The sad state of science education in America….

The greatest country in the world? Really? Where the average citizen doesn’t know that hot air rises?  Really?

I got an exemplary primary school eduction.  Yet, I can only remember 3 sciences lessons.

I had a year of biology in high school.  I had a semester of lab biology on college.  I was able to get a minor in environmental science, because I understood the concepts…but I made a point to learn the concepts.  The concepts are logical.  But we have a culture that thinks of science as magic.  We also have a culture that teaches teachers to  teach, but doesn’t encourage people with  an interest in a particular subject  to become primary school teachers…and this is the problem.

It’s shocking the per centage of primary school teachers who become teachers because they don’t have to work weekends and have summers off.  People who say they love kids, but are unsure of their own math skills and knowledge of science concepts, so they major in literature, or teaching English.

I think most  people who are not  Americans would be shocked at the  per centage of our teachers who are foreign nationals—teaching mathematics & science.

Our late president, Ronald Reagan, thought he could pay a bunch of scientists to build a heavenly shield over the USA,  to deflect missiles.  he called it ‘star wars’.  Really.

What we have is a great propaganda machine, &  politicians—but we don’t have science education.  We will not have science education until parents start demanding science education.

This is what the late comedian George Carlin had to say about education (in America) & it is soooooo true!!!!


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