Pet Peeves

I am a cynical, curmudgeon type of person, and have little patience for the rude people in the world.
One of my favorite types to hate is the macho guys who sit on the machines at Bally’s Total Fitness. They are sitting under the guise of ‘resting between sets’, but they are hogging the machine. You ask if you can use the machine for a set—and they tell you they are doing just one more set—after sitting on the machine 10 minutes or more. They also hang their smelly towels on the machines to ‘reserve’ the machine they intend to use next. Nobody ever tells them not to rest on the machines. They are so rude—as though they own the place. It makes it very hard to work out sometimes.
Another kind of person I have no patience for is liars. People who tell you one thing & then swear they told you something else. I am at the age where I think, “Maybe I didn’t understand, or I got it wrong,” but when they do it to me over & over, I know it’s not me. It’s them. You can’t trust anything that comes out of their mouths.
Not fond of people who don’t follow through on projects.
I do admire, however, people who’ve been to Africa, seen a need, and found a way to help people in Africa organize themselves to improve their own communities.
One that I admire an awful lot is Malawi Children’s Village in Mangochi, Malawi, on the lake.
It was actually formulated by Peace Corps Volunteers who thought there might be a need for an orphanage in the area. When the PCVs started talking to people who lived in the area, they found that the families of the orphans wanted to keep the kids with them if they could, but they did need technical assistance in starting a health clinic, a community center, a vocational school, and a library. They also asked for help with school fees.
This is not a slick operation. Sometimes the website is up, sometimes it’s not. We’re not as sophisticated about fund raising & marketing as we could be, but we have been paying school fees for kids advancing a grade in school, and we did get the health & community centers, as well as the vocational school & library built and stocked. It’s real people to people aid. I am proud to have sent over a ton of books in the last 10 years.

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