We gave how many billion dollars to Pakistan?

This is an open letter to my state senators,  Durkin & Kirk, & my U.S. Congress woman, Jan Schakowsky.

To My  Elected Officials:

I am your constituent, and I vote.  I have to tell you this, because I am not a lobbyist, and it seems, statistically, that they seem to have more influence over  public policy than  we constituents do. However,  those lobbyists still get  one vote a piece.

I keep hearing that that the government is broke…that we are running a deficit.

Seems to me that  before  George  W. Bush took office, Clinton got the balanced budget amendment passed, & Gore cleared up the deficit—so how did we get another deficit?

How did Congress let this slip?  &—if we were running a deficit, how did we scarf up the money—the $150 billion—to bailout AIG insurance, and how worse off would I have been had they not been bailed out?  & what about the  other investment houses?  You allowed them to  call LIABILITIES ‘toxic assets’—confusing even more innumerate people!

Yeah, we’re all glad ‘we’ got bin Ladin. Thrilled.  Thinking we won’t have to take our shoes off at airports anymore.  But in my religion,  we  celebrate a ritual called  Passover—when the Jews were freed from the Egyptians.  When God parted the Red Sea for Moses, the Jew escaped,but the pursuing Egyptians  were killed, God said to them, “How can  you rejoice when my children  are drowning?”  and I am not rejoicing.

I can’t rejoice.  I have a master’s degree. This does not make me smarter than  anyone, but  earning that degree helped me to understand how economics works.  & what is not clear to me—or most Americans is….how we —I mean the U.S. Government—-can have such a frightening deficit, where there is talk of cutting Medicare, Social Security, and the mortgage interest/tax deduction—BUT WE CAN KEEP GIVING FOREIGN AID TO CORRUPT LEADERS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The cold war is over!   There is no way we (the United States as a country) can keep up with  the Chinese or the Malaysians when it comes to giving foreign aid.  & the really awful thing is…you are cutting off aid for family planing—birth spacing , because you fear that  the  health care providers  may fund abortions.

Women in developing countries don’t want abortions.  The few who do, don’t go to  government funded  clinics, they   get help from local  traditional midwives who know how to induce abortions.

But  that is obfuscating the  issue.  We are still giving  billions in military aid to  governments that we know are corrupt.  Why should  we regular folks have to do without  so you can be friendly with these low life scumbags ripping off their people?

I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.  I witnessed what aid can do—but the only  real impact I saw was person-to-person aid: giving  something directly to someone who needed it.

There are many small person-to-person (or we should say COMMUNITY TO COMNUNITY) groups that make a profound impact on the comunities that partner.

Malawi Children’s Village in Mangochi, Malawi….Zambian Children’s Fund in Lusaka, Zambia,   http://www.Sango.org in Western Kenya…so many  Peace Corps Country of Service Groups, PeaceCare—groups that PROVIDE BOOKS,  build hospitals & clinics, train nurses and community outreach workers…groups that insist that the communities  OWN THEIR PROJECTS.

I am aghast that journalists allow this to go unchecked–& go along with the decision makers & insist we have to cut  so-called entitlements. Hell—we taxpayers paid for those!  Why should I benefit  governments that  exploit, harass, even torture their people—&—now it is proven—harbor terrorists. For all the aid we’ve given to Pakistan (& I dare say Afghanistan)—they haven’t used it to  develop good governance or competence. We can’t make them, either.

Because of this screwball thinking that  military aid buys us friends, people cheat on their taxes and expatriate assets.

Why is this  our policy?


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