Labradoodle, Golden Doodle…or Portuguese Water Dog?

I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime, but people will pay more for a mixed breed dog than a purebred—because they believe the rumors—the hype.   I guess the hype is that they don’t shed, & are mellower than standard Poodles.

It’s true—the Poodles tend to be very active.  Some would say hyper, They are hunting dogs with a lot of energy.  But they are good with kids.  People who breed any purebred dog for the betterment of their breed are  concerned  not just with conformation, but genetic soundness:  that is,  solid hips, eyes that won’t go blind by the age of 3, other issues.

The person breeding dogs as livestock—to make money, doesn’t care about anything but money…& he will lie lie lie about everything—including the dogs he breeds being non-shed dogs—even not ever requiring professional grooming.

In the past 20 or so years that the Doodles have been around, I’ve seen coat textures of several types—including like a wire-haired pointing griffon, a wire-haired Labrador retriever, and something akin to an Old English Sheepdog.  Sometimes the hair is sort of like poodle hair, with a  kink to the coat, but it is usually very sparse….& ask any groomer:  about 70% of them shed, and you won’t know what your really got until the dog is  physically mature—about age 2.

So we have these ‘professional’ breeders claiming they know genetics, & their dogs are F1/F2 crosses, meaning they breed true, but unless you are a lawyer willing to sue (have any idea what it costs to file a civil case in court?), their guarantees are bogus.  In fact, what keeps the breeders of purebred dogs—again—breeding for the betterment of their breeds— on the up & up is that they would be censured by their fellow club members.

&, in fact, that is  exactly  what the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America does:  you adhere to their code of ethics, or your club members don’t breed to your dogs—& since the gene pool in Porties is very small (the original  were 28 dogs saved from the streets of Portugal), it pays to work together. They have—in the face of the president’s family getting a Porty as a pet—kept the breed from getting into the hands of puppy mill/commercial breeders.

I was thinking about this the other day because the facility where I work got another Doodle in for day-care.  Cute dog—nice coat, but I can tell already that the coat will change, & in a year, this dog will not look like the dog this family bought. Maybe they don’t care, but most are somewhat disappointed.  But, I know, even if you explain all this to people, they don’t understand.

The AKC  could  right this, but they  have lost all direction in the guise of keeping themselves afloat. They stopped publishing the Gazette which was so valuable, and continue to publish  Family Dog magazine, which  provides almost no value.

& although I thought I would not see the day in my lifetime, I’ll bet anything that some of the Doodle breeders will get together &  apply for AKC recognition. I mean if the breeders of Black Russian Terriers could do it (which is—what, a wide Giant Schnauzer), why not?

But I’ve written this to explain to people who pay so much for a designer dog that you  are over paying. You  are not paying for the years ethical hobby breeders put in to perfect their bloodline, but  for hype….and  hear it from the man responsible:

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