The No-Kill groups adopting out dogs……

I recently read a statistic that was not particularly shocking to me:  there are 16 dogs looking for homes for every  single person in the USA.

That’s a lot of dogs.  Having worked with dogs since I was a kid, my reality regarding dogs, and how I think about them, is different from how most  non-dog people relate to them.

Still, it is discouraging how many people  go out looking for  a dog, with an idea, a fantasy, in their heads of what that dogs is going to be like: how it is going to behave, what it looks like, how they are going to relate to the dog.

Hey, I’ve been there,  In the late 1960s through the 1970s, everyone wanted an Afghan Hound based on how they  appeared.  The breed was severely over-bred. As a result, lots of people bought them, and then realized they were in over their heads  in terms of grooming or training, or they just did not like the personality of the breed.

Many of these dogs were killed:  died of exposure when they ran off, hit by cars, or euthanized in shelters.  Capitalism took care of the irresponsible breeders. Too bad so many dogs were neglected before they died.

If you had told me 30 years ago that Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers, or Pit Bulls would be come so popular, I would have told you  it would not happen:  people didn’t really want big terriers, coated or not.  & the Wheaten Terrier fad faded, but, due to so many idiots breeding Pits—& I mean  the uneducated ‘working class’, with no knowledge of economics—coupled with the many ‘no-kill’- groups that have sprung up, the Pit is now the most popular breed of dog in America.

I admire the ‘no-kill’ groups for their efforts, but, due to their  either over-zealousness or naivete, they are NOT solving the problem of too many pets being bred. They tend to be very unsophisticated in not only screening prospects and following thorough , they are horribly bad at genuinely affecting public policy.

Most of the rescuers can save 1 or 2 dogs—at most…but if they want to save more—they have to place the ones they have, & that means they either have to trust people who want dogs to be truthful, or  they just assume  that these  adoptors have thought things out (well, even the backyard breeders ASSUME that because  people pay for a puppy, they  will take care of it).

The problem is—because the irresponsible breeders know these do-gooders are out there—they have no incentive to be responsible for the dogs they breed. And—because the do-gooders are so politically unsophisticated, they don’t address law makers about making the bad breeders responsible  for the  pets they commercially produce.

This is not a problem in Europe.  The ‘culture’ is that if you breed dogs, they are your responsibility, and the government makes sure you are.

Our governments are so broke, this will not happen for a long time.

The othe fact that  everyone glosses over is that…you can’t save them all. The ‘no-kill’ groups pick & choose what they save, and  lead everyine to believe they can all be saved.

They don’t have to deal with the unadoptable:  the old, the chronically ill, the dogs that were spoiled or are just untrustworthy.  Often, the do-gooders make excuses for these dogs & lie about them. That just makes people distrust rescues.

In Chicago, there are  2 groups (besides Animal Care  & Control–which is a dog pound, not a  shelter) that are open admissions:  The Animal Welfare League and the Anti-Cruelty Society. They make the tough decisions.  They never turn an animal away. They admit they euthanize.

Look opast the marketing of the ‘no-kill’ groups &  understand & respect that the open admissions shelters  do a wonderful  job. Support them.


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