Maltese, and the book: Scared Poopless, by Jan Rasmusen

Maltese are delightful little dogs.  They tend to not be barkers unless you spoil them, and tend to be good with kids if raised with them. They are patient, and like to be held and cuddled. They are smart little dogs, and get along with most dogs.  They don’t shed, but they do mat, and need to be brushed about once a week.  I doubt you can go over a month without giving them a bath.    Being a toy breed, they are delicate, and  due to the many people  who seem to think that breeding dogs for ‘fun & profit’ is ok, they are prone to the genetic maladies of luxated patellas & liver shunts.  Also, being toy dogs, many are born  deformed.  This is  the reason they end up in rescue:  puppy mill breeders either ‘retire’ or go out of business, or dump the non-breeders. But sometimes it’s because older owners die or go into nursing homes.

I found this book at the annual North Central Maltese Rescue gathering. Using the pseudonym “Chiclet T. Rasmusen”, she subtitled the book,   The Straight Scoop on Dog Care.

She indeed covers a lot of  information you won’t find in many books on dog care.  She addresses  preservatives and additives in dog food, vaccinations (we tend to over vaccinate because if veterinarians didn’t get us in once a year, they’d be out of business), parasites, dental issues (a huge problem for many dogs), why  pet dogs should not be bred,  and  many other health & safety issues.  Most of this really  is directed at the owners of the toy breeds, but any  loving dog owner could benefit by reading this book.  She’s done her research, and is a very good writer.

Yet, with all the  issues  Rasmusen addresses in the book, she doesn’t address grooming at all.  The irony is that  when you groom your dog, you are touching your dog all over, and that is when you  learn  if your dog has a health issue.

I was  surprised by this, but still, if you are a toy dog lover, this book is worth checking out.

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