OMG—I can’t believe this is happening

I find it grossly confusing that the Republican Party,  always making a huge issue about making government smaller & keeping government out of the lives of people, spend so much time  coming up with ways to make abortion illegal.

They claim it is to save the lives of American babies, but  I don’t think any one of them is the adoptive—or even foster —parent of a handicapped child–or even a healthy one.

I heard on NPR that they want to make it law that you can not deduct the cost of an abortion as  a medical expense (yet, for some reason,  drugs like Viagra are tax deductible).

They seem so concerned about the deficit—a deficit we all know  that occurred after Al Gore worked on the budget (under Clinton) to  clear  up and Bush  just spent & spent—yet will do absolutely nothing  to reign in their spending on war & foreign aid.

We’ve discovered that Pakistan was  allowing bin Ladin safe haven, and  we look like a bunch of double talking idiots by giving the Pakis aid for all sorts of frivolous spending that will never be accounted for, and  journalists are  just not addressing what is really real.

I’ve been reading a book by Robert Reich (from the Clinton administration…remember?)  called  After-shock, about what worked in terms of tax policy in the past, and how even the Clinton administration pandered to the rich, as is still going on.

The gist of his argument is that the rich really don’t participate in trickle down, and it really is very short sighted of them to destroy the middle class. & why does this happen?  Well…the gist of this reason is…Americans are innumerate & politically unsophisticated. We don’t nag out elected officials to act with integrity.  Yet—totally outrageous—many are convinced that we have to cut social  programs like medicare to  keep the government running!  Amazing!!!
We may impeach them, and we may prosecute them—but we never recover anything. I am aghast that in Illinois, we are broke, and our state pension  systems continue allow the very elite to double dip while stating that the lower echelons should expect not all they are entitled too—& the legislators pensions are totally separate.  Isn’t this financial malfeasance? What are we missing here?

I remember learning  about how a great many  ancient civilizations crumbled due to mismanagement of their natural environments…and we are heading in that direction now.   & the extremely wealthy  seem totally ignorant of both this, and the economic system not being able to hold. We’ve reached a tipping point, and I am very fearful for us all…and all those babies that the Republicans save? They will be the new thugs  in our communities, unloved, uncared for, uneducated, and clueless as to why they were born.

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