The Politicians Keep Doing it to us in Illinois

I always liked Gov. Pat Quinn.  He’s a progressive, like me. Unfortunately, he’s reached his highest level of incompetence.  He keeps making dumb decisions.  The most recent you have to wonder about, is his wanting to hire a woman who declared bankruptcy in 2009 to  be head of the Illinois Sports Facility Authority.

Let’s break this down. First of all—the Illinois Sports Facility Authority.  So, we issue bonds to upgrade Soldiers Field (home of the Chicago Bears),  U.S, Cellular (formerly known as Comisky Park, home of the White Sox), United Center (home of the Chicago Bulls & Blackhawks), and, I don’t know…do we have stadiums or sports facilities in Kankakee, Aurora, Joliet, or Champaign?  Does it matter? The teams that play in the facilities are for profit ventures!

The  ISFA has been criticized for lack of transparency for sweetheart deals with all the team owners.    We  citizens pay,  and the  politically connected owners profit.  So, that’s an issue.

Then, the issue is…he wants  a woman who clearly has a problem managing money to be in charge of it.  She did not declare bankruptcy over medical issues, but for spending money on stuff to  maintain a lifestyle to which she wanted to become accustomed  and couldn’t afford.  Is there really nobody in the entire state who has  a verifiable track record in managing public funds, or a government agency, who would do this for what she  would be paid:  over $100,000?   (she has been making $111,000 as Gov. Quinn’s spokeswoman. No joke…& the last ISFA head made $175,950.  Nice round number).

I am flabbergasted.  Quinn is currently blaming Rahm Emmanuel, the mayor of Chicago, claiming  Emmanuel is criticizing  Quinn because Emmanual wants his own choice to be head of the ISFA.  Maybe so, but  I can’t believe  Rahm would choose someone who had declared bankruptcy within the past  seven years.

Quinn is handing the governorship to the Republicans, and they are laughing. Soon, it will be their turn, again, to screw us all. Look at our history.  Neither party has any respect for the voters of Illinois.

Demoralizing, really.  Just demoralizing. But I am not letting this  rest with mere bitching. I will bitch to my state senator & state representative. Both Democrats. They really have to say something.

Is there a solution to this cronyism (I hesitate to  say  anything else)?  Yes. We have to  beg the Norwegians to run our government for a few years.

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