Fixing a dog’s bad haircut….

Groomers get this all the time.  Someone at home decides the dog can’t see, or he gets something stuck in his hair. They start chopping.  They have no idea   what to do. They think the dog need’s something done, so  they take the dog to any groomer.  Sometimes,the groomer is a talented artist, but sometimes,the groomer  just learned to shave dogs & thinks that’s good enough.

So, they bring the dog to me, and  want me to fix it.  You just have to tell them, “You have to wait until the hair grows out….but in the meantime….”

So the choices are, either cutting it all off, and starting over, or having me  try to blend  the bad parts into the good parts.

Sometimes, it’s a judgement call.  I  frequently tell  people I can’t make it look any better.  They have to let it grow out…but  let’s not get our panties in a bunch:  If you brushed the dog properly with a proper slicker brush…just once a week…. we might have been able to avoid this. And—if you start brushing now, you will be able to avoid this in the future.

Many times, it’s because an inexperienced groomer left too much hair on the dog. My favorite is the ‘hula skirt’ which I call the dust ruffle—-hanging off the dog.  I think many groomers think all dogs are cocker spaniels.  I tell my clients it makes no sense to  cut off the hair that never gets dirty or matted & leave the  hair that always gets dirty & matted;  the hair on the BOTTOM of the dog.

When I fix a hair cut, people are usually overjoyed.  But there is a per centage of people who you can’t convince that cutting the hair is wrong. That the dog will NOT be cooler, nor will he look better.  Nobody’s happy, then.

What I suggest to anyone even tempted to  hack at their dog’s hair is to get a thinning shears.  You  won’t make any dramatic blunders with a thinning shears.

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