good at sniffing out a scam.

    I have had many dogs over the course of my 53 years and understand the need to pick a breed (or mixed breed) that fits your abilities, time and life style. I went to Wright Way twice with my dad and we looked at the puppies. We were interested in adopting an adult dog and there were few (red flag #1). The few adult dogs available had obvious behavioral problems (which I would have been fine with if I was not already caring for two people with brain damage). So we did not adopt a dog and were waiting to go back later to take another look in a couple of weeks.

    I then looked them up on yelp and found all the reviews about the parvo problem (red flag #2) and never returned. Thanks to the people that posted those reviews you all saved us from a potentially bad situation. I am so sorry about your horrible experiences and hope that my appreciation and thanks make it a little better.

    Fast forward a year later. We are the happy “guardians” of a mini australian labradoodle and are thrilled. I looked at a lot of other rescue options and before I went to PAWS a friend of mine told me a 4 month old puppy was available through a guardian program of a reputable breeder. She was also a guardian to one of the breeders dogs and had nothing but a great experience with the breeder and the program. I trusted my friends judgement (she “trusts no one until they earn her trust”) and I jumped at the chance to get Lucy. She was the right choice for us for many reasons.

    Bred as a service dog this doodle is perfect for my parents and the obediant servant to the two rescue cats in our family. She is charming (even to my neighbors two pitbulls) and though very cute is a dog (eats cat shit, rolls in stinky stuff and wants to kill squirrels). She is smart and trainable like the collie and shepard I had in the past but easier to train in because she is goofy not so darn serious.

    After having Lucy for seven months ( a couple of weeks ago) I was thinking about my Wright Way experience and went online to see what their most recent reviews were saying. That is when I discovered they created a new yelp page and it was difficult to find the old page with the poor reviews about the parvo problem.

    I posted a review on yelp to let people know that that the current page was new and if people realy wanted to know about Wright Way when considering adopting a pet they should be fully informed and read all the reviews. I posted information on how to find the older reviews and later my post was removed (Red flag #3).,

    Please consider reposting your reviews on the new Wright Way yelp page. They helped me decide not to adopt from Wright Way and I am grateful for that. Your repost may help others avoid a bad situation.


    • disparateinterests Says:

      Paula! Habari Gani! I remember you. You lucked oput, but unfortunately, there are NO ETHICAL BREEDERS OF LABRADOODLES either. I have a blog on this, too (Poodle, Doogle, or Portuguese Water Dog), as they do not breed true, and cost just as much to care for as a Poodle or Porti. Also, they have as many, if not more—of the genetic defects (notably hip dysplasia) as any purebred…but because the breeders are breeding for the market a& not the betterment of the breed, nobody actually keeps stats. It’s all anecdotal. There are so many animal shelters in the metro Chicago area, as well as breed specific rescues. Could you not find them, or did you not know how to research them?

  49. Carol stegall Says:

    Wright Way Rescue does not spay/neuter their animals before adopting them out and the adopted pet can not be returned for any reason. Not against the law but certainly unethical and not a rescue which cares about its animals or their outcomes. To be avoided!!!

    • disparateinterests Says:

      I don’t think thy are set up at a legit non profit…I think they are a for profit business…and being so, not subject to an audit, or the law—which states the fee must include shots & neutering.

  50. Ann Says:

    I also went to Wright Way and felt it very odd to see a place claiming to be a rescue with so many young! I know of many others now who have also gone in to see the abundence of puppies always in this place. Its extreamely suspicious!

    Long story short I share many of your bad experiences with this place.

    I also adopted from them and was also given a very sick dog.
    After contacting the owner I was told they would do the right thing over the phone, however, that never happened and after that they stopped responding to me.

    In the end I was told to refer to the documents they have you sign upon adoption, which basically says they have zero responsibility for anything and the problem is all yours!

    I beleive there are so many more with our same bad experiences but they are kept quiet by the one item in those papers where which is the non disparaging clause.

    It basically says if you cant say anything about them that is negative. If you do they will sue you! at your expense!! This is what I was threened with. This is how tI beleive they are silencing people.Not sure how legal that is but its what they use.

    I have been told that the only reason any place would have a clause like that is because they have so many complaints and want to minimize them.

    I am extreamely upset about how my dog and I were both treated by them and cannot beleive they continue to get away with doing this to people! I have never met such uncaring people that claim to care about animals!

    Ive adopted many times from resuces and never had the bad experience I had here. I had never recieved such a sick animal from a rescue before. Reputable rescues take care of animals.

    Something has to be done to stop this!

  51. Lee Says:

    My wife and drove almost 120 miles to pick up a dog we had “reserved” only to find the dog had some bare spots. We were told it had had a staff infection that had been treated and no other treatment was necessary. They didn’t try to hide the fact, but they didn’t tell me before I made the trip. I was heartbroken we were all set to take the pup home. After taking pictures and sending to my vet (for over 30 years) I was informed that the condition could be recurring and could have done permanent internal damage. Having just lost two dogs in the last 6 months to the last thing I wanted was an unhealthy pup. I was just sick because he was a cute, friendly, little pup. As much as I hated to I walked out. Now I’m glad I did. Unfortunately it was almost like losing another dog.

    Since they are a 501c3 all the info is public and can be obtained with a 990 form that is easily found on the net. That fact that I know this tells you I was wary from the start.

    I remembering thinking the whole process was very business-like. I even mentioned it to the person I talked with. Looks like I may have been right. Lesson learned. Luckily all it cost me was gas and time.

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