A Drug Addict in the Family

Although the foxes watching the henhouse (Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers) would have you believe that drug addiction is a disease, it is not contagious, like Measles. Nor is it a neurological disorder, like autism.

It is a disease of debauchery and  immaturity.  Of choosing pleasure over responsibility.  We’ve known for decades how people become addicted. We also know you do not become addicted  using a drug just once.  People choose hedonism. They choose to not be responsible, not think of others, and get high. This is why highly educated people become drug addicts.  It has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with personality.  It is a user justifying, saying, “I have no responsibilities today.  I’d rather get high than do anything else”.

And,  even though they know that at some point, there in no more high, just the prevention of pain…they do it.  Of course, they regret it, but by the time they realize what they’ve done, it is too late.

For the rest of us, it is  emotional pain, disappointment, and dealing with someone you loved actually  having become a different person.  Usually,  every family has at least  1 ‘do-gooder’…the co-dependent, who can’t resist bailing out the addict from the messes he’s gotten into again and again.

One of my relative, who happens to have a good background in chemistry and  pharmacy, chose to become a drug addict. He knew exactly how addiction works, and made the choice to do what he had to do to become an addict.  He has no interest in making the world a better place, it’s all about him, and always has been. He also knew when he made the time to become addicted, there was no turning back.  His brain chemistry would be permanently changed.  Yet, this is what he chose to do.

When I got out of grad school, I interviews with an agency that treated drug addicts.  They got their money from the state. I asked about their success rate, & was told that  it was about 35%  of people clean for 5 years.  Nobody followed drug addicts longer than that.

How did they manage to ‘treat’ addicts? Counseling.  All talk therapy. Nobody telling them to get a job on a farm & do hard labor, or go to a country where  English is not spoken & volunteer.  just  talk.

So, if you want to get yourself ensnared with this type of person, go right ahead.  I don’t think its’ any accomplishment when a celebrity has been clean for X number of years  when they  made everyone  change  their lives  to accommodate them.  However, I don’t think our drug policy  has worked, and I feel that drugs should be legal, jail should be taken out of the equation…because the added problem is  thugs fighting over  selling turf, and the violence that goes with it.  This is almost a bigger problem for me than knowing a relative or close friend might steal from me to support a habit.

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