There are people who think they can make money breeding dogs

I try to post about once a week. and  wordpress allows me to see  the blog posts that  are viewed the most.  What I get from what people are reading is that  they need information they are not getting elsewhere.

One of my obsessions is flagging the pet sellers off of Craigslist. Why bother?  Because I have been successful. They post there rather than pay for ads in the paper to sell the animals they breed because you can post on Craigslist for free. If you can eliminate your marketing costs, that’s one huge expense.  No animal sales or breeding are allowed on Craigslist for several reasons.  Internet sales of animals, where Craigslist is incorporated, are illegal—that’s one reason.  But, since the economy went bad, every innumerate idiot who is desperate for extra cash is breeding Bearded Dragons, birds,   dogs or cats.  Maybe they are keeping themselves in beer-and-cigarettes.  I don’t know. All I know is suddenly, for the first time in a very long time, not just Pit Bull breeders, but anyone with an unspayed female anything is attempting to sell young animals.  What’s the problem?  When the breeders post the animals they’ve bred, people who are genuinely trying to find a home for an older pet (due to losing a job or a home, or a relative dying, or having a child that  is allergic) can’t compete.  That is what the site is for.

I know hundreds of dog breeders—&  probably 3 who breed healthy, sound dogs of their breed who make money breeding dogs of exceptional quality.  This is how they dog it:

1.  Breeder’s mother started her in the breed over 50 years ago. She owns her own house free & clear, and is also an AKC professional handler. Her breed is very popular, she breeds good dogs, and  always has a waiting list. I  would not be exaggerating to say she has 10—20 litters a year (averaging  5 puppies each). Obviously ,  since she does no marketing & owns her home, her expenses are low, so she makes money.

2. Breeder and her husband were always very shrewd investors, & very handy as well.  They have always managed to buy property at a bargain rate and fix it up.  More,  since this breeder has always bred good dogs, she also always has a waiting list for puppies & does no marketing.  All sold via word-of-mouth. She averages 4 litters a year.  Oh, and she and her husband are professional blackjack players. I think that helps.   She does not live off her dogs, but they ‘pay for themselves’ as showing (& maintaining your reputation) is expensive. She’s had setbacks. As a line breeder, when she discovered  Juvenile Cataracts in her line, she had to revamp her whole breeding program.  It paid off.

3.  Breeder number 3 has had 4 litters in the past 5 years. She keeps a pack of 6 dogs. The reason she makes money on her puppies is that her breed club helps her sell them…and she grooms dogs for a living. She  obviously makes more money grooming dogs, but  I know 5—10% of her income comes from the puppies.  She is one of the  hobby breeders who has bred her own grooming business.

Do you think any of the morons selling puppies on Craigslist care at all about the soundness of the puppies they are breeding?  The fact is, they are too innumerate to  realize that they are losing money.  One funny thing the Pit Bull breeders do is state the dogs are of ‘Razor’s Edge’ or ‘Gator’ bloodlines.  Sounds impressive if you don’t understand that these people own the pet quality dogs from those ‘lines’ & they aren’t even linebred dogs.

Other backyard breeders tell you they have puppies for adoption.  Sounds sweet—unless you know you adopt from a shelter or rescue. You  buy a puppy.

These ignorant puppy sellers  also believe everything they read on the internet.  A few people got bad information from a guy I applied for a job to.  He ‘hired’ me, but I told him I could not work for him because he did not have enough dog experience.  This matters—because they skimp on equipment, underprice services, don’t keep good records—& end up not paying you for the work you’ve done. Been there, done that.  Unfortunately, he had my resume and all my contact info—& he  started contacting these  ignorant breeders attempting to sell puppies on Craigslist.  Every few months, I start getting threatening phone calls from anonymous callers telling me to stay off Craigslist & stop flagging.  I may not have been on line all day, & most likely they are being flagged by other breeders desperate to sell, but no matter.  Once that litter is on the ground, & they realize  the ‘market’ is not beating a path to their doors, they get desperate & angry.  Someone snookered them.

People sometimes ask me, “What is to become of those puppies?  They’ll  have to dump them in shelters.”

Sad, isn’t it?  But once you dump a litter & have lost money, you generally don’t breed any more dogs.  Many of the puppies find homes.  It’s the adult dogs wasting & lonely in shelters that I really ‘worry’ about. Unless we make it so the irresponsible breeders can’t make money, there will always be too many dogs in shelters.


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3 Responses to “There are people who think they can make money breeding dogs”

  1. Unknown Says:

    I understand completely where you are coming from, except the fact that your post is all an OPINION with some exceptional facts that are not related in any way to “dog breeders” . You have no personal experience as a dog breeder so you have no idea what it takes to breed dogs.
    I agree with you that a lot of people who are “dog breeders” don’t care about the quality or passion of actual dog breeding. But you speak in a way that states to me as if all dog breeders are cruel, uneducated and are simply (as you say) “idiots”.

    First of all, that’s a stereotype. Secondly, your only judging yourself.

    As you stated in your post, you believe that dog breeders should not be posting on Craigslist due to economical reasons and the use of a free service. Not such a free service is it? If Craigslist was so worried about losing money & costs over dog breeders, then why can people still post selling items such as; furniture, bedding, kitchenware, ETC? Why can privately owned businesses post their businesses and products on Craigslist? Why can business cooperation’s in general post their businesses, products and websites on Craigslist? Dog breeding whether you like it or not, is a business. Craigslist is providing free posting to them, why not dog breeders.
    I personally think that dog breeders should get their own link! But that’s me.
    And who cares if its a competition between breeders and already pet owners! Some people don’t want new puppies because its too much work. Others, want a puppies because simply have the love to raise them.
    You said that dog breeders are the reason our shelters are so busy. REALLY?! First of all, it’s not the breeders fault that dogs end up in the shelter, its the buyers. Most breeders have legal contracts stating that if you want to get rid of the dog, they have to return the dog to the breeder if they are going to take it to the shelter. You still think the moron cares about their puppies?
    My boyfriend breeds English Bulldogs, and I have yet to see 1 sitting in a shelter. You tell me what the people on Craigslist are going to do if they can’t sell their dog because they are “Oh so despite for a good home”? Shelter!
    Lastly, breeding good pet & show quality dogs takes a lot of work. There’s a lot more that goes into it than you actually know. My boyfriend strives to IMPROVE the breed, and make it meet the standards of how the dog should actually look. There’s a lot of money in this. From what I have learned, there are 2 sides to breeding.
    1) Breeding
    -Why do people want to do this? Well I’ll tell you. My boyfriend has a heart for animals. He is very affectionate, kind, and gentle when taking care of his pets. His goal as a breeder is to breed good pet & show quality dogs. In order to do so, this takes a lot of work! From nutrition to proper training he is working when he not working. A long ways goes for someone who has the heart to do it. He is a trusted person and has no intention on hurting the pets he has raised.
    2) Showing
    – In order to show, you need to have a full registered dog through AKC. This indicates a lot of different things. When you purchase a puppy, it should come with at least a limited registration with AKC. First of all, this indicates to me that the breeder isn’t just breeding for the hell of it, but the breeder actually monitors their breeding. AKC gives you the opportunity to look at generations behind your dog, this is very interesting because it shows the parents, the grandparents, the great-grandparents ETC. The more champions you have in the lines, the more the puppies sell for. People don’t just buy champion lined puppies unless they plan on breeding, or showing. Showing is a way for the breeder to have fun with their dog. It under goes a lot of time, and training in order to enter the ring. The more points you score in showing with AKC indicates that your dog is actually a good quality dog. That’s what people want.
    Just for the record, my boyfriend is making a lot of money doing what he does,. He is making in 3 months, what he would make originally in 6-7 months at his original job as a caregiver.
    I think you can now stop being ignorant and rude. Get off your butt, make sure you know what your talking about before you post stupid blogs.

    • william vaughn Says:

      I like your response. I get so tired of these idiots badmouthing breeders. And I get sick of hearing people dont make money if the breed correctly. What a bunch of crap. Breeding dogs is a money business. Just because you make money doesnt mean you have a bad heart and are doing detriment to dogs. You getting paid for the time and money you put into your passion.

  2. danny rodrico Says:

    I get sick of hearing all this b.s. about back yard breeders being responsible for the pet overpopulation. It is just not true! I worked in an animal shelter for over six months and there wasn’t that many pure bred dogs that came through. Mostly strays and mutts. When we did have pure breds it was usually a lost pet and the owner showed up within a day or two to get it. Back yard breeders actually do a service by providing dogs that people want so please get off of your high horse and learn the facts.
    My reply:
    His anecdotal evidence does not support this in urban areas. ..where over 70% of abandoned dogs are Pit-bulls or pIT-X, followed by purebred Chihuahuas.

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