Some pet owners are not pet lovers—disturbing news…

Americans are so naive.  I have to say this. We  really believe the marketing. If we see an image or concept on TV, we  generally believe it’s the norm.   We really believe that people  love their pets because the dog food ads tell us so.

I posted last on  giving your child a pet.  How you could tell if your child was read for the responsibility.

I read, recently, that there are 16 dogs available for ownership for every person in the U.S.  The stat for cats is something like 40 for every  human.  Some of the rescue people think that if each of us took just one more, we’d make a dent in the problem.  How naive!  The fact is that  most of the  dogs & cats are either ‘bred’ by  morons who ‘don’t believe in neutering’ (nor do they believe in veterinary care for pets….these people also never go to the dentists  for care….) or are bred as livestock by commercial, USDA licensed breeding kennels/catteries (what we  animal lovers  call puppy & kitten factories) . They really don’t care about  whether we  animal lovers are concerned about pet overpopulation. As long as it is legal for them to breed animals, they are going to go right on doing it.

I know some ethical hobby breeders who regularly cull puppies:  as they are born they are checked for cleft palates, and if they don’t thrive, they  may also be euthanized. Ethical breeders  know there are too many pet animals that are healthy that are not getting care.  No need to add unhealthy  pets to the mix.  But that is not the issue I am writing about.

Recently , I was working at a boarding kennel and bathed a Beagle.  I knew she was old, but  she seemed to be in good health. I didn’t think anything of it.  Apparently, when the owners came to pick her up, they asked the staff if they knew of anyone who might want her.  I guess someone offered to take her, and when they called the owners, the  owner said, “OH, that’s all right. We found a place for her.”  Nice, huh?

Not really.  Not a day later staff at the kennel got a call from a former employee, who now worked at an animal shelter. She recognized the name on the owner surrender form & the dog.  The owners dumped the poor old dog at a shelter.  Why?  Seems she is getting senile!

Horrified?  A few years back, I was working at another kennel, & we got a memo from another kennel in our chain asking if anyone wanted a  9-year-old labrador retriever in good health. The owners were going to euthanize her because they got a new lab puppy that was playful (the old dog was no longer) & they were done with her!

Sickening?  This has weighed on me heavily.  There is no way we can stop this.  We can slow this down, however.  I hope you will copy this & print this & send it to anyone who thinks it would be fun to breed their dog. Or,  the idiots who just allowed their dogs to breed.  Haunt them.


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