This ironic life….

Hamburger & weapons made in the USA.     & a$5 billion dollar capital gain. That’s the headlines.

Is this a great country, or what?  Seems this week there was a big frou frou over  Taco Bell’s  taco meat not being entirely MEAT.  Seems some  investigators found the meat mix to have oatmeal in it, or flavor enhancers and be only 35% meet—when the law says it must be….40% meat.  Otherwise, they are supposed to call it meat product just like  Velveeta isn’t cheese but cheese product. I’m thinking  it’s just a symptom of how things are , but  not my biggest issue.

I  do know a guide in Cairo, and what’s happening with the  demonstrations is extremely interesting for a number of reasons.  Obama is not going to look good on this one, because  Egypt is  the 2nd biggest  receiver of U.S. foreign aid (Israel is #1).  & what is most of that aid?  Weapons. Bullets. Things that hurt people, No getting around it, & the demonstrators were showing the MADE  IN THE USA imprint to reporters.  Why is that ironic?  Look around you if you live in the USA,  I’ll bet none of your electronics were made in the USA.    & unless you are wearing something hand made by a small boutique, your clothes aren’t, either.  Possibly not your furniture or your cookware.  Probably your household cleaners—CHEMICALS—are.  Is it any wonder we are in a depression?

John Paulson is the  hedge fund manager who  had the $5 billion dollars in capital gains.  He pays 15% on  that money, as it is not considered income—&  beyond his first $120,000 (not sure on this) he pays no social security taxes, and of course,  he thinks the tax code is very fair.

I got to thinking about it because I am expecting foreign visitors (from the Middle East) in a few weeks.  And, if they were to ask me what  I think the reason is for  our economic woes, I will not address  overheated real estate speculation, but I will tell them  our politicians—people we pay to be fiscally responsible & plan for the rainy days, are way over paid for what they do. Way way way.

We have  6  candidates running for Mayor of Chicago.   Rahm Emanuel  is  very rich, very well connected, a deal maker, & that’s just it.  He’s a deal maker.  He has already hired an inspector general and alludes to fiscal responsibility, but  hasn’t gotten into specifics.  Gery Chico, who has extensive administrative experience, & whom I would consider voting for,  screwed that up  by stating  he’d put at least 500 more cops on the street & fire bad teachers. That translates to spending money we do not have  and micromanaging the school board.

Carol Moseley Braun lost me when she  trusted Kgosie Matthews, her then fiance, to manage her  senatorial campaign &  introduce her to dictators in Africa. She seems like a very nice lady, but in the  Sarah Palin  mold, she  can NOT be mayor. She is clueless. and if she isn’t, she’s doing a terrible job getting HER message out.

Patricia Watkins has a lot of integrity, and a track record, so the media is ignoring her.  She hasn’t a chance.   Neither has  ‘Doc Walls’.  That leave Miguel Del Valle,  I do trust him but I wonder if he is savvy enough to overcome Chico.

I don’t see how the  city will remain a viable place to love for middle class people in 10 years. There  will be the super-rich, who don’t really have a concept of what things cost, and the very poor who can’t afford to leave or  just don’t know anything about geography.  It just seems that the politicians have no idea what is affecting voters these days.


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