Did I tell you that you aren’t getting Lassie? We have to address what people think about dogs.

For a time there , it seemed that  we dog lovers were making progress in getting the pseudo dog lovers (the ones who claim to love dogs, but have never trained a dog, or read a book about dogs, or gone to  a dog show or even observed an obedience class, or brushed their dog) to understand that neutering or at least not breeding their pet dog was important not only for the dog’s health, but for the community in general.  We were getting people to understand that it was or is  important to control your dog.  However, I know we are losing ground.  People  looking for a dog still have the Lassie Syndrome:  that  owning a dog in real life is like   it is on TV.

I know we are losing ground because of what the  pet ‘rehomers’ post on  Craigslist in Chicago. such as….

1.Puppy doesn’t shed, it won’t shed as an adult dog.  Most healthy puppies do not shed.  They don’t start shedding, generally, until their physiology matures, & this is usually between the ages of  6—10 months.  The NON-SHED breeds: Poodles, Puli, Komondor, Briards, Old English Sheep Dogs, Bichons, Havanese, Crested, Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso….don’t shed because of the way their coats are managed….& for the average person this will cost money.

2.  If a puppy is ‘good with kids’ it will be good with kids as an adult dog;  Ah, no…not necessarily. While the odds are better that that dogs will be accustomed to kids if raised with kids, often times, the adult dog personality is different from the puppy personality.  People who have Afghan Hounds,  Salukis, Akitas, Shiba Inu, and Lhasa Apsos know this.  If you don’t want any surprises about personality or the ultimate  size of the adult dog, get an adult dog!

3.  It’s better to get a puppy because it will bond to you, and an adult dog won’t. This is a very sad rumor.  I have gotten  many dogs out of pounds and shelters, & they  bonded to me immediately, they were so grateful to have attention.

4.If I have just one litter, and I know I can sell the puppies, I am not  affecting  pet over population;  Oh, man…that’s why we are inundated with kittens. cats, & Pit Bulls.  Because everyone thinks they are special, and not the cause of the pet over population problem.

5. I am not a breeder if I don’t do this for a living…and/or I don’t make money.

If you own the mommy animal at the time she whelps—gives birth YOU are the breeder. It has nothing to do with making money.  I often refer people to http://www.dog-play.com to  understand the difference between responsible and irresponsible breeders.

6.  I just want a dog.  Great!  If you just want a dog, go to any shelter, & ask for the oldest, blackest dog….maybe one missing a leg. Those dogs NEVER GET ADOPTED.  Why?  Because they aren’t pretty?  Because they are scary looking?  Because people want to get their money’s worth out of a dog & don’t want it to die within a year?  I am not sure. All I know is, those dogs are generally better behaved than all the puppies are.

7.  I know exactly what kind of dog I want….free or cheap.  This is the 21st century.  It is no longer cheap to keep a pet.  If you can’t afford the expense of a pet, don’t get one. Before even considering getting a pet, check out what dog food costs.  THINK.  How will you rearrange your busy life to accomnodate a dog (or any pet).  If you love animals, be mature, and don’t mess them up.

8.  I want a (Scottish Deerhound, Bulldog, Briard, Saluki…) but they are so expensive.  And they never go into rescue, because the breeder take them back!  Don’t whine. Either  improve your personal economic standing, consider a co-ownership with a breeder, or choose another breed.

& then there are the rumors/or misinformation on dog training.  I feel bad for all the puppies bought with some sort of fantasy of what it is to own a dog, & then dumped because they are live animals, not so cute, and need care.  This is what it means to  live in a free country.  Sad.  & this is why  animal shelters will never go  out of business.


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One Response to “Did I tell you that you aren’t getting Lassie? We have to address what people think about dogs.”

  1. Cry and Howl Says:

    I don’t mean to intrude on your blog. I just wanted to say I appreciate your advice here. A lot of people don’t realize what’s required of them to properly take care of a dog.
    I have a little Shi-Tzu named Sandy and I admit I got him because of the non-shedding. I surely love the little guy and he’s a happy little beast. Here’s a short clip of him:

    Hoping you have a great week!

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