Want to run for governor of Illinois? Do you really have that much contempt for us all?

Well, or last governor,  once again, was found guilty of …corruption.  Trying to sell  key appointments, shaking down non-profits.  & he seemed like such a nice guy, too. He still seems like such a nice guy!  Why does this keep happening to us?

I was born in the last century, so I remember Ogilvie, then Dan Walker.  We had a brake with Jim Edgar, who had and still seems to have a lot of integrity.  Trouble was, he was very socially conservative, and not really as fiscally conservative as one would have you believe.   I guess he couldn’t cut out  more pork without being seen as NOT a team player.

So, then we got George Ryan.  He seemed to have integrity.  It seemed like nothing got worse…but we—or rather—the press—was not looking at the pension funds back then.  Nobody was. As long as real estate kept appreciating for no logical reason, the economy hummed, so tax breaks could be given to  major (Fortune 500) companies to ‘create’ jobs in Illinois.  If you don’t live in Illinois, you don’t remember what brought him down.  It was the whole ‘licenses for bribes’ deal…where employees of the  Secretary of State’s office had to raise money for the  boss (George Ryan started as secretary of state) to keep their  patronage jobs.  The way they were doing it was  selling drivers’ licenses to people who had failed the driver’s test.  Just one of them was driving an unsafe truck, where a tire came loose and caused an accident where  6 kids (from 1 family…what an irony) were killed, and it started the journalists on a frenzy.  George Ryan went to jail.

We citizens had had enough of the Republicans, so we elected  Blagoyavich, who was a glad hander. Very friendly, said all the right things…and another irony….his father-in-law, an alderman by the name of   RichardMell—-didn’t get along with him.  In Chicago, there could be no more ringing endorsement of your integrity than having a Chicago alderman  not like you—especially your father-in-law!

& that’s the way the  2 parties seem to choose their candidates:  by who hates them, and how friendly they are.  Not whether they’ve ever run a business, or know anything about accounting, or drafting laws…but by how friendly they are and how much cash they can raise!  Can we really not do better than this?

On a national level, I am shocked by  how much the Republicans are getting away with by sabotaging government operations…& how much the press is allowing them to get away with talking about how Obama is  responsible for the deficit—-a deficit that would not exist at all had  Dubya not gotten us into  two wars!  Oh, yeah!  With a vice president (Dich Cheney) who had been intertwined with a major recipient  of ‘foreign aid’—Haliburton.  We all just ignored that—& now we’re suddenly concerned about the deficit they ran up?  & nobody asks—if these people so concerned about the deficit want a smaller government—why are they so concerned with  controlling women’s reproductive freedom, and making them bear children  nobody wants to take care of.  After all, infrastructure doesn’t pay for itself.  Where to  the tea partiers  & other libertarians think the money for roads and their own pay will come from?  Not to mention schools, libraries, hospitals (right–we are on our own…)   I wonder how many have ever been to Melbourne, Australia, where the expressways are not freeways—but tollways…and it can cost $12 to go five miles. That sounds like a plan!

A few weeks agi, I reviewed Dr. Reich’s book, Aftershock.  I think we need to email our state & federal legislators & start suggesting they take people who make over $500,000. Why? there are still people who make  under that who consider themselves barely middle class. Really—& plenty who make over half a million  who could pay more & still be rich.  We should also mention that  if we didn’t have 2 wars going, & had not  bailed out the  companies that were ‘too big to fail’ (give us a break),we wouldn’t have to  whittle away at Social Security & Medicare.

You  can easily find out who our ELECTED OFFICIALS are. Don’t let them get away with  being overpaid &  not doing what we pay them to do:  be responsible & act with integrity. Tell them if they want to  cheat or help out their friends, to leave the government & go into the private sector!


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