The future is here now…and purebred dogs…

Global Warming? Are there any doubts?  If you live in Chicago now, you know it is for real.  At least we have the lake…but I am wondering….if sea levels rise  three feet, am I too close to the lake, & will I have lakefront property in my lifetime?  Due to us running air-con & fans, my electric bill has more than tripled  what it usually is.

Since I know my elected officials are not scientists, and that politics is the art of compromise, and mine have compromised us into  pandering to the very selfish, short sighted Republicans & Tea -Partiers, the climate is of low priority interest.

They are also all counting on our educational system not improving any time in the future. They all seem to think that teachers are over paid and under worked, have yet to come up with a system that can tell a good teacher from a bad teacher (I believe test scores are a convoluted way), and  still, 50 years after Sputnik &  ‘we Americans’ realizing the Soviets were way ahead of us in  studying physics & making the knowledge of physics a priority, we still have   many high school students who can’t make change for a dollar.  No joke.

What does this have to do with purebred dogs?  Someone called me a few weeks back, sort of as a last resort, because he was looking for a ‘red factor’ (actually a Sable with no merling)…Shetland Sheepdog.

This is not a rare breed by any means, but he claimed that most of the  hobby breeders he  encountered were breeding merles…because that’s what people wanted.

I understood his concern.  I know there is a desire for merles in  all breeds by an uneducated public that thinks it’s a rumor that merling is linked to congenital blindness & deafness.  It is not a rumor. it is a fact…& it is the reason that the Great Dane Club of America has a breeders’ code of ethics prohibiting merling.  We’d like to believe dappled Dachshunds, & the blue belton English Cockers are NOT merles…but they are…& many are deaf.  Do a BAER test if you doubt it.

Yes, I know  the  black & tan patten (with the kiss marks over the eyes, diamonds on the chest, & tan stockings & tail vents) are linked to deafness, but let’s get back to this guy  not being able to find a Sheltie from a hobby breeder.

I told him that the irony was that …DUE TO THE ECONOMY…very few hobby breeders are breeding without deposits, or  if they don’t think they can keep a litter of 8 or so indefinitely.

The guy complained that the puppy mills & backyard breeders  were filling the void. Ah, yes—thank you AKC.

I told him I was worried about the gene pools in  many of the breeds.  They will be compromised if they are not already, as people who love dogs can’t afford to breed them & keep them.  I also told him to—again—look at Craigslist…& notice all the pit bulls.  The Pit breeders are not concerned about the adult pits that are being euthanized as long as they can sell their puppies.  I told the guy that the problem is that people want to ‘rescue’ a dog, & will take any dog needing rescue. Theres nothing wrong with that—but that doesn’t mean people want Pit Bulls, and I will  not have thugs and uneducated macho hillbillies deciding what kind of dog I should have.

So, using a form of logic, he asked me why didn’t I breed dogs if I was worried about the gene pools.  Seems that breeders of Otterhounds and many other truly rare breeds are worried about this now.

I told him it was because I love dogs, & if there are no homes for the dogs, what does it matter if I  protect a gene pool?

Years ago, I went out with an anthropologist who was trying to  create stress free housing for  laboratory chimpanzees.  He told me the irony was that they are very expensive, but nobody wants them….so what s the point?  & what is the point of saving them if nobody wants them?  Same with Rhinocerus.

What does global warming have to do with this? Energy costs–unless we insist that the GOVERNMENT fund development of  renewable resources such as solar , wind, & batteries, will continue to take a big chunk of our budgets and make our  environment  unlivable.  Thinning the herd?  Maybe.  But the fact is that  in a few years, especially if the  short sighted dimwits who don’t want the rich taxed at the rate they were taxed from the end of World War II right on through the Reagan era continue to have their way, the dogs we will be left with will be all Pit Bulls &  no other breed.

Do the research.  There are is a lot of infrastructure that we need  for economic viability, and it doesn’t make money. It costs money.  It seems that most of the Tea Party is in denial about this, or just plain ignorant.

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