How Puppy Mills Get Dogs of Rare Breeds

For the first time ever, a purebred Portuguese Water Dog, intact & with AKC papers, was offered on Craigslist in Chicago…for $300.  The owner told me the breeder did not want the dog back, but would help finding a home…so…we know the breeder was not a member of the Portuguese Water Dogs Club  of America—& managed to get full ownership of an unspayed (breedable) bitch, and also find someone to provide stud service.

Who knows why the dog needs a home?  Owners bored with the dog, lost a job, divorcing, kids are now grown, dog has too much energy, etc…

In any case, they don’t want the dog, he is intact, and he comes with registration papers.

I contact the PWDCA, and they told me they were working on getting the dog—for this very reason:  any  commercial breeder could get the dog, &  start breeding—breeding to labradoodles, poodles, whatever… and forge AKC papers, and cheapen the breed.

With the economy so bad, many   breeds are in crisis. the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America demands genetic tests for dogs entered in their specialty shows, and many breeders won’t breed to dogs without those tests…but it is now too late for Cane Corsos & Neopolitan Mastiffs:  the thugs have gotten them, & are breeding the CCs to the Neos,and to Pit bulls. the irony is, while these are large dogs, they are not fighting dogs, but are being sold as fighting or guard dogs, and they are being dumped in droves.

We see a lot of miniature Schnauzers that are  parti-colored, and everyone knows they are not purebred dogs, but the  buyers really don’t care. they just wanted pets.  The trouble is, many of these dogs carry CJC—genetic early onset cataracts—blindness. is that what  buyers really want?  In fact now, in many breeders, ther are  more than 1 distinct types;  the  show lineage,and the poorly bred  puppy mill types that have AKC papers,  might resemble the breed in color, coat type, or size, but that’s it—and many carry  crippling genetic defects.

The AKC does not care.  It’s shameful. they have put money into selling  dog stuff; toys, collars, even harnesses, and are not returning any value to the fancy:  the people who are the stewards of their breeds.

Anyone interested in  if this is an issue—please check out   This is an excellent informational website.  Also, check out the breed club of the breed you are interested in.  We are not doing effective enough marketing among those looking for purebred dogs.


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