What is going on here? Change the policy–it’s easy….

I am not rich. These days, I can barely pay my bills.  However, because I am not  buying new  anything unless I need it… had to buy a new freezer last week—-or would have stood to lose about $50 in food), I am staying afloat.

I know my credit score is 725.  Not bad for someone making under $30,000 a year.  But it’s because I do budget & plan, don’t have kids, I am not gettting my hair done, going out to lunch or to a movie.  I can’t afford luxuries right now.

I have 2 credit cards.  I pay off the balances every month.

1 is for ‘business’, & the other is for  daily expenses.  At one time,  would have been  horrified to put  groceries on a credit card, but  these days, with  even 1% cash back—it sort of cancels out part of the sales tax.  It would be foolish to NOT use a credit card.

Last year, when the economy tanked, we stopped getting the weekly credit card offers..  You may know how it is.  Even though YOU know you are at your COMFORTABLE credit limit—-the credit card companies—the banks—still send you offers.  & your own credit card companies send you the checks—the checks with no interest for  X months if you pay them off (well—not really ‘no’ interest…you have to read the fine print). That all stopped.

A few days over a year since then, they are back:  The credit card offers & the checks.

Those checks we have to tear up so someone doesn’t steal our identities out of the trash.  I recycle, so I have to tear them into small pieces.  More to recycle.

I’ve heard several news reposts that —-after the first of the year—there will be no ‘no-fee’ credit cards.  That means  we’ll all have to pay a fee for the ‘privilege’ of using a credit card (since checks are so passe’).  I may switch to a debit card if that is free….but  that also means there will be no advantage to having a card unless I start making about $30,000 more & travel or buy junk I don’t need.

I’ve decided to send those checks to my elected officials.  I am voiding them out & sending them to my  rep in Congress, Jan Schakowsky, & my senators—Durbin & Burris—& telling THEM to not allow the  credit card companies to use my money to market taking on more debt that isn’t clear—to me.  I AM ENCOURAGING YOU TO DO THE SAME.

You know how it is. “they” (the people who work for the credit card companies) say I am not paying for it.  Really?  If I am not paying for it, who is?

This is what being a ‘free country’ is all about. ‘Health Insurance ‘ companies you  pay a monthly fee to that don’t really provide any health  coverage at all;  the  bogus companies that are allowed to slide a fee onto your telephone bill (that if you don’t scrutinize your telephone bill, you don’t  recognize as bogus), and  finance companies that trick you into  thinking you are getting free credit.

A friend asked me what I hoped to be doing in 5 years.  I told him, “Well, I hope to not be on the phone  with all these companies asking them to remove bogus charges, and I hope that I don’t have to spend time  finding out  the right people at these companies to tell I don’t want any more credit, and that they are endangering my financial security.”


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