Hizzoner,Jr. retires, a chance for govenment transparency in Chicago

I am  almost speechless.  I never thought this day would come.  After totally fucking up the city (oh, it looks real good downtown), & getting us into our eyeballs in debt, running off with  our TIF tax dollars, decimating the police force & allowing the Chicago Board of Education to become an outrageously bloated bureaucracy (as is the park district)…Richard M. Daley is  giving up.

We actually have a chance for  good government—that is—government transparency  & respect for rule of law.

Think tat will happen?  Not a chance. You see…when  we have ‘democracy’, we get  representational government…. not GOOD government.  Just another set of rascals.

One of the aldermen who was thinking of running, but has since declined to, said he’d ask for a forensic audit of the city.  Way to go!!!  I mean, our taxes keep going up, and we get less & less service for the taxes we pay.  Every department is bloated.

&, although in Chicago, we vote for the  ‘trustees’ of the water reclamation district, we do NOT vote for the  Chicago Board of Education, The Chicago Transit Authority, the Chicago Park District board, McPier… Why is that?  Why does the mayor get to appoint all these people?

Yet—none of the 20 some odd candidates are saying anything aboput any of the issues.

Rahm Emmanuel?  He has said he loves Daley—& he actually hasn’t really lived in Chicago for over 20 years.  I want a guy who has called the police and had them NOT come out.  Or a guy who seends his kids to public schools.

Jesse Jackson, jr.? Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Even though he has a lovely wife, was recently caught moving a blond ‘restaurant hostess’ around.  Not only is he toast, he’s burnt toast.

Danny Davis?  he was on the county board. Then, decided he’d rather be a congressman, & now is thinking of Mayor.  Make up your mind.

Tom Dart?  He’s doing well as sheriff.  He takes dog fighting seriously.  Can he manage the whole city budget?

Luis Guitierrez?  Possible. Also a congressman.  Was a lefty activist in his earlier days.  But again…the budget…the issues.

Joe Moore.  My alderman.  He instituted participatory budgeting in my ward, &  we are also getting an infrastructure facelift.  He’s greener than most…thought we have yet to get curbside  recycling.  If he wasn’t so TIFF happy, I’d support him in a second.

What we really have to do is hold the candidates feets to the fires & ask about all this stuff. Stuff that Daley was not articulate enough to  address.  Now’s our chance.  Nice thing, though,is that if the new mayor, whomever he or she is, doesn’t fix all the broken stuff, we finally will have a chance again in several years to  throw the rascal out and get a new rascal.


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